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  1. If you're doing Mayan Ruins with kids, I recommend doing any of the following: 1. Chacchoben Mayan Ruins Pretty easy, you meet your guide at the end of the pier, 1hour bus ride each way, the ruins are pretty safe (you still need to watch for bugs of fire ants for the kids) souvenir and snack shops at the ruins. When you go back to port, still got plenty of time before you go back to the ship. You may even get to see monkeys at the ruins. 2. Chacchoben Mayan Ruins Exclusive Drive Meet your guide at the end of pier, this tour is in a smaller group so you get a more personaliz
  2. Hey! Chacchoben are in Costa Maya, the small ones in Cozumel are San Gervasio Ruins.
  3. Hi! I'm writing from Costa Maya, if you'd like to set your day for Mayan ruins be advised that there are 3 different Mayan ruins that can be visited from Costa Maya port, and there are 5 different tours that include Mayan Ruins. Pretty much depends on how long you'll like to spend on the tour. Most popular tour: Chacchoben Mayan Ruins, 4 hours total time. Other tours to the same ruins: Chacchoben Mayan Ruins Exclusive Drive. The tour from start to finish takes only 3.5hours and you're in a small group. Includes refreshments. Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and the blue lagoon f
  4. Looking forward to meet you in Costa Maya, I'm one of the guides that does the Mayan Ruins tours. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Today things are back to normal today, Shore excursions departed right on schedule, passengers have been returning to the port safely from their tours and stays at local beach clubs.
  6. It's correct about what happened on the 18th, the main affection was for the shore excursions, you know, the ones offered by the ships, passengers were even in the buses at the gate waiting for departure and couldn't because of the blockade. On the 19th, Costa Maya had 3 cruises scheduled, Celebrity Reflection, Norwegian Escape and Harmony OTS, all together had nearly 50 tours to the ruins, beach, water park etc. and every single one got cancelled as a precaution. Only Harmony confirmed that it would dock but didn't sell any of the shore excursions. Today, the 20th apparently things
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