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  1. The repricing should not affect your cruise planner purchases.
  2. Wow. That's something I never knew before. Thanks ! It's nice to learn something every day.
  3. Is the Genie still prohibited from coming into your Suite ?
  4. What kind of Cokes are those ? Strange looking color
  5. The UDP was never offered on my TP (OV 4-10-22….since cancelled). I kept thinking it would become available but it never did.
  6. ...but obviously they still had the separate SC check-in. That's good to know. Thanks
  7. I have read many horror stories of people who were already in a balcony room and bid on another balcony category (RoyalUp) only to be disappointed in either the size or the location of the upgrade. Personally, I would never bid on a different balcony category if I was already in a balcony, ESPECIALLY if I was happy with my location. I probably WOULD recommend bidding on an upgrade to an entirely new category (JS or higher) if the price is competitive to upgrading on your own. The thing I think you need to be careful of is the size of the balcony. There are a number of balcony categories that call themselves "spacious" but then it turns out that the room itself might be a few feet larger but the balcony is actually smaller.
  8. Everyone eligible for the vax must be vaxxed. Only children under the age of 12 may be unvaxxed.
  9. Maybe I dreamed this but I thought that C&A recently announced that they are applying the full C&A discount for any booking, regardless of other pricing incentives/discounts. I know that in the past (and apparently still now !!!) the C&A discount was not combinable with other discounts so you didn't usually see the C&A discount applied. I guess I'm wrong about this. That's what I thought I remember reading....
  10. I believe that in order to apply a C&A discount to your cruise fare, the entire booking would have to be repriced. Whether or not you will actually save anything will depend on what the going rate is for your cruise at the time.
  11. Trust me, we would be there if we they would let us on ! Have a great time. The Bot lives up to his great reputation
  12. Yippee ! Interesting that they had a separate checkin line for suites. I had read that other boardings there was just 1 line. Glad to hear it !
  13. Yes, there are a number of cruises that I have booked where the UDP is no longer available. The consensus seems to be that with limited occupancy there is limited staffing and limited services availability. Who knows whether availability will increase if occupancy and staffing go up. We’ll just have to see I guess.
  14. Yippee !! So glad to see that you made it onboard. Isn’t it funny how all that stress becomes a faded memory once you step on board ?
  15. I couldn’t access many of my cruise planners earlier today. I figured it was a glitch. Will try again later.
  16. The only cruise for which I have seen price drops is the one for Christmas 2022 (12-22-22 on OA). I have had 4 drops on that one. All of the rest are nowhere near the price I paid originally. Granted, a great number of the cruises for the remainder of this year and early next year are Empress L&S but even those that I booked straight up are more expensive now than when I originally booked. The OA Christmas cruise is a balcony (2C).
  17. Welcome back to the US !! Just hope it all goes smoothly from here on out. Enjoy your cruise !!!!
  18. The price on my 2 Voyager TA/New England cruises finally went down on the DBP+Voom from $72 to $62. I went ahead and bought them even though there's only a remote chance that we will actually be able to sail on them !
  19. There hasn't been a more accurate test created b/c they still cannot even isolate the SARS COV-2 virus !
  20. It has been my experience that prices onboard are always higher than the pre-cruise purchases in the Cruise Planner. I would not expect any better prices onboard.
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