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  1. I just checked my first sailings, which are Nov. 6 and 13 on NAV. We had already checked in but when I went to look at the boarding passes it made me pick a boarding time. This was not there when we did the original check-in last week. The earliest time was 2:30. We chose 2:30. Now....I fully expect these cruises to be cancelled, but it's nice to see that they are implementing boarding protocols. It's a step in the right direction, even if these particular cruises don't happen.
  2. Me too. I guess I'm a dinosaur. I still love the RCCL Visa card !
  3. I know. That's what Michelle said, too.
  4. I know, right ? Sooo happy about how this turned out. I was told by some "experts" over on CC that they would NEVER L&S an Empress RS to a Star Class suite. I actually believed that myself ! But they did.
  5. So this thread is as close as I can find to my L&S news. I'm hijackin' it. Last week @michelle booked the Royal Suite for me on Empress (11-22-20, 6 night Western Caribbean) with the express intent of L&S'ing it to next year. According to the website, the appropriate cruise to which to shift this would have been a 6 night Western Caribbean cruise on Odyssey. YIPPEE ! That sounds great. Since the appropriate shift from a RS on Empress to another ship is an Owner's Suite, I was happy with that idea. So she called and they stone cold refused to make the shift to Odyssey even th
  6. We were on board during the last few days of filming. I still have not seen the movie !
  7. This is actually not quite accurate. If you book any suite through the casino it is definitely subject to the normal NRD rules just like any other booking. The rules for casino comp upgrades (as is your case) have different rules b/c the offer was based on a non-suite....but trust me, if you book a full suite through the casino, you are subject to NRD penalties.
  8. Welcome to the boards, Dicey. Glad to have you onboard ! Too bad you had to cancel. The GPS on Oasis is incredible. We were in that room in Dec 2019.
  9. Actually, I’m surprised that they even brought up the issue of the kids being (or not being) minors, as minorship (is that even a real word ?) has nothing to do with the rules governing FCC’s. It is my understanding that some people have had success having FCC’s re-issued but it’s not the rule and I probably wouldn’t count on it.
  10. I don’t believe this is possible on Royal Caribbean. The Trans Atlantics are seasonal. They go one way in the spring and the opposite direction in the fall. There may be other lines that go in the opposing directions but I doubt it. It would be nice, wouldn’t it ?
  11. I find the desserts, generally, to be fairly tasteless. Even my (and @Sweety) beloved Red Velvet Cake could be better ! I do still love the Grand Marnier Souffle though.
  12. Currently, the Unlimited Dining Package is $76 per person on the 3 night itin (that works out to be just slightly more than $25 per day) and $99 per person on the 4 night, which makes it slightly LESS than $25 per day....so basically, $25 per day. When you consider that it includes lunch on both boarding days, in addition to dinner plus lunch on any day that they are open (hit or miss ) then it is a pretty good deal.
  13. I just booked an Empress cruise yesterday (Nov 2020) with the intent of L&S it to Odyssey in Dec. 21. Guess I'll find out soon how that works out !!
  14. I would definitely consider purchasing the 3 day UDP as well. That way, you will get lunch on both embarkation days (unless they change the rules on us before they start cruising again). Right now the UDP is a pretty good price. I paid $76 PP for the 3 night and $99 PP for the 4 night, which is really quite reasonable considering all of the dining options on NAV. B2B is so easy if you have the same room. You don't have to pack a thing...They will tell you where to meet to get off the ship and then you will be back on the ship very quickly (usually within the hour). Since t
  15. We have a B2B on NAV booked in Nov, but of course, it is almost certainly going to be cancelled. We have done B2B on NAV before. It's an awesome ship since the Amp. Since we have to fly, there is no way I would consider flying to FL for a 3 or 4 night cruise, but 7 is acceptable, if not ideal. Personally, I think it's a very smart move. The only problem with the shorties on NAV is that the drinks packages are waaaytooo high and itins are very limited but if you're just out to get on a ship for a few days, and don't really care where you're going, I think it's a great option. As for t
  16. The worst (and last) meal we ever had in a MDR was the Thanksgiving Turkey/ham on NAV about 5 years ago. It was completely inedible. We have not eaten a meal in a MDR since. Dan also has a very bad lamb shank experience a few years ago. We were eating in the Coastal Kitchen (Allure, I’m pretty sure) and b/c the lamb shank is Dan’s very favorite, he ordered it. We had even told the Genie to notify the CK that we would be ordering it so that it wasn’t a big surprise. What they brought was full of gristle and fat. He didn’t eat any of it. Frankly, it’s the first and only time he had la
  17. I really wish they would go back to rotating the bread options nightly. You used to get a whole new option of warm (I won’t say they were hot...they rarely were) breads to select from every night. Then they went to the same few standards every night and then finally, you were stuck with whatever selection of bread they put on your table every night. That was about the time we stopped eating in the MDR - ever.
  18. I know what you mean. Almost all of my upcoming cruises are either casino comps (not eligible for L&S) or are paired with a casino comp to create a B2B. So I can (in a few cases) L&S the non-casino comps but that breaks up the B2B pair. Ugh. So for now, I’m moving nothing. Unless they change some of the FCC use rules (discussed on numerous other threads), I will be taking refunds for everything they cancel.
  19. I’ve never tried to get a group rate on a Star Class room, but I did get a group rate on an Owners Suite for the <now cancelled> Oct 2020 NE/Canada Brilliance Group Cruise. It would have meant a very nice savings.
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