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  1. Apparently new strains can happen anytime and often...so based on that, we will never be able to travel again if they are waiting for everyone to be vaccinated.....its a catch -22 and here in Canada..just announced our vaccines from Modenra are being cut next mth by 25%....seeing as less than 0.033% of the population is vaccinated from Covid-19....never mind any new strains on the way....it wont be short term pain...its going to a long drawn out, never ending fight at this point based on the past year.
  2. NCL Sky.....although at this point I may consider it if it was an option!
  3. I wont cruise with those rules......I wont get into the political side of all of this.....those who know me, know well how I think and feel about it.... But i wont travel anywhere under those rules and conditons...and I don't think many others will either to be honest. Cruise industry is sunk if those rules are in place. I think cruise lines are going to have a terrible time surviving if cruising as we knew it before was to come back the way it used to be, but defn wont with all these other conditions and restrictions and rules.....
  4. Not sure about the replenish package details as I have only had the drink package but most ships have Red Bull....the question usually is which flavors and which bars you can get it at. It can be hit and miss.
  5. Welcome back!.....haven't missed much...no cruises still!..... I am hoping I can leave my city sometime this year as we are severely locked down here and have been pretty much for close to a year now...... Cruising is a distant fading memory and hope at this point...you'll tend to see that my posts here have been quite realistic (or negative as some like to think ) about cruising starting soon.....lol
  6. Looks like they are going to implement this for land crossings as well....even for "essential" workers...... We are defn going backwards towards lockdowns and restrictions.....things are NOT getting any better or more positive for anyone who likes to travel.....
  7. They could have hired me to help prepare their budget...lol...I could have told them months ago there was no way in hell cruises would be happening in Jan......I have serious doubts about even one ship in July to be honest.... I really don't think that's the WORSE case senario.....no cruise ships till fall or winter is probably more likely and a BEST case scenario!
  8. If that doesn't make you think cruising isn't coming back any time soon this year, then nothing will.
  9. As i have been saying all along...nothing happening cruise wise for anyone in N.A till late 2021.....and for Canadians it may be 2022 before we can travel so for me it may be that cruising starts and I still cant go.
  10. Well it isn't going to sail....so then the question is do you want/need 5 cancelled cruises/credits or just wait till things actually start back up..probably late 2021 or early 2022 at this point to be safe.
  11. I hope so...although mine is a 5 day out of Tampa....i thought about only booking a 4 day or under at the time but the deal was too good on the 5 day...hope it doesn't come back to bite me!
  12. Nice to see..as I really want to book another cruise but we wont while things are still way to much up in the air. I feel like by June we should have a much better idea how things are going vaccine wise and travel wise moving forward. We are wanting to book a cruise for 2022 winter......would get us to Diamond status with double points as long as our Nov cruise still goes ahead.....fingers crossed!
  13. Cruising aint ever coming back if this is the new norm. Nor will they be able to do this to even start up imho. Not feasible. the logistics of this would be insane....maybe for a cruise to nowhere, but to have to worry about all these rules for every port you stop at or want to visit?(if that's what is implied in the above message) Vaccination passport yes perhaps(and no surprise)...but all these rules and regulations would further kill the cruise industry and travel industry
  14. We all knew this was coming...think I had predicted this as well.....some may call me psyhic...some may call me negative.....you may all be right!? I cant see anything moving really till the fall.....with vaccinations rates at .012% in Canada after 5 weeks..nothing is happening or changing here quickly....
  15. Blame Canada for this I am sure...no ports will be open in 2021 in Canada I am confident at this point.. we have .012% of our population vaccinated in 5 weeks....do the math..lol
  16. A lot can change by April...heck it changes from day to day. If the ship can sail and you are booked..its your responsibility to get there. If it costs too much or takes too long isn't for Royal to try and figure out...that would really be impossible at this point.
  17. Man oh man..the excitement that will be here when something official like that happens here with Royal!!
  18. I can only speak to pre-pandemic norms...but hotels in Coco Beach are not "budget-friendly" in my opinion...nothing that is close to the port at least. I have cruised out of PC many times, the last time in Nov of 2019 and it was cheaper to stay in Orlando AND pay for a Uber than it was to stay in Coco Beach. That has been my experience so far..only once out did I find a price friendly enough to make it worth it to stay in Coca Beach....but then again, i only book inside Cabins while others here only do Suites so its all relative!
  19. Go Port Canaveral is usually the cheapest(can purchase online in advance for around $15 the last time I did it)...took about 20 mins to load the bus plus the drive. Good cheap option. Royal has one as well for more money. Port Canaveral is pretty calm and easy to get in out and out of compared to FLL or Miami for sure. We have used ride share the last few times..about $80 for 4 of us in a SUV Uber from Orlando to drop off at the port.....
  20. haha.....probably not...probably I will still have to quarantine for 14 days when we get back ......but we can fly now if we are willing to take the risk.....we can leave the country..we just cant travel around our own country..lol
  21. We are considering moving our November cruise on Brilliance out of Tampa to a 7 day on Grandeur in December...7 nights for under 400CAD is a steal....flight times are great there and back as well......
  22. 7700 ppl die each day in the US in "normal" conditions....we don't shut down for that......500/day die in car accidents..we dont shut down driving... CDC should still be pro-actively trying to help and encourage things to open back up and get to normal and realizing that its going to take time to implement and make all the changes required etc.
  23. Lots of ppl have the flu..its part of life...always has been...only issue is when older ppl or vulnerable get it and get really sick..hospitalized or die. Same for this.....if 4billion ppl have it..half of them are probably asymptomatic and dont know they have it...if the other half have it with symptoms but not serious enough to even go to the hospital..then no, it really doesn't matter. The reason why the panic and worry is if ppl die or hospitals overflow......having a sore throat and a fever is nothing to shut down the world over.
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