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  1. Seems confusing....purchase a drink package and no worries.....tax and tip all included in your daily package..and if your paying almost $15 for ONE martini....a $55 package seems like a no brianer to me....and eliminate the guess work and surprise at the end of the cruise!
  2. Do they have these on all the cruise ships? I have been on 3 cruises now with RCI, and dont recall ever seeing a fridge?! All the pop/water was sitting on the top of the vanity. And I am pretty sure I opened every door in the room when I first arrived and before I left the ship. Then again, not much I would use the fridge for really. Not about to pay for booze or soda or drinks to keep in the fridge when I have the drink pass.
  3. Yes, i don't even use their website anymore, as it never seems to work well at all. While i havent noticed wild swings on their site price wise.....I just notice wild prices for single travellers with RCI period!....$169 based on double occupanct becomes over $500 with taxes as solo....more than double! Would be cheaper to take someone off the street with me than to travel alone with them. It's really too bad they do that....Carnival nor Celebrity nor NCL are as bad based on my searches... So along with making their webesite better, maybe they could work on their pricing as well..lol
  4. Local was cheaper in my experience. I was also told I couldn't get it till the morning I disembarked if I bought on board.
  5. All your drinks on Coco Cay are covered according to the package you have! So yes, you'll have all your drinks inlcuded with the Premium drink package. Obviously the selection isn't quite the same as on the boat, but should be enough for you to choose from. Enjoy, its a great day on the island!
  6. My expereince as well is that on the ships I was on, there was a "cafeteria" style place located in the solarium area. It usually had some salads, soups, sandwhiches etc and quite often seemed to be open during times that the MDR or WJ wasn't open and also late in the evenings. Food was always good there. And of course room service is 24hrs and a great option.
  7. I thought the prices were actually pretty good. I had to use it unexpectdly and was impressed with the cost, service and how quickly it was done. I never pay to get clothes cleaned professionally locally, but $7 for jeans and a dress shirt washed and pressed......I can handle that! $25 for a bag?....great deal for sure
  8. I sailed out of Port Can 3x, on 2 different ships headed to the Bahamas. I never noticed a theme. Yes, they had the 70's/disco nite when they did a great show with staff. But to me, it seemed like there was a ride range of music played in different areas at different times during the cruise.
  9. I can't speak for Navigator or Carnival or professional Vegas shows.....but...lol The shows ranged of course. The "PG" shows or kids shows of course were what they were. But I also enjoyed some great comedy with a comic that actually did some shows in Vegas and on HBO and also some of the dancers etc were pretty good. They also will have smaller shows at different venus on the boat, and RCL has some of their own shows which are veru popular like the Quest game(i think thats the name) along with a few others. Always enjoyable. I am guessing the bigger the boat, the higher the level of shows. Ships like Allure and Oasis have broadway quality shows from my understanding. I am sure others here will be able to give you first hand experience from Navigator.
  10. Lots of different shuttle services. Acutally, quite a few of the hotels in Orlando have packages that includes a shuttle their and back. To each their own. Private taxi/shuttles arent much more expesive either for what you are getting.
  11. Strange, as the cuises I have been on, are normally considered more party/lively cruises....4 days ones, Bahamas etc. I do recall the cruise compass saying"late", but it wasnt my idea of late, and it wasnt for lack of people around to consume. Then again, i don't consider midnight to be late....lol
  12. I have not been on a cruise yet where the bars stayed open all nite or waited for people to leave. The "main" bars were closed by midnight at the latest, the only bar that stayed open would be the "disco" club in the crown and anchor lounge and that was closed by 2am at the latest, maybe earlier some nights. No options for any drinks after that untill the morning, 10ish before the bars re-open.
  13. I was curious for years but had heard the horror stories/rumors, plus the cost of getting to a cruise(from Canada), plus the cost once on the cruise(extras, tips and drinks!) was too much imho. So I travelled south for years and did AI's. However, as soon as the drink packages came out, I decided to take the plunge and book a cruise. Have done 3 in the past 2 years and am ready to book my fourth. Now that I have experienced it, I prefer it over an AI.....it's just convincing others to join me as the single supplement is killer with RCI.
  14. Only been on 3 cruises, but all of them took cash. The card you stuck in was just to collect points for playing and prizes. They actually had machines that only took quaters to play certain games as well......
  15. I have done inside twice and ocean view once. The oceanview room was a little bigger(i think this is normally the case) and it was nice to have a bit of a view. That being said, its not a big deal for me really. $100 extra total for a week long cruise maybe I would. But I never spend alot of time in my room, so a window while nice, isn't worth alot extra based on my experiences so far.
  16. It was a Bahamas cruise on Enchantment of the Seas....
  17. You dont worry about the %15 tip, its included in your package. You only pay above the max amount for the cost of the drink, or at least I did a couple times on my last cruise in Feb.
  18. I finally had a chance to try the honey stung chicken last cruise thanks to the suggestions here....it was very good! I like the variety and choices in the Windjammer. I usualy end up eating most of my meals there. The Indian food is always great and was a pleasant surpirse on my first cruise with RCI. Had it pretty much every night for starters. Last cruise I took, was only there one night that I could find it. I defn enjoy the salad bar there each evenings as well.
  19. It would be nice if they did something, as often I have heard about this being something that alot of people miss out on because of the weather. I have been lucky 2/3 times I have gone. That being said, it's a big part of a short cruise to be able to spend the day there. It's too bad they can't/wont do anything about it.
  20. For a first time cruiser I would recomend taking the package. It is very easy for the cost to add up, your having fun on your first cruise, meeting new people and having drinks with them etc. Factor the package in as part of your budget, and then once the cruise is over you can decide if you would do it again. Horror stories of a $1000 booze bill at the end of the cruise was one reason why I refused to cruise untill they had drink packages. I didnt think they had the packages for the 3day cruises or less, but perhaps that has changed?
  21. I do have asthma. I am also allergic to dogs, cats, and dust. But I realize I have to accept and deal with these things in my everyday life or I would never do anything or go anywhere. If we block and ban everything that pople dont like/enjoy/appreciate or are allergic to or have potential reactions to, we might as well live in a bubble. So based on my experience, and from someone who does have asthma(the orginal posted did not indicate that was his issue with the smoke) I would say the casino's arent that bad when it comes to making your clothes smell!! :)
  22. Been on 3 different cruises, on 2 different boats and spent alot of time in the casino each time. Never found it to be that bad. Unless your sitting in a section where you are surrounded by smokers, it should be ok. They usually also have a section that is some free for the whole cruise in the casino, and they also have at least one evening during the cruise where the whole casino is smoke free. So if all you want to do is "try" the caisno, and not spend the whole cruise there, your outfits won't smell like smoke for the cruise. And if they do, their laundry services are very affordable, efficent and quick/great service based on my experience!
  23. Yeah..I have seen Carnyvale in alot of cases waves ANY single supplement. However I really do enjoy RCI, am a C&A member and those I usually travel with enjoy RCI as well, so I guess I don't have much choice. I am ok with even 50% markup...I'll eat and drink for 1.5 people no problem...my issue is really when they charge me for more than 2 people....absurd!
  24. .....Reduce the cost for single travallers to something more reasonable....
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