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  1. Sorry to hear that happend. I would hope and expect there is some compensation to say the least as a result. To lose 3 whole days really isnt fair. Some may have had flights booked etc and now there is going to be extra expenses. The least they could have done, was give you another 8 day cruise.
  2. Well I am disapointed in what I have seen lately with RC. Between drink pricing, tips going up, their BOGO sales which aren't really sales at all, it has tempted me to start considering the competiton. I will be on my 6th cruise with them in just over 2 years....but something will have to change for the better if they want to keep my business.
  3. It's crazy if true, and it seems that it is from all the chatter about it. I cant imagine those on a long cruise, what the cost would be. More than the cost of the cruise if this keeps up! It will also make people start to compare more the costs of cruising with other companies. And if they end up "forcing" more people to buy the package, then really they are probably encouraging people to drink more, which doesnt help royals bottom line so where it the logic behind this?
  4. Just booked a cruise again on Enchantment...April 20th. Prob my last cruise on her as she is leaving PC next year for Miami!
  5. I am looking forward to Oasis being at PC, as that is normally where I cruise out of. Losing EOS is a bit of a downer, as I don't think ROS will be as nice, but I guess a change is good.
  6. Has anyone else checked out the new website change? Imho, it is way too busy, slow,and they try to cram way too much stuff into it. It's a sensory overload when trying to find anything on it. I know the old website had its issues, but in my experience when most people visit travel sites, they want a quick and easy quote, which is defn not the case now with the site. I have been on it for about an hour now, still haven't figured out to get a real quote in Canadian dollars yet either.
  7. I have done 4 cruises there, only made it twice to coco cay. Most recent cruise was November, it was missed.
  8. So their website doesnt even list the promo., nor support it??...what kinda deal is that...how would people even know about it?? really? and $1300 per person for a drink package free??...something is defn missing and not sounding right here....... RCI needs to get their stuff together....
  9. Yes..thats the page I have visited many times..no mention of drink package on that page..just BOGO and OBC.....I have then proceeded to do dummy bookings and nothing..
  10. I have yet to be able to find this deal on their website.....I have seen the ne BOGO, but nowhere does it mention drink packages...I have done ALOT of dummy bookings to try and find it..... Anyone have any luck or tips with this phantom deal?!
  11. Agreed, book now. Nothing to lose. If price goes down, you get the better deal. If the final payment date rolls around and you cant confirm then, just cancel. Nothing lost.
  12. I doubt they really read them or pay attention to the comments to be honest, if they are like most big corporations out there.
  13. So they removed the "grat" from the base price which resulted in a slightly higher cost once it was added back on. Now they raised the "grat" by 3%.....so essentially 2 rate increases on the drink packages in the past couple months? Am I correct? And yet in the UK, they are thowing that in for free?....so like $1000 freebie for UK cruise customers, but not North American. Am i missing somthing here??
  14. I found one for $160, plus taxes and fees....return, from airport to port and port to airport with a stop along the way if you want.....pays to do lots of reserach for sure. And in my previous post, I meant I would consider a private car, not a shared shuttle for 4 people obviously.
  15. There are lots of shuttle services, both shared and private with a wide range of prices. I have done both. You need rides both ways I am assuming so make sure you do a good comparison of all your options. While most people seem to say that renting a car is the cheapest(even after gas, tolls, insurance, parking??) I would consider a shared shuttle. I would be more worried about timing and cost of getting your rental car or a rental car for your return trip. You could prob do a private SUV for $80ish each way...door to door, no waiting, no driving as an example...
  16. I certainly wouldnt recomend this to anyone as a way to "save" on not getting the package, or as a way to try and save on the cruise. Glad it worked out for you...but being charged for a few drinks a day, plus leaving $15-20 in tips at each bar does add up. And no guarantee that it will work every day. And if after a couple days they stopped doing it, or if the bartenders got caught, would not be good for you or them. So while it is a great story/experience....i wouldn't count on it or rely on it happening....count yourselves lucky....most people would end up paying for each drink or the package.
  17. Agreed.....Celebrity seems to do this VERY often.....and I know the others do fairly often as well. I have never seen this before with Royal. They don't seem to offer much in the way of incentives based on what I have seen the past 3 years i have been booking with them.
  18. Wow..thats a cheap price and going to draw alot of people to look at them for a cruise option. Not to mention that their cruises are usually half the cost of most of the major players..... Not a deal break for me to be honest while travelling...but for $5 I would defn sign up!
  19. Its a double whammy for us Canadians...:( I have been looking at possibly doing a Euro cruise in the late spring, early summer....rates seem to keep going up, and the dollar for us keeps going down against the USD so looks like its going to price me out of that option. But for those travelling anywhere with USD, your defn going to come out ahead on your spending money once there for sure!
  20. Well get the beer package then......lol. Much cheaper.....I wouldnt recomend a "everything package" to someone who doesnt drink everything... $40 is the select package.. so at about $5 beer, thats 4-5 beers along with your soda package useage that makes it worth while. Plus the conveience of not paying/tipping for every drink, plus no surpises at the end of the cruise. I have yet to regret ever getting the package, and have yet to meet anyone in REAL life who got it and regretted it. And maybe its just that 10 drinks for me in a day when on a cruise is before my night even starts but...lol..
  21. I have only cruised between Nov-Feb....and its always been nice! Couple of days that maybe werent "pool" weather, but lots of drinks, sun, hanging around the pools...hitting the beaches.. It's amazing to leave the cold and snow, and step "back into summer" for a few days or a week.... Comming from Atlantic Canada, I really know winter and can't stand it and would NEVER even think about taking a vacation during the winter to do "winter things"...lol
  22. It looks like we will be docking at the international pier...so cab ride to downtown is the best option? Will be lots of cabs for the ride there and back? Once in town, I can then wander pretty easily on my own and find bars, resturants, places to sit out and drink to enjoy the sights and sounds of the town? Rough idea on pricing when it comes to drinks and food..pretty cheap or pricey for some cold ones and pub style food?
  23. Thats the site I use, and I have yet to figure it out, or find any price that matches from the fish site, to when I actually go to RCI to confirm the pricing....maybe I am just not grasping it.....it obviously works for others...but I have been checking it for months with no sucess. I actually got myself a deal by checking the RCI website, doing mock bookings, and then had to call to get them to change my reservation for the better deal...
  24. I havent had any luck using those sites. I have never been able to use them to find a better deal, I find them hard to follow and make no sense. At least the one I was recomened to use anyways. I personally just check the site every day, check the different sales and promo's etc they have. When I see what I think is a deal I book it. Untill final payment you can always call and get a cheaper deal if it goes down. After final pyt date, you cannont, but you can upgrade if you wanted to if for example the price of a balcony cabin came down and you wanted to pay the little extra to upgrade from your inside/outside room. It's a big game it seems, compared to my experience in booking and travelling at All Inclusive resorts all around the Caribbean!
  25. Was my very first cruise ever, Monarch of the Seas in 2013...and am going on my 5th cruise in 16 days. Loved it from the minute I walked on the ship. Not sure if I will ever try another cruise line as RC has given me everything I could have asked for and had no issues at all. Never say never, but I tend to be pretty loyal once I find something I like and enjoy.....
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