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  1. Was in this exact situation. They did L&S my GTY Suite reservation, even though it wasn't even an option on the August 2021 itineraries I was eligible for. Original rep said they couldn't do it. Took my TA two days and literal hours on hold to finally get a hold of a supervisor, but long story short, they were able to do it.
  2. FWIW, the bus system (https://www.gotobermuda.com/sites/default/files/bta19-bus-schedule-may.pdf) and ferries (http://www.rccbermuda.bm/ferries_about.aspx) are both very easy to navigate and very affordable (https://www.gov.bm/bus-fares). @JLMoran is right, outside of departure day, the biggest reason to do cruise line-based excursions is gone. We managed to do Horseshoe Bay and St. George's on our own at a fraction of the cost of organized excursions and had a good time getting there and back, especially skirting along the north side of the island on the Orange Route ferry out to St. George
  3. I just checked out the website, this is really cool! It's also definitely the closest I'll ever get to playing on anything remotely resembling a PGA course!
  4. Close, but we didn't have the color-matching sleek molded type. Guess we weren't fancy. We had the generic type:
  5. These are the exemplar reusable cup. I think I started using one around age 2 (with the equally iconic Tupperware "sippy cup top") and continued to use it pretty much until High School. (The Tupperware, not the sippy cup! )
  6. Gotcha. I think part of this here is a fundamental difference not just in whether or not to use the professionals, but how one utilizes the shots. In your exact 110 shot scenario, I would've ended up with 10 pictures: my favorite shot from each of the backdrops, my favorite sail away shot, my favorite shot from MDR night #1, etc. Between my time in photography and my wife's experience as a graphic designer, we're pretty good at narrowing down and agreeing on what we think are the best photos of the family. I totally understand the mentality of wanting all the shots, it's just not how I ope
  7. I have to ask a question, and it is going to sound like I'm being flippant, but I swear I'm genuinely interested. How did you manage to take more than 100 photos? Was it longer than a 7 day cruise? Were you part of a really large group? That's more than 14 pictures a day with the photographers for a week. It's been a long time since I've been on a cruise ship, so I'm seriously floored by the logistics of that! Are there more photographers than there used to be? More candid opportunities throughout the ship. Again, sorry if it seems like I'm banging on here, but I am a photo guy, I even used t
  8. While not quite the upgrade that @1978bucketlist scored, I was just able to upgrade my August 2020 sailing from a Deck 3 Oceanview cabin to a Suite Guarantee for a grand total of $193 for the 4 of us (NOT per person!), then Lift and Shift it to August 2021. Did it take may TA 5 hours on hold to make it happen? Yes, yes it did. Am I sending him a bottle of his favorite Bourbon for his efforts? You better believe it. Many thanks to @Matt and everyone on the board for their expertise and quick dissemination of information to allow this to happen!
  9. And when they're giving me rates at 40% of what they are next year, plus price protection even past final payment date, I'm more than happy to! Like @Kathleen said, it's not going to shake out right for everyone, but in certain scenarios it's going to be a big win-win. Same rules as always apply: do your research, work with a good TA and do what's right for you!
  10. Personally I couldn't imagine traveling without it in the past. Thinking about not having it NOW?
  11. So, theoretical question. Booked on a cruise this August. Prices are obviously low for that sailing right now. Could I upgrade that reservation to a better cabin category, THEN "lift and shift" it to an August 2021 sailing? Get upgraded at 2020 prices for a 2021 sailing sounds like a good deal if that doesn't violate terms and conditions. Thoughts?
  12. You could do A LOT worse in the area. As @bytheslice mentioned, the mall and IHOP are. very close, as is a Ruby Tuesdays. I understand that their shuttle to/from EWR is one of the more reliable in the area as well. GrubHub/Door Dash/Uber Eats also greatly opens up your dining possibilities both of the local and chain varieties, and that property has a number of nice public spaces where you could besides being in your room. All in all, a good choice.
  13. I had to use HOWLONGAGO.com to figure out that it has been 5,463 days since my last cruise. A few kids, 4 degrees and a couple of jobs fell in between. It was supposed to be 109 days until my next cruise, but it looks like 473 may be more realistic. After 5,400 days, what's another 300 or so?
  14. This must be a wide-spread Jersey thing, because it's much the same down here by Princeton. We even have a drive-thru farm around here, which is great. You order fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs online, print out your order form or just have it on your phone's e-mail. You drive into the barn, show them the print out or e-mail (which they scan through your window), then pop the trunk. They fill you up with farm-fresh produce and you're on your way. I've gone every week since they started!
  15. I am inclined to think something along @mathbees proposal makes sense. Require viewing of a safety video at checkin or in your cabin, and then a physical visit to your muster station where you get signed in, but then are free to leave. It helps reduce crowds and still requires people to at least physically go to their muster station. Would that have the same effect on automatic response as spending 20 or so minutes there? Who knows? In my experience, generally speaking any safety training passengers/amateurs have received prior to getting underway goes right out the window as soon as sire
  16. Yep. It's a curious error to pop back up into CP, but I supposed I should never underestimate the IT department over there!
  17. Newly available on my August 2021 Oasis of the Seas booking.
  18. My $0.02 here, if you're thinking of flying DC to Newark, have you considered Amtrak? I've made that trip (and New York Penn - D.C.) plenty of times, and it's a really easy and relaxing 3 hour trip. Hourly departures, no security, plenty of leg room, and fares usually around that $150 roundtrip price on a bad day. Don't mean to sound like an Amtrak salesperson here, just throwing another option at you if you're planning that trip!
  19. I may be dating myself a bit here, but come on, I can't be the only one who thought it!
  20. Seems like a good approach to take in general right now. Thank you!
  21. Hey @JohnK6404, following along, but I'm wondering if you've heard any word as to whether or not the OBC will be added to your CP prior to your sail date, or if it will end up being actual, old-school ON BOARD credit? There doesn't seem to be a lot out there on this point. If you don't mind, could you keep us updated as to how and when this gets applied for you?
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