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  1. Not at all, now is the time to buy. I booked my airfare for September last week and got a killer price flying out of my regional airport (10 minutes from house) to Miami for $200 per person.
  2. Right now there is a great sale on Symphony's September 5th sailing in the Planner section. Deluxe Beverage Package is going for $49.00. Day Pass at Coco Cay $69. Everybody may want to check their Planner sections.....best prices I've seen so far.
  3. Not canceling Symphony September 5th. Coronavirus is being over hyped by the media, more people have died from flu worldwide right now. I'll take my chances.
  4. It is across the street from the Convention Center and the Sheraton.
  5. Remember the post cruise sway well. Enterprise World Cruise 1989, 44,000 miles. My cruise last year on Freedom I didn't feel a thing as the boat rocked. Watched the people while sitting at the pub as they staggered down the promenade.
  6. It's normal. I spent 9 years in the Navy and when we got back from deployment I always felt the same way. It's an inner ear thing. Should go away, but if it persist see your doctor.
  7. Thanks everyone. Did that last year on Freedom using Matt's video advice. I purchased, canceled and repurchased several times, just wanted to avoid that this year.....LOL. I did that with the cruise price for our 2020 cruise to get best price and max shipboard credit.....think I irritated my travel agent.....LOL....should have expected same. Happy cruising.....may you all have fair winds and following seas.
  8. Right now ours is still at $65. Black Friday sale had it at $61. Just have to keep my eye on it.
  9. My wife and I are sailing on the Symphony September 5th. What is the best price people have seen on the Deluxe Beverage Package? When we sailed on the Freedom last year we got $44/day pp.
  10. My wife I and had the Key in September on the Freedom If you don't utilize all the perks than it is very much not worth it. Embarkation were were on the ship in 10 minutes with a personal escort from John Paul (who hooked us up with several deals during the cruise). With debarkation you should have been escorted off the ship to a special area and really not needed a porter, but it would have saved you time if you had a flight that afternoon. We stayed in SJ an extra day so we didn't care how fast we got off.
  11. I was completely unimpressed with the Black Friday sale. Most of the stuff I was looking at for the Symphony 9/5/20 sailing was a $5 savings. Not really a "sale"! Hopefully, cyber Monday will be better, but I doubt it.
  12. We sailed in September, arrived a port at 10:30 took 15 minutes to get onboard. Our friends got there at 10 and was onboard in 15 minutes. Just drop your bags off with porters in front of terminal, go in terminal and as Matt says you maximized your time onboard. Loved the English pub, great people there. Have fun, we did.
  13. I use to live in the Fort Lauderdale area (for 25 years). Everything near the port, near the beach or on 17th Street Causeway is expensive. Really anything east of US 1 will cost you a pretty penny, that includes Los Olas. If you want to lessen the cost, I'd look west young man! For me I'd look somewhere near the Sawgrass Expressway. You can jump on 595 straight into the port.
  14. My wife and I are looking at the same thing for Sept 2020 on Symphony. You have to wait 11 months prior to your sail date (Airline thing). Looked at August 2020 to get an idea. Price was running around $800 for MIA and FLL. Palm Beach may be another option (typically cheaper), but you are looking at a 1.5 hour drive. Pretty much same thing for booking hotels.....
  15. How did you book the rooms, guaranteed or choose your own? If a guaranteed rooms you have no real recourse they just have to provide you a rooms, but if you paid the higher price to choose your rooms then I would escalate it....become the squeaky wheel.
  16. September 5th 2019 cruise, my wife and I paid roughly $1800 for 2 out of Richmond, VA with American.
  17. We had the Key on the Sept 5 Freedom of the Seas sailing. For a first timer it has some perks as long as you use it. We got special pricing on the Plus one dinner package when we were onboard. Once you reach the status of say Matt, as he says in his video it really is not worth while. I'd say for a first timer/Gold status person when you weight the cost vs perks it is worth it. May get it on my next cruise in September of 2020.
  18. My wife and I are on the September 01 cruise....her first. What time does boarding actually start on Freedom of the Seas? Online it says 12:30-7:30. Thanks in advance!
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