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  1. You will need your Vax Card. Only restaurants that not require it are the ones that decided to operate at 50% capacity, and those are not much, just a few.
  2. Hello, just FYI, the 2 day CDC Conditional Sail Test cruise for the Explorer of the Seas will be this next October 29th.
  3. That is exactly what I just did for my next FOS sailing in Apr 5th, had a GTY Interior, and ended up on an Spacious Ocean View Balcony and it still cheaper of what I already paid, but I am happy with it, I even selected the cabin I wanted.
  4. To enter Puerto Rico you only need an ID, but for the ship's embarkation process you will need a passport or an original birth certificate with a valid ID.
  5. He was here in Puerto Rico. The news show him when he was took out of the court with his lawyer. From the dictionary. Negligent homicide, also called wrongful or involuntary manslaughter, is a crime that involves killing a natural person through negligent action. Example from the dictionary, When an action is carried out which the possible result of death is known and nevertheless it is believed that it can be avoided, but it fails and it occurs.
  6. We have two staterooms both GTY, one inside and one Balcony, we got the inside assigned as a Promenade View, like three weeks after reservation, aprox 4 to 5 months before the cruise date, now the balcony was assigned at the exact 30 day mark as a Spacious Ocean View Balcony, our sailing date is this 24 of November. I knew my Muster Station since 90 days prior when did the on-line check in, and the deck number when received the documents 40 days prior.
  7. From this morning news, starting today Tuesday 10/15/2019 Uber can pick you up at the SJU Airport after the Managing company that operates the airport reach an agreement with Uber. Here the instructions given by the Airport to reach to your Uber ride; "Simple Steps to follow to use Uber from the airport, the user goes to the ground floor of Terminal A or B of the airport. Here you will find an area properly labeled as a "Ridesharing" platform area. Once there, use the Uber application on your device to connect with the driver partner. The car will be identified as 'Uber' with a sign on its front glass". Hope this helps anyone who uses this platform. But as with any other city, the regular taxi drivers are having protests for this !!!!
  8. Actually is not worse than any other city of the world, it is not bad and is safe, only problem to me is that the port is not designed for cruise ships, it is a commercial pier, so to enjoy Ponce you will have to take either a taxi or a formal tour from your cruise. Ponce is a beautiful town with a pretty square and a the oldest fire station of PR in the middle of it, the Castillo Serralles, an old big house converted in a museum, belonged to the owners of the best rum of Puerto Rico, DonQ, from it you will have a perfect view of the town. Here you can find more info on specifics about Ponce. Hope it helps. https://welcome.topuertorico.org/city/ponce.shtml
  9. How about Specialty to specialty? My wife love the Tiramisu cake that is served at Giovanni's, can she ask for it at Chops?
  10. Well it is true, but is because of BS from the Taxi Association, even if you want to use Uber they can not pick you up at the Hotel lobby, you have to walk outside the main property to take it.
  11. Well for my November Cruise, I paid $48 day +tip, just for me, because my wife did not drink alcohol, so I bought for her the Refreshment Pkg for $20 day + tip. That was $396.48 for my Deluxe pkg and $165.20 for my wife's, IMHO, it was very similar cost to my last year cruise drink packages.
  12. I use this card holder in my lanyard, is very convenient and it hold the key card in it, and are very easy to pull out to give to a bar tender etc. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004Z9BO6G/?coliid=I1C6INQSQ586S4&colid=1UC8L0253B0J2&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  13. your question is very valid, but in your case, May, is out of the Hurricane Season that runs from June 1st to November 30th, so your sailing is out of it, even if your sail date is close to the end of May, the peak of the season is end of August and September. Enjoy your cruise it will be fun with lot of new things try.
  14. Yes you can, I always stock a few in the cabin's fridge for the night and morning pills.
  15. In our last cruise it wasn't Evian, but regular water, very similar to Nestle water. I guess it is an special brand that RCCL buy in tons for almost nothing. But the sparking it was either Perrier or Pellegrino and some other flavored.
  16. You are completely right, but I f you tried that same route one hour later it may be a different thing, The pier access road is a nightmare due to is only one entrance and exit, but after the disembark finishes it is more easy to get in, that is why I always recommends to go to the pier close to noon, the experience is different.
  17. Airport to Caribe Hilton ~ 15 minutes Caribe Hilton to Muelle Panamericano ~10 minutes
  18. Hello, Let me try to help you: 1 - There are many hotels in the area but I will recommend you the Caribe Hilton, recently re-open after Hurricane Maria, it is maybe 5 to 10 minutes away (Due to the Traffic), but Sunday, that is the day you will board the ship, it will be no problem. Dining, besides the restaurants inside the hotel, at walking distance, is "Paseo Caribe" there are different dining venues including a Fogo de Chao. At Uber distance there are lots of other local places very interesting that you may like. 2 - From the airport (since Uber can't pick you up there) you can take a taxi, with no problems, route rates are fixed and pre negotiated and given to you by a dispatcher, the driver will honor it. After that you can use Uber with confidence around San Juan. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.
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