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  1. Lyft/Uber has always been the cheapest for me if I am not going straight to the port from the airport and vice versa. If you go straight from the port to the airport then Go Port Canaveral has always been my go to option for transit. It is cheap and reliable to and from the airport.
  2. Thank you! That’s what I figured but it’s always good to check.
  3. I have been on several RC cruises, but I have never been to Chops (crazy I know). I am trying it on my upcoming cruise to Canada/New England and was hoping someone could let me know what the recommended dress code is. From my research it seems similar to the main dining room, but I don’t want to be under or over dressed. Also I am completely open to suggestions as to what is the best food to order because it seems like it will be difficult to choose!
  4. I don't see your email, but I will definitely reach back out closer to time for the cruise!
  5. We will be there the last week of September/first week of October.
  6. We always use Go Port Canaveral to get from the port to the airport. It is cheap and it is really hassle free.
  7. You should be fine. I usually don''t include my middle name or initial on my booking and I have never had any issues.
  8. Hi. I will be doing a Canada/New England cruise roundtrip out of Boston. We are stopping in Portland, Bar Harbor, St. Johns, and Halifax. We have booked a few excursions in these locations, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on things to do, or places to eat while we are in port.
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