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  1. There's a hibachi side and a sushi side. Yes, if there's space available, you can go to the sushi side and order without buying the prix fixe menu in the cruise planner.
  2. I had the same issue when ordering through Royal Gifts with the website when not logged into the Cruise Planner concerning not receiving an order confirmation email. I did, however, screenshot the confirmation screen to be able to speak with customer service aboard the ship if it's not delivered as the charge did go through. The charge for the cooler didn't go through immediately, it took a few days before it appeared. I'm wondering if someone has to manually approve the Royal Gifts, when not signed in, to make certain it's going to someone aboard the ship.
  3. Welcome to the boards. This is an unofficial fan forum which Royal, while I'm confident they're monitoring in some capacity, doesn't respond to. I haven't tried this, and maybe you're not wanting to pay for it, but I expect the only way you're getting the same seating for your party of 19 at Wonderland (if Royal is saying they can't accommodate) is to either buy out the restaurant or see if Royal wouldn't be able to have a subset of the Wonderland menu served at another location onboard as a catered experience. Either way, I anticipate the quote starting around $4,000 USD. Edit: The $4k is based on 52 * $59.99 * 1.18 = $3,680. I wouldn't be shocked to learn a minimum alcohol spend too when doing this.
  4. You're welcome. Checking my Allure sailing and the pricing for Hibachi is back where it should be, $59.99 marked 15% off to $50.99.
  5. That's allowed. Listed under the food/bev policy. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy
  6. Looks like they've got an intern pricing again. Other people are reporting Izumi Hibachi at $28.99 too. Here's a shot from my planner for Allure this coming summer. If you're interested, looks like it's time to book.
  7. Maya Key apparently has continuous transportation to/from the pier throughout the day. https://www.mayakey.com/ Should/will be available in the Cruise Planner if you want to book through Royal.
  8. You can, but it's about an hour each way from the town pier to an area you're probably thinking of hiking (and longer if you're looking for something deeper inside the park). I haven't seen what Royal is offering, but I'd investigate local pick-up/drop-off options instead of trying to hoof it on foot.
  9. I've ordered the beer one for my cruise next month. If you divide the cost of the bundle by 6, it's basically buying 6 beers at on-board pricing (with gratuity) and getting the bag for free. It used to be that if you bought the bag of beers (BoB), Royal would replenish the beer at a discounted rate, but Royal apparently stopped that offer a while back. Since they're re-introducing the BoB, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll also bring back the replenishment special. Not holding my breath though.
  10. Did they mention how many people are aboard? Or a percentage of capacity?
  11. If Royal does do anything to the points required for a particular level, they'll probably reduce the number of points required, not increase it. A number of years ago Royal changed from points earned from sailing on a cruise (1 point per cruise) to points earned per night sailed (1 point per night) to align themselves with what the other mass market cruise lines were doing. And Royal's point requirements are similar to the other lines as well. Here's Carnival's loyalty chart (click on the "What you get" tab): https://www.carnival.com/vifp And here's NCL's, which Royal's somewhat mirrors: https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program#tier_benefits The equivalent for Diamond in C&A with Carnival or NCL is at 75 points, not 80. And Diamond+ equivalent with NCL happens at 150 points, not 175. Something I could see Royal introducing from NCL's benefits, assuming their computers could handle it, is being able to pre-book a DBP with a standing discount based on loyalty tier instead of purchasing once aboard to take advantage of it.
  12. I doubt Royal will be mucking with points required for each tier. There are less Diamonds and up on any particular sailing than you might think by the posters with those statuses here on the Blog (based on publicly available information and comments, the average sailing has under 18% with Diamond or better), the benefits don't cost Royal much to provide, but they certainly drive bookings either to reach that status or take advantage of the perks, and Royal will be raising their rates to get within an estimated 80% of the cost of an equivalent land-based vacation over the next couple of years. On that last point, Royal was estimating they're at 60% of the cost of a land-based trip. Moving that percentage up to 80% will add hundreds, if not thousands, to the fare. They'll reduce the number of people reaching Diamond in the future simply due to pricing people out of cruising as often.
  13. I was wondering about that too. I'm at Platinum. Though it's more likely this is just Royal's legendary IT at work.
  14. I'm seeing the same, Ampurp85. No status is listed for myself in the app either.
  15. https://www.mualobster.com/blogs/news/what-is-a-chicken-lobster
  16. I did an embarkation day lunch at Chops aboard Adventure last summer. It was worth the money to start the cruise off with premium dining and not dealing with the crowds elsewhere. Plus, by the time I was leaving Chops, the cabins were open for passengers. So swung by, grabbed my Seapass, dropped off my carry-on, and got to getting my vacation fully started.
  17. Try your sailing date and ship here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/ For whatever reason, the alcohol packages (hard liquor + mixer) don't appear in the cruise planner.
  18. Things that already haven't been mentioned, and which might have some chance of happening? Offering the choice of either the classic soda package on the house or a discount on the DBP starting with Diamond. Percent off coupon on an upcharge menu item in the MDR or in a specialty dining restaurant.
  19. Another thing to keep in mind when deciding between the MDR and Windjammer is when they open. At least on Adventure and Oasis last summer, 2022, the MDR was opening late enough for breakfast that I couldn't personally see myself up for a MDR lunch after having breakfast at their available times.
  20. The coffee is fine, paid or included. Royal's food service is the equivalent of a land-based hotel with an attached convention center. It's decent and enjoyable. However, I rarely have any complaints, but I rarely have any raves either.
  21. Sounds like a sensible change. I wouldn't be shocked to learn many people were thinking a day was from bars opening to closing, not 00:00 to 23:59, then customer service needed to deal with angry people who didn't read the fine print. Moving the reset time to early morning when the bars are guaranteed to be closed should alleviate any complaints they were footing about a midnight reset.
  22. This line is interesting from a RCBlog posting earlier today (https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/12/14/royal-caribbean-announces-plan-build-first-carbon-neutral-cruise-ship) "It also aims to reduce carbon intensity by double digits by 2025 compared to 2019 and the introduction of a net-zero cruise ship by 2035." By 2035 Royal will either be looking to sunset every last Voyager, Radiance, and Vision-class ship or will be getting close to doing so based on historical patterns. Freedom-class probably won't be long in the fleet at that point either. It might be slightly easier to net-zero a smaller versus a larger vessel.
  23. That might be how Royal's leaning with future smaller ships since the class was introduced after Oasis. However, looking at ship ages vs. sizes, Royal might also decide to let it ride if Bermuda is the deciding factor. On average, Vision-class is hitting 30 years in 5 years, Radiance-class is hitting the big 3-0 in about 11, Voyager-class in 9, and Freedom-class in 15. There are multiple options that aren't Quantum when considering Bermuda for at least a decade. Still, I'm anticipating we'll hear something within that time about a smaller ship than Oasis if they're planning one. Might be another Quantum, might be an evolved Quantum-class. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it carries under 4,000 passengers.
  24. Sailed: Adventure Oasis Upcoming: 2023: Anthem, Brilliance, Allure 2024: Rhapsody, Jewel
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