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  1. Our first Royal Caribbean cruise on Explorer of the Seas in 2007 the pizza at Sorrento's was awful; at least when we'd go for a slice at midnight. Also, the only option was shrimp pizza for some reason. It just tasted like it was leftover from the afternoon rush, hence no plain or other options; we covered it with crushed red pepper which made it...edible. Kind of ironic as I've grown to love Sorrento's (now that it's fresh with more late night options) and it has been my midnight (okay, okay 2AM) snack on every cruise since.
  2. Yep, I agree it's more about the reusable cup, but surface touching might be a concern of the panel, CDC, etc. Probably more from a passengers prospective than a scientific one.
  3. I believe you're correct. It didn't click until now but (at least in NY) we are all touching surfaces that others have touched and not sanitized, including ordering systems. Example: I just used a touch screen to order my lunch at QuickChek.
  4. I agree that it varies. We finally hit Diamond in 2018 and took our first Royal Caribbean cruise in 2007. Not counting this year, we missed two years of at least one cruise on Royal Caribbean. One was to try NCL the other was for an extended (and expensive) Hawai'i trip. So, 11 years and several cruises we traveled in a Grand Suite (never higher yet). For the last 5 years we only sailed the 5 Night Bermuda from NJ itinerary which slowed us down but luckily we were able to splurge on a Grand Suite for the last 3 years. Side note: we LOVE Bermuda, favorite island thus far, but unless it's n
  5. The one downside I see is the the selection the freestyle machine offers (kind of assuming never really used it on a ship, but have at work) vs what might be offered a bar. I'm sure anything reusable but not under Royal's sanitation control will not be initially offered.
  6. Not sure if you're past the deadline yet but figured I'd chime in ... To me the last sentence says it all, giving more money in hopes the cruise gets cancelled to get a full refund while having financial issues is an unnecessary risk, especially chasing $100 dollars. You're going to put forth thousands you cannot afford to in hopes to get $100, not something I'd do. If it was me, I'd wait until the last day hoping they cancel (which is unlikely), if not, cancel & get the FCC. As stated it is good until April 2022, hopefully that's enough time for you to cruise again. If not, write the
  7. This. There is a chance cruising might resume before a vaccine but it's not looking good.
  8. As stated, since you cancelled you received a FCC for 100% of fare, that was your CWC, prior it would have been subjected to cancellation or change fees. 125% is if they cancel on you, not if they cancel after you. Sorry if you might have misunderstood the policy, stinks. Let your agent get to the bottom of everything. I cancelled a cruise before it ended up being cancelled. I did so because I didn't want to make full payment. So I lost out on a possible 125% and 100% fine with that.
  9. I remember my last cruise we had a first timer with us, his reaction as Anthem of the Seas came into view was one I'll never forget.
  10. What I'll to calculate the base price of a sale (let's use my current $61 as an example): 61 / .80 = $76.25. So the price before sale is $76.25. With that number you can calculate the other prices (which are not always what Royal puts up as price). 25% = 76.25 * .25 = 19.0625. 76.25 - 19.0625 = 57.1875 30% = 76.25 * .30 = 22.875. 76.25 - 22.875 = 53.375 Obviously I'm using actual and not "dollar" rounding either. The actual formula is something like .... Original price = sale / (1.00 - percentage off). That's where I get the 61/.80 above.
  11. At least with the alcoholic drink package it's usually close to the calculated base price from the always 20% off in the planner. I assume they round to make the numbers even ... assuming no one has already done the math LOL.
  12. Ha ha! When I drive it's a bit more stressful! Usually fine until we hit the NJ Turnpike LOL! After the 16W merge and toll it clears up and we are at 14A in a few. Last ride with the shuttle he (the driver) kept passing all the opportunities to get to port, finally I asked him if he needed directions. That's when I noticed an old GPS and saw it would be a few minutes... Assume maps not updated to all the traffic changes. Oh well, we arrived just before boarding and basically walked from curb to Windjammer! (With a group photo or two and a bar stop or three in between!)
  13. At 90 minutes to Cape Liberty that would be a lot of clicking! However, it does make me sad thinking of my last actual drive there. It was a bunch of friends and we rented a shuttle that a friend got for such a great deal. All the girls were singing and drinking white claws lol ... Fun start to the vacation.
  14. A "the points guy" article I was reading just before seeing your post. Has less hateful reddit comments :). https://thepointsguy.com/news/covid-outbreak-hurtigruten-norway/amp/
  15. While the above suggestions are excellent, if I was in your position (assuming no travel agent) next call would be to credit card. You tried to call, you waited patiently, game over.
  16. I freeze it in aluminum foil and reheat in oven on pizza stone, that's my favorite leftover pizza.
  17. It's not a good idea, it's a GREAT idea. LOL
  18. OMG! It's 2AM, you've enjoyed that drink package a little too much, headed back to the room and the light shines from down the promenade ... SORRENTO'S! One entire pie please for me and my friends ... But no one is behind you.
  19. Just saw the post on Instagram ... I'm not surprised and agree with @SteveinSC, RC will follow.
  20. I started looking at the questions from Matt's blog but they were so overwhelming and gave up half way into it. To ask the general public such questions that the executives need to answer (glad Royal & NCL have teamed up with the panel) is crazy. I thought they were just curious what we (the public) thought.
  21. With day 1 indulging, I wasn't in the frame of mind to comprehend 100%. Heck the first time I didn't even have a clear view of the TV. Luckily I've been on enough cruises to know the drill (pun intended) and did watch it again waiting for the wife to get ready the next day. Second time it was the same video and had it memorized at that point. I like the video approach but always felt the direct instructions were better. Direct and to the point. I agree, no matter what people aren't going to pay attention.
  22. That was my thinking, maybe ask a few questions. I think it'll know if you watched the video or not.
  23. Brings up the point ... Will people watch and pay attention? Is it just a CYA for Royal Caribbean at this point? How many will just let the video play in the background so they can mark complete? All they'll know is (if they remember) where their muster station is located. Honestly, the interactive video we watched on last two cruises ... I wasn't even paying attention.
  24. Yep same. Maybe I'll even absorb something since I'll still be sober-ish. LOL
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