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  1. After checking my email I now know two things. Odyssey of the Seas is going to be the star of my next family vacation. I have Amazon packages arriving today.
  2. Even with all the hoops sailing out of Barbados sounds like fun and something only a select few can say they did (one reason I picked Adventure over Labor Day). Although, now that it's been mentioned, it not happening is a strong possibility. I do like the advice of picking something guaranteed. I also like the wait and see advice. Tough spot. Edit: yikes! I didn't read all the quarantine stuff about Barbados. Yeah, if that doesn't change it'll go the way of Bermuda for sure. That wasn't the hoop I was talking about above.
  3. I almost snagged that bottle the other day even though I have plenty, just because! Cheers!
  4. Explorer of the Seas, September 2007, Cape Liberty to Bermuda. It was our second cruise, first being a 3-day themed cruise on Carnival Liberty. I was hooked after that first cruise and randomly picked Explorer because it was close, going to Bermuda for 2 days, and only 5 days (wasn't sure I'd want a 7-day trip - WRONG THERE lol).
  5. Ah, yeah January - March of 2020 they were actively sailing. You did what you felt was best, cannot put a price on it.
  6. Welcome aboard! Welcome to the Forums too! You didn't qualify under CWC for a FCC?
  7. Esp when it's Cape Liberty and I have to drive home in that lovely NJ traffic ?
  8. Add me to the Nassau list! I was looking forward to the flight simulator but believe they are no longer in business. Although, in a weird ironic twist, one reason for a last minute booking on Adventure was because it is sailing out of Nassau.
  9. Our last passport renewal (few years ago now) my wife HATED that I wouldn't let her smile, hey it says "neutral expression" LOL. If I may expand on this one, I used the photo tool available on the travel.state.gov website. That gave me the exact dimensions without having to fiddle with Photoshop (well I use GIMP) and get it wrong. It also gave me lined corners so with my paper cutter I was able to get nice "perfect" cuts. (I think they actually make a 2x2 punch out you can buy, but already had the paper cutter). I just looked now and the tool appears to have undergone a lot of improvements; definitely check it out if you're a DIY photo person. As far as white background, I bought white foam presentation board which worked perfectly to set the white balance on the camera and use as a backdrop. (As an added bonus, whenever I need a white background photo, I pull them out of the closet, so it wasn't a one time purchase and toss away). ... or just go to CVS and pay the few bucks LOL. Great write-up! https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply/photos.html (all details about photo, link to tool there as well).
  10. This is my fear, and unless the itinerary has some interesting ports, not 100% sure my wife will be wanting to go - so I could end up solo to experience it. I suppose as long as there is a pool and drink package she'd be in heaven LOL.
  11. Cape Liberty is our home port as well. We did the 5 day to Bermuda 6 times, so glad they are finally offering a 7-night itinerary. For a while, I felt like my vacation life was on rinse and repeat. We did do the 9-day once, but syncing vacation days each (for a 9 day trip) was tricky a few years ago - easier now I suppose - different work schedules, easier for me to get off "whenever", etc. That said, ironically, because of her work schedule (new job) we cancelled September on Oasis and will fly down to Miami in January to meet her.
  12. While I've only sailed the larger Voyager, Freedom, Quantum, Oasis class of ships, I'd like to experience them all. My preference is the larger ships of course, even though I don't have a comparison never sailing a smaller ship. Reviewing the floor plan and YouTube videos I see enough to deduce while it would be an awesome and intimate experience (with the sea - and those I'm sailing with - friends, family, etc) I'd be in it more for the itinerary than ship. To me, the larger ships are part of the destination.
  13. My ongoing joke that people fall for every time. "I'm wearing my speedo bathing suit for boarding." I get all the DO IT, NO YOU WILL NOT, etc, etc... I have a pair of speedo BRAND bathing suit, but it's of regular size leaving EVERYTHING to the imagination, as it should be :). LOL.
  14. I booked Adventure of the Seas for September 4th on July 3rd. The next day, July 4th I was able to check-in (probably could have checked in day before but didn't look as it was a spontaneous "YOLO book it" move), lots of times available and got 12:30PM - 1:00PM without issues. Checkout is at 11AM and Google Maps is saying 2.4 miles / 3.9km ... so I'll ask the cab driver to go 1.6 MPH / 2.6 KMH ?.
  15. Thanks for sharing, didn't want to steal a screenshot in a private group. What's funny, $850 * 2 = $1700... LOL that's more than I paid for the spacious ocean view balcony; even if I add a second passenger (with gratuities).
  16. I don't know much about it, but people were reporting and showing screenshots of an option to bid on a second room. Example: in an OV Balcony a bid option was to "upgrade" to a second OV Balcony of same category... Might not be on same floor. I'm sure there are strict rules around it. Maybe someone with experience can chime in.
  17. Since I am solo on September 4th the 2-for-1 staterooms do not seem to be available to me. Too bad, I was going to bid as a joke, if I ended up with two staterooms - well, guess a Facebook blast - "who wants to take a cruise for X (insert bid price)." Others on the same cruise report seeing the 2-for-1 deals. I suspect to entice families into two cabins for a low price. Keeps occupancy levels the same and brings in a little more revenue for a cabin that would have sailed empty. I further suspect it's not available to me, a solo traveler, so I don't do what I just said... Snag a room for 5 or 6 hundred bucks and pass it along to a friend. However, I suppose a party of two could do the same thing. I wonder what the rules say for that second cabin. Interestingly, others report $150 for minimum on Jr. Suite while I was able to input $100. REALLY tempting but as a solo I'd rather spend that money at CocoCay. All speculation of course.
  18. I understand you're looking for the best deal, sometimes that might come in some form of "guaranteed" kick back. Honestly, I wouldn't choose an agent for what they may or may not kick back to me. A lot of the time (and correct me if I am wrong travel agents) the thank you gift you may or may not receive comes directly out of their commission. Given no income for the last year+, I don't want ANY of their commission, just their great service. My agent is Kathy from MEI and she's been great. I don't expect or want anything from her. She provided a service and was compensated accordingly by the cruise line. I don't know much (okay anything) about CruCon - a quick Google it appears to be a big - don't know your agent on a personal level - agency (although it does have excellent Google reviews). As stated by @wordell1 in these times personalized service is worth way more than $50-$100 (5%-10%) OBC kick back for every $1000 I spend with them. Again, I (as many here will) suggest any agent from MEI, they all have rave reviews around here.
  19. Let's see. Not on the cruise but I'll never fly in the day of embarkation. As long as I drink alcohol I'll never not get the drink package and never pay onboard price. (Is that a 2 for 1 never?) Otherwise, I hate the word never, life's too short ... look like an arse at karaoke, the flow rider, or anything else. I have no interest in doing the belly flop, but hey, sometimes you just end up in situations ... enjoy that moment. That's how we ended up being team leads in the quest one cruise. While I'd love to say "never do that again" honestly, if it happens it happens LOL.
  20. Same! Works about to get busy so looking forward to this trip. Lots of firsts too, one being solo cruiser.
  21. All of life's questions are answered with one word: Alcohol. LOL My favorite Homer quote:
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