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  1. Our December 6 Allure just dropped to$49.
  2. I have a March 28th cruise on Adventure of the seas and was hoping there would be a Christmas sale on the drink package.As yet nothing.I have seen it at $61 at it's lowest.To me that is totally outrageous.Has anyone seen it lower?
  3. Thank you for the information!
  4. Sorry if there is a post on this already.I couldn't find one.Could you please tell me what the procedure is for a B2B same ship but different cabins.Do you pack everything up and take it to your new cabin?Just confused how it would work.Thanks for any help you might have.
  5. Thank you Matt.First time cruiser here.I love all the information available on this site.It has been very helpful!
  6. What deck do you get on for embarkation on SOS?
  7. Maybe a strange question.Where can you get fresh squeezed OJ on Symphony of the Seas?Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. Thank you Lovetocruise2002.I just couldn't believe it was just that simple of an answer.Thanks again!
  9. Don't want to sound foolish but first time cruiser here.What is a white party?
  10. I have a cruise on Adventure of the seas coming up.(243 days)Is the Key available on this ship and if so when should I start seeing it in cruise planner.Thanks in advance
  11. We are at 83 days on SOS and ours became available yesterday at 84 days.
  12. Has anyone got any reviews of RCL St. Kitts dolphin experience and St.Thomas 5 star island tour?Any reviews would be greatly appreciated.
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