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  1. I think RCL is subbing out their bar business to Park West. <sarcasm intended>
  2. After a week onboard, "Hitting the ground running" on debarkation day is NOT something anyone choses to do. A recent study found 99.9% of all cruisers experience a phenomenon researchers call "Ostrich Dilemma". Upon debarkation, the afflicted head to the nearest sunny beach; often with luggage still in tow. They immediately stick their heads in the sand with their butts high in the air; denying any and all reality surrounding surrounding them. Often to the point of receiving sever sunburn to places that are normally covered by conventional lounge chairs. Researchers have discovered two reasons for this behavior! 1) These cruisers are in severe denial that they--get this: Will actually have to open their wallet and give away money for a plate of food. 2) That future surprise towel animals will really just be a wet blob on the bathroom floor, the same one as the day before. If you find yourself saying on the last day of the cruise "Baah, I can just wear shorts and flip flops to the airport tomorrow." you too are going to become an Ostrich Person. I encourage you to just plain enjoy some remaining time in Florida. What ever way you choose. Life Is Good.
  3. It is ALWAYS to your advantage to book as early as possible on Royal.
  4. I am a proud BALCONY SNOB! Give me balcony or give me death! The only way I would accept a lesser room is when RCL has those inside rooms for $30 or less per night. Only then I might consider another night in "a closet".
  5. Check out YouTube to see if anyone has posted a video of your room. Search by ship name and room number. That way you can get a glimpse of what your room, or one that is close by; looks like. Susie and I always post videos of our room. We go through a lot of trouble to select our rooms and assume there are others that do the same.
  6. I think it would greatly benefit this site and receive a lot of views, if someone were to author an article aimed at those who have cruised RCL in the Caribbean and now might be going across the pond this summer. There is a lot of advice to be heeded.
  7. IMO Cruising the Mediterranean needs it's own thread if not entire blog. There are a lot of genuine GOOD questions. In many ways cruising with RCL in the Mediterranean is the same as a Caribbean (i.e. yes, the food on the ship is the same). On the other hand, there are a couple important/notable differences (i.e. dress codes for many destinations). In short, there is lots to know. Good news is you've got plenty of time for research and to ask questions. It may help to back up one step. Let me say this: There is no more cheaper, comfortable, or efficient way to see Europe than on a cruise ship. Yes, it even beats out Youth Hostels and a EurRail Pass. It might take a day or two but once you get familiar with the boat and feel comfortable where things are at and all the things that are going on; add another day or two and you will LOVE your floating hotel. Guaranteed. Where does your journey start?
  8. Susie and I are from Chicago. We have done long weekend cruises out of Port Canaveral a half dozen times. There is some distance between MCO and the port. Here is what we do: We fly into MCO and rent a car from one of the off site car rental places (either Payless or Six T) because they are far cheaper than those adjoining the airport but still offer 24 hour shuttle service. (Full disclosure: we book these things far in advance, we pay in full in advance, and we are members of one sort or another to each company--anything to receive the lowest rate) These daily rent-a-wreck rentals are cheap; often as low as $25 a day. We drive our beater to the port and park at Park-n-Cruise for the $7 a day pay in advance low rate. Park-n-Cruise offers a free shuttle to/from the ship. So for an amount very close to what we'd pay for transfers we get a car to use. A car to use on our terms. A car that is on our timetable. And regarding timetables; we make the flight home for 6-7pm in the evening. We have a car at our disposal basically for free.
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