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  1. My first cruise was Monarch of the Seas in 1993. I remember thinking she was HUGE!? Some of my fondest memories were in the dining room. Our server was Bulent. During dinner they would dance around the tables with Baked Alaska on their heads on fire! They would also have sparklers. Cherries Jubilee was served table side & they would light it on fire to burn off the alcohol! I can't imagine that much fire on a ship anymore. Looking back I wonder how many close calls they had from it?

  2. 18 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    I am somewhat surprised that you are hearing from your Genie so late.  Maybe they’ve changed their MO for first contact.  I’m certain that Yen contacted us well before Sebastian seems to have contacted you and that was only 7 months ago.  Anyway..glad your are on the glide path now.

    I felt the same way! Te only reason I gave him a little extra time is because of the extended hurricane cruise. But 2 1/2 weeks out is NOT a good way to start with me. I will give him the benefit of the doubt & start fresh with him. If I don't think he's doing a good job I will speak with his boss quickly.?

  3. 1 hour ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    People who have had Sebastian have said great things about him.  The general consensus is that he is not great with pre-cruise communication but once on board, he takes great care of you.  We met him on Harmony back in March, he wasn't our Genie but he is good friends with our Genie.  He's a very funny guy.  @WAAAYTOOO had him before.  I'm sure she can shed some light.

    That is wonderful to hear! I'm so excited! It's been almost 2 years since I've been in SC so, I can't remember much about pre-cruise business.? We have been on smaller ships without SC since. I can't wait to be back on Oasis Class (my favorite)! There's no comparison when it comes to suite perks! 18 days!! HOS here we come!?

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