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  1. I guess I did not make my question clear. The Harmony’s last cruise with the Mexico/Roatan itinerary is March 2021. AFTER that date, there don't appear to be any more Mexico/Roatan itineraries from Port Canaveral, at least through April 2022. Do you know why? And if they will bring that itinerary back to Port Canaveral? Note: It looks like they have the Allure coming in when Harmony leaves, then Harmony returns. I looked all the way out as far as the site would let me, which was April, 2022.
  2. In looking ahead at cruise itineraries from Port Canaveral, I noticed that once the Harmony leaves, there are no more cruises to Mexico from Port Canaveral. Why? Are there more itineraries from Port Canaveral to Mexico/Roatan coming soon? The Cozumel and Roatan ports are two of the best for scuba diving unless you head out on the southern cruise, and the reason we have stayed loyal to Royal for years. (I do not consider Falmouth and Labadee to be “Western Caribbean” itineraries at all)
  3. We had heard this, too. Hoping not true. We are searching for news. I spoke to RC but they did not confirm anything. We are booked on the Freedom departing from San Juan in June, 2020.
  4. We are curious if the rumors of RC pulling out of San Juan are true? We are booked on the Freedom for a southern Caribbean cruise in June of 2020. Have all our other reservations, too. Any news?
  5. Here is link to current perks by suite class... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-rooms/royal-suite-class
  6. Well, did not go well for those NCL cruisers that ended up in NO and needed to get back to Miami. That being said, safety first needs to be a priority, for passengers and employees (especially on the destination islands). My friend was scheduled on Mariner departing 9/2. RC offered several options to them when became obvious that cruise would be impacted by Dorian... As I watched the Mariner depart last Friday from Port Canaveral (which is NOT in Orlando), I hoped those passengers packed extra clothes because I knew they would not be back here on Monday!
  7. Wishing you the best from coastal Central Florida as we dodged a big one here last night. Hope it is not bad for you as it heads your way. Prayers and more to those in the Bahamas.
  8. Depends on the ship. If there is a Coastal Kitchen then you can make reservations once you get onboard for DINNER only. Double C&A points. It is nice to have more square footage and a bigger balcony, bathroom and closet. Upgraded shampoo, conditioner, lotion... maybe more. It will also depend on your C & A status. I don’t necessarily keep track of which perk goes with C & A vs Suites. Check out the RC website.
  9. We received one, as well, that focused on Coco Cay. The part of the survey that bothers me the most has to do with the question about whether we were informed about the survey by any cruise staff and we don't want to get anyone in trouble but our waiter made a point (belabored) that we would receive a survey and he has to have high ratings or could have consequences. Anyone else having this experience?
  10. Yes, waste of space. We only visited the Bionic Bar once for the novelty of the experience. I imagine there are many like us. We prefer to sit with friends and family in a comfortable place and enjoy spending time together, not watch a robot...
  11. Maybe you can get started on the same thing for the Freedom? Also, note to (my)self... check the forum before spending time scanning cruise compass from latest cruise. That way you realize someone else already uploaded the same thing
  12. We were recently on the Harmony and the comedy show did close the club during the performance.
  13. I love these visuals! Will there be a post like this for the Freedom? Thank you.
  14. I, too, prefer a sea day. Yes, I can choose to stay on the ship but it isn't the same. They offer so many activities on sea days. If the ship is docked in Coco Cay, they most likely will not offer these options because they want you on the island spending $. Additionally, docked ships do not have the wonderful sea breezes and views from our balcony! I have been to Coco Cay twice now (June & July), so speak from recent experience. We choose our itineraries to go other places and just happened to end up at CC.
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