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  1. We have seen that some balcony cabins on deck 8 have "in hull" balconies. I may be using the wrong terminology here. What does this mean and does anyone have photos? Thank you!
  2. Here are a few pics from our snorkel adventures off Chill Island. Visibility was not the best the day we were there but neither was the weather. We had a great time anyway. Loved the lobster & saw more colorful fish than pictured here. I included the cheerful yellow tang. (There is one to the left in the lobster photo, too.) There were a lot of snorkelers by the shallow shipwreck when we were over there, so the sand was really disturbed, impacting visibility.
  3. I did give you snorkel info above but here is more: We had originally booked the snorkel excursion with our friends but are very happy that we cancelled that trip. We enjoyed our snorkel experience right from Chill Island and did not have to be on a schedule. The required vests were free. We did have our own equipment because we go scuba diving in the other ports and bring our own, but they have equipment available. (Not sure of price to rent.) There are lockers available (free during our visit) to store your belongings while you snorkel. Enjoy!
  4. Recently visited the Perfect Day @ Coco Cay on Harmony cruise. We, too, preferred the island as it was. (And so did our teenage kids. We can go to water parks at home.) Chill Island still retains some of the old feel. Note that the swim/snorkel area is smaller and no longer includes the small plane wreck that we loved to visit. We consulted the lifeguard manning the perimeter rope out in the water who indicated the wreck was now beyond their boundary. We did see a lot of great fish and multiple lobster.
  5. Love the comments, but especially the reminder about the protocol allowing people to get OFF the elevator before others try to get on! This became an issue on our recent cruise...
  6. Just a little piece of geographical info. There is no cruise port in either Orlando or Cocoa. Both of those cities are inland. Port Canaveral is by Kennedy Space Center and the cities of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa BEACH.
  7. We LOVED our southbound cruise on the Radance from Seward to Vancouver AFTER Fairbanks, Denali, and Anchorage. Land portion before cruise is the way to go. Not wild about our international flight from Vancouver at all. Next time we will drive across the border into the US and fly a domestic flight from Seattle. We booked our flights through Royal Caribbean (can't remember what that part of company is called right now.) i also did an inside passage cruise round trip from Seattle. Remember that this is the part of Alaska that runs along the western border with Canada, not the large land mass that is Alaska. It was beautiful, but as Denali was on my bucket list, I made sure to do that itinerary the 2nd time around.
  8. I did bring my own cup. Loved that it keeps drink very cold. Yes, had to transfer my beverage, including using their cup for water & ice to pour into mine for sanitary reasons. No big deal. Definitely bring own reusable straws no matter what if you like to have straws with your drink.
  9. I have sailed on multiple ships of different sizes and I think all have positives and negatives. Several random pieces of info/ideas: Oasis is getting amplified (upgraded) soon so will have slides & etc. One of our favorite ships is the Freedom. She is scheduled to be amplified in early 2020. Do you like to have a variety of eating venue options? The Oasis class has many. We are not fond of the Windjammer buffet, and find many other non-upcharge venue alternatives for breakfast and lunch. We can also recommend the Solarium Bistro as a non-upcharge dinner option, reservations required, though. We love the Coastal Kitchen for suite guests on the larger ships. We love Central Park on Oasis class ships. Places to eat, shop, relax, & traverse ship w/o crowds. We also prefer the Royal Promenade, available on some ships- I know the Mariner, Freedom class, and Oasis class ships have the Royal Promenade, while Enchantment & Radiance do not. Great place for shops, bars, music, snacks, and people watching 😉 Are you someone who wants to spend multiple days at sea? Or are the ports-of-call more important? Will you be getting in the water for snorkeling or scuba diving when visiting ports? Give this some serious thought before you decide. Are you someone who likes Broadway musical shows on board? Check out the shows on the ships if this would be a consideration. There are many ways to avoid the other 6000 people on board, so please do not let the size deter you. If you can sail when school is in session, it should be less crowded. Please know that September-November 30 are in hurricane season in the Caribbean. September & October can be active. (Although things can change with all other climate changes.) Whatever you decide, I hope you have a wonderful time! We are taking family members on their first cruise soon, and shared much of the same info with them as we did with you before we made a decision.
  10. Wear something!!! Deck is unbelievably HOT!!!
  11. We are headed out on Mariner at end of July, 2019, and the Escape room has not shown up in our cruise planner, either.
  12. We recently had a JS on the hump on Harmony (8244) and our balcony was roomier. Would recommend.
  13. Stowaway Piano Man was on our recent Harmony cruise and we loved him! Ran into him on the elevator more than once, and he really heated up the Royal Promenade one afternoon with his upbeat and crowd pleasing Elton John & Billy Joel tunes. So much fun and added to our cruise experience! 😁
  14. We got off the Harmony on 6/23/19 & can confirm that the waivers were done on tv in cabin. No longer available online prior to cruise.
  15. Do not miss The Fine Line! We had a comedian as our headliner on HOS 6/16-23. Personally, did not think worth it. Also, skip to Columbus musical. There is so much to do on the ship besides going to the show.
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