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  1. Winters in Vancouver are wet and cool, usually around 50-60 which painful because it's so, so wet. We're not used to the deep freeze of the Atlantic north! I'm sure it will be fine, though. I am really excited about 270! If you haven't done an Alaska cruise, I HIGHLY recommend doing it from Vancouver. More days farther north than when you leave from Seattle. Thank you for the info!
  2. Thanks. This really helps! I suspect they must slow down the ship once it gets to the warmer areas.
  3. Hi everyone, I have searched high and low and can't seem to get an answer. Has anyone taken the Anthem or similar from Cape Liberty to Orlando? Based on the distance, I am guessing it's travelling about 12 knots which is half what it's capable of. I just want to know how to pack. Where abouts is the ship on the second day midday and when does it start to get warmer? Also, are the outdoor pools and water slides open when in cold weather? I live in Canada (Vancouver) and in October, the Norwegian Bliss water slides were open in port even though it was cold (around 60-65ish)). I've been on many s
  4. Hi everyone, tagging on late, but if I buy the DBP will it still show the sales prices on cruise planner? I am fairly certain the package will go down, but want to buy it now being almost $8 CAD/day cheaper than it was last week...$84 then, $75.80 now. still crazy, but I know we will regret not splurging once on board!
  5. Thanks! Your Jalepeno Pineapple Margarita is calling my name! I will be having many of those! Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Amazing! I am really look forward to it! No cell phone service, no internet. I am going to unwind and forget about the world with new hubby. CANNOT WAIT!
  7. Thanks! I believe you guys. First time cruisers and I like to have things in order before the trip so I don't need to worry about anything while on it. Vacation is so so important to my mental health !! I appreciate all the comments. Seriously. thank you!
  8. Oh I get that for sure. Is that the case for Twitter as well? Even they say it's $12. I don't know why they can't just be transparent about it. It doesn't seem like it should be this difficult to explain to guests, but I supposed when you're a company as large as them, they don't need to worry about it. People will pay always...Did they tell you this in writing when you were on the ships? Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Was that written anywhere when you were on the ship or did they just tell you it's $13?
  10. Thank you! all the menu pictures I've seen show cocktails at $13, so I'd be pretty upset if I had to drink highballs the whole time when the package advert says all cocktails. Did they tell you $13 when you were on the ship? I just called RC and the guy said it's $12, but he didn't seem very sure and said to check the blogs... Why can't they just give us a straight answer?
  11. Thanks everyone for trying to answer as best you can. But has anyone actually been on an oasis class ship such as Symphony? It's just odd that the reservations agent told me something different! Either way, I will certainly be posting about this after I come back.
  12. Thanks! It's so frustrating to not get a straight answer. I asked the RC agent several times, so are you sure that ALL drinks are included, and it's only SHOTS that are up to $12? He answered yes, but I'm just not comfortable with that answer because everyone says it's $13. The $13 limit certainly opens up the options. I am still hopeful that someone sees this post that has been on the ship and not been charged for cocktails that were $14...
  13. Hi everyone, my husband and I will be honeymooning on the Symphony of the Seas in a few days (This is our first ever cruise!), and I know this has been posted before, however I just spoke to an RC rep who said that Drinks packages include ALL cocktails regardless of price. The $12 limit is only for shots of alcohol, like Tequila, Vodka, etc. Is there any validity to this? I looked at the menus and most cocktails are $13, with many $12 and under, but there are some good cocktails that are all at $14. Has anyone been on this cruise and paid for the drinks package? What is your experience with pr
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