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  1. Done this twice in the past with my elderly parents and once with my brother and his family. All three times my quest where allowed to board with me. Probably helped that my parents are elderly and my nephew has special needs.
  2. On HOS you can order room service on your TV. This includes breakfast. I ordered every night via interactive TV except the first night. Every morning breakfast arrived on time, except the first morning. The first day I used the hanging door menu. Breakfast was an hour or more late.
  3. Last two JS we stayed in had walk in closets with more than enough space for all our luggage and our DD's in the adjoining room with space to spare.
  4. Less than 48 hours and already lawyer-ed up. Not feeling as much pity as yesterday for the family's loss.
  5. Viking Crown Lounge if you do not like crowds, heat, or noise. Deck 14.
  6. DD's in ocean view. DW and I in JS. No problem with them eating with us in CK. Ate there two dinners.
  7. Arrived about 0945, dropped luggage, parked car, went through security check pointed, greeted on other side by rep with tablet. She checked our sea passes, took photos and we went to Suite/Diamond waiting area. Did not get a chance to sit down. Started boarding at approx 1015.
  8. Cabin 6648, JS, HOTS, starboard side, rear hump, 2nd to last cabin on the hump (aft). Advantages: Large balcony. Had room steward place a lounger on balcony. It adjoins with cabin 6650. DD's stayed in adjoining cabin. Able to open balcony partition. HOTS always docked on starboard side. Hump blocked wind when underway. Disadvantages: It adjoins to room 6650. Hump blocked cooling breeze when underway. Aft cabins can see a little onto your balcony. Pier could be noisy when docked in the early a.m.
  9. If it is your first trip to Alaska, I recommend doing the RCCL pre-cruise. It was a good value and well executed. Unpack and rest on the ship. The land tour is busy with early mornings and late nights. When we go back we will cruise again, but we will plan our own land tour. I will use the train as much as possible to travel and avoid the bus. We want to go above the arctic circle and spend more time in Denali. We also want a better hotel than the one RCCL put us up in in Denali.
  10. Was on HOTS two weeks ago. Not impressed with organization and execution of the muster drill. Lot of waiting. I've been on ships that did it better and quicker. In defense of the ship, there was a storm and the outside stations had to move to alternative interior locations. May have added some confusion for crew and passengers.
  11. Decorated DD door for her Graduation Cruise two weeks ago. Ordered Bon Voyage kit from RC and a door magnet form online. Sorry no pictures.
  12. Had a cabana two weeks ago. We had #1. Was informed that RC assigns numbers based on order of reservation. The attendant told us we must have been the first to reserve. There is power and a ceiling fan, a cooler with water, towels, mats. The attendant did bring drinks and lunch from the Snack Shack. You can request snorkel gear and they give you two vouchers for the snorkel shack. No speaker, no lock box. There is a storage box to put your stuff in. Later in the day the attendant brought us fresh fruit. All and all a good experience, but not as good as our last in the old cabana location. Also not sure price point is as good. I miss the close bath rooms, the close bar and special lunch cook out.
  13. How do they Know! Leave for 30 minutes, come back and the room is made up. Magic!!!
  14. My DD's refused to go to the teen club on our last cruise. Last day of the cruise my oldest went and loved it. She was sorry she did not take advantage of the Teen Club. She plans to do more next week on HOS. She is about to age out at the end of the summer.
  15. Are there any limits on types/ingredients of sunscreens on the island?
  16. 1. My wife and oldest have always been able to find a dance party they both enjoyed. DD has been cruising with us since age 7 now 17. 4. Adventure Ocean on the O class is separated by age groups. My DD's always enjoyed including on the Allure. 5. RCI now has swim vests at the pools on all of their ships free of charge. They also have life guards on duty.
  17. We always stay here the night before a cruise. Nice breakfast and they do offer shuttle service to the terminal. As mentioned, Hertz is located out front of the hotel.
  18. On HOS next week it is the 2nd formal night, night 6 according to the App.
  19. MarvinS, Any problems getting drinks with the WOW bands? Did you have to remove your band to purchase a drink at bars, pool side, etc?
  20. You may not want to go barefoot around the pools. The decking can get very hot. I'd hate to see anyone get a burn on the soles of their feet.
  21. I was able to get the discount after final payment. JS were not selling well at the time. It only lasted 2-3 days then it was gone. I had to call RC to get the discount. They applied the savings as OBC because I had already paid the room in full. I have seen the discount offered over the years several times, but usually for interior or ocean view cabins and for only about $50-$100. Got lucky with this. It pays to book early and check often for price changes.
  22. Are you doing this before , during or after a cruise? If before or after, I do myself. If during a cruise, I'd book through the cruise company just for the insurance and ease. Although it is very easy to do without using the cruise company.
  23. DW forgot to pack youngest DD shirts on a 4 night cruise many moons ago. DD came home with several RCCL logo t-shirts. Got home and there was a pile of neatly folded shirts on DD bed.
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