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  1. Any of the RC ships still have movie theaters? Never saw a movie on a ship. Too busy doing other things. Thanks.
  2. Is Royal IQ better or worse than the new Royal App? Our last cruise was not on a ship that supported Royal IQ.
  3. Is Harmony to be first Oasis class to visit next week?
  4. We have made that trip twice in 20 years. We love it. I think there is a box lunch/snack on the bus. I do not recall the beverage choices There is a restroom stop at a large roadside souvenir shop going to Tulum. There you can buy drinks and snacks. We made that stop in 1999 and again in 2012. I do not think we stopped on the trip back to the ferry. I'm not sure if we got the snack in the morning or afternoon. You can swim at the beach if you would like.
  5. I've always booked direct through RCI. After reading all the good things a TA can do for you, I may have to book through a TA for my next cruise.
  6. Have done this over the years many times. It is a bit of a PIA. Call RCI, have your reservation # handy, and explain that the price on your cruise/cabin has dropped. They will recalculate your fare at the current rate. WARNING you may loss any other promotions, On Board Credits, free gratuities, etc that you had at the time of your original booking. Also if you booked your original rate with the Non-Refundable Deposit, you may be out $100. Plan that in your calculations of how much you may save. On the other hand you may get any new promotions. You may get a new reservation number as well. For my up coming cruise a military discount was added to the promotions and it saved me $700 off the total room fare. This was after final payment was made. RCI deducted the military savings and applied it as an OBC. Now I've got to keep my wife from finding out and spending the OBC all at the Kate Spade shop.
  7. Yolo, Thanks for the heads up. As a family we like MDR, but I'm looking forward to trying CK at least once.
  8. If I recall correctly Dazzles has two levels. In 2012 on Allure smoking was allowed on the upper level, but it was unbearable throughout.
  9. Cruised Allure in Oct 2012. We loved the Dazzles club, but they allowed smoking in the club at the time. Would/could not do trivia or the Michael Jackson tribute party because of the smoke. Is smoking still allowed in Dazzles on Harmony?
  10. Taking Harmony in June. We have a JS. How and when can I make reservations at CK? The dinning space looks amazing on line and everyone's commits have got me itching to give it a go. My DD's, ages 17 and 15 are in an adjoining ocean view balcony cabin. Will they be allowed to join us at dinner?
  11. Do NASA! I don't know why I waited to my late 40's to do NASA. I grew up watching the end of the Apollo program. Lived through the Shuttle program. Drove by the Cape to and from collage several times a year in the late '80. Still I never took the time. I was blown away my first visit 4 years ago. My girls love it too and are begging to go again before our next cruise in June. BTW they are 17 and 15.
  12. I agree with this. The Sea Pass system can get you into deep pockets territory quick. After our first cruise in 1999 I thought we would have to join the crew to work off our bill. We have done better every trip since sticking to a budget. Also you can now see you charges on your in cabin T.V. on most if not all ships. This is very helpful. In 1999 they just put the bill in your room the last day to further your leaving the ship depression.
  13. I feel your pain. My oldest is graduating high school in a few weeks. She is going to collage in the fall as well. We are going on Harmony for a week after graduation to celebrate. We are a big Disney World and Cruising family. We have been going on cruises and Disney vacations since she was 3. I will miss our vacations together.
  14. I take my breakfast every morning on the balcony when we cruise. Before anyone else in the cabin is awake. I find the time peaceful and relaxing. I've watched the sun rise and the ship come into exotic ports of call. I reflect on the day that was and the day to come. Then I shatter the calm by waking everyone up to start the day.
  15. I always bring $100 for extra gratuities. I do prepaid/sea pass gratuities, but like to reward great service with a little something extra. I also like to tip the concierge if I use those services. Plus about $100 per ports of call. We do not do much local shopping or dining off the ship. On average between $300-$500 cash. There is an ATM on most ships.
  16. Take the deal. You'll like the extra space and perks and get double cruise points. Best deal we ever got was on Mariner in Oct 2007. In August of that year the GS price dropped to just $50 per person of what the JS cost was. I paid $100 for the two of us and moved up to the GS. Deal lasted about a week if I remember correctly. People were talking about it in the suite lounge on the cruise.
  17. Thanks. Happy that the snorkel gear is included. ?
  18. Now yo can buy your friends or family a drink. I think that is what I'm going to do.
  19. In years past the cabanas included two sets of snorkel gear. Is that still included? How do you get to choose a cabana? In the past we always got #1 and #2 (closest to the water at the old cabana location). Got a cabana on Chill Island in June.
  20. Been booking adjoining rooms for years. DD's get their space and bath and Mom and Dad get their's. Most of the times with 4 it is way cheaper to get two rooms than one of the larger suites or family 2 room suites. Now that the girls are older, our up coming cruise with adjoining rooms and balcony maybe our last. Girls may find themselves in an interior across the hall to save money so Mom and Dad can upgrade. Bring on the Grand Suite! We will have an adjoining JS and Ocean view cabin on Harmony in June.
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