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  1. Yes, we will both have it! Forgot that of course I would need to present his seapass card to receive 2 drinks. Thanks so much.
  2. Where do you access this location screen? On the cabin tv or located around the ship? I love this feature on planes so much that I keep it up constantly during the flight.
  3. Aw, rats. Do you think I could get a cocktail and 2 bottles of water on one drink package transaction? My cruising companion drinks just as much water as I do.
  4. Hooray, this is such good news! I was hoping this would be the case.
  5. I am sailing Freedom in August and purchased the DBP for my boyfriend and I for $44pp/pd. I am a HEAVY water drinker as well as a fairly heavy drinker when it comes to vacation. On a regular day I drink around 96 ounces of water which only goes up when in the sun and drinking cocktails all day! I can easily drink 5-6 cocktails a day to make my break-even price but will be needing upwards of 120 ounces of water a day to try and battle my dehydration. How does getting water work while on board? I have heard to ask the bartender for a bottle with each cocktail but how many will they conceiv
  6. Love this one! I already had them on my extensive packing list for my sailing in August. I also love to travel to beaches with beach gear so you're set even without a cabana, chair or towel. I bring an old sheet for sitting on, pop-up beach tent for shade, my own quick-dry towel, oversize mesh bag and lots of supplies for beach cocktails - cooler bag, 2 reusable plastic bottles, insulated camelpak for water. I get thirsty on vacation!!
  7. I usually stay at the Hilton Caribe when in San Juan! We are staying there again this August on disembarkation day and I can't wait to see how it's all been renovated since I was last there, they JUST overhauled all the rooms and public spaces (opens May 17th). Gotta go for the oceanfront!
  8. Ohh, awesome! I booked directly but need to call to cancel and rebuy our DBP so I will let them know then, too. Thanks so much!!
  9. This is my first post and my first cruise as the person in charge! My boyfriend and I are on Freedom in late August and both of our birthdays will fall on nights while on board (5th and 7th). What does the MDR do for birthdays and how do I go about alerting them to our double celebration? Once on board? Or can I let dining know when I email RCCL for our MTD table reservation 20-ish days out? I haven't been on a cruise since HAL Oosterdam with my parents in college, and Sovereign waaayyy back in '98 as a 5th grader, so this time I am in charge of booking and scheduling! So excited to be o
  10. Hand sanitizer is available in dispensers on the ship? I was planning on bringing a few but may not have to bring more than one if this is the case.
  11. Hooray, I'm so glad to hear this! Thanks!
  12. Thanks John! I am just realizing I used my $150 OBC to purchase the original package when the price was higher. I am guessing if I cancel I won't be getting that back? I have learned a valuable lesson Drink Package scouting lesson for my next cruise, if so!
  13. OH! I was going to ask a question about this - I bought 2 deluxe packages at $47 per day but see now that it's gone down to $44 per day... So instead of calling and asking if I can be refunded any of that you think I should just cancel it and rebuy?
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