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  1. I am back from my pre-cruise summer vacation to the Grand Canyon and got to use my new cruisin' cubes in a trial run! I recommend them, pretty cheap ($36 for this set that also included a laundry bag I used for shoes) and seem well made. Gonex Compression Packing Cubes - Amazon They worked better than anticipated and once all my clothing was packed, left quite a bit of room in the suitcase for other things (on the cruise it's for floats, towels, plastic bottles, beach sheet and tent!) including my big a** hiking boots! I found them somewhat tricky to compress at first but once
  2. Yes! Planning on bringing my black Rothy's and a pair of sandals and that's it for footwear! Thanks for this insight. I gotta have the flips for beach days but if my Rothy's can get me by on formal night I am all for it.
  3. This has happened to me before! I just switched browsers and it worked fine and the deck plan screen came up. Probably using Internet Explorer!
  4. It's here in San Diego! My favorite course to watch competitive golf on because the ocean backgrounds are so beautiful. I am also hoping mini-golf isn't too packed as I love it as well, but since I'm on Freedom, I doubt it. Will just plan to squeeze it in on a non-sea day!
  5. Can you re-price without using a TA? I am assuming no. I have only ever paid in full, is that not an option if you're hoping to re-price later? It's an August Explorer sailing in 2020 to Greece so I've got some time!
  6. This is exactly my hope! Just gimme one season to take a bunch of 3 or 4 night weekend trips out of SD or LA so I can drive! The "new" ship would get my money time and time again without having to factor in flight pricing. I go to Puerto Vallarta yearly as it is so the repetition of that + Cabo wouldn't bother me. I am dying to go on a ship with The Perfect Storm and HAL is never gonna satisfy my deep love of watersliding. I don't think I can stoop to Carnival after things I've heard here! haha
  7. Thanks so much! This was my main concern, looks like I'm booking asap!
  8. So I've heard on these forums a bunch of times about the cruise planner sale on Black Friday but I am wondering if it's ever extended to actual cruise rates? Should I wait to book a spring and summer 2020 cruise until Black Friday? Or book now and re-book only if there is a sale? And I assume with re-booking I'd forfeit my chosen cabin to opt for whatever would be left at that time?
  9. My plan is buying smaller bottles in port and bringing my own mixer/plastic resuable bottle with ice off with me.. However, I have the DBX so as soon as I get back on board the drinks are “free” again so my plan is only good for port cocktails, unfortunately. I haven’t yet figured out the in-cabin supply and am giving up hope!
  10. That sounds amazing! I just put ordering it on my To Do Once Onboard list.
  11. Not sure these prices apply to cruises from the Netherlands but here is a 2019 drink menu for beer pricing.
  12. Always forget my binoculars on land vacations! I always want them in new cities and seeing new ports shouldn't be any different. They're on my packing lists (I use the checklist feature in the iOS notes app) for my Grand Canyon trip this month and the August cruise, we'll see if they make the packing cut!
  13. Is there a la carte digital downloading the same as if I bought a one-off print at $19.99? Surely they won't take enough pics of me to warrant an entire package! But if I just wanted 1-2 images would I have to find my old scanner to make them digital myself?
  14. Yes! I love how it slides over the handle and has the bottom section for my biggest shoes... AND fits under the plane seat. I haven't traveled with a checked bag since I was a teenager. I just buy a fresh 2 pack - 3oz 45SPF Neutrogena's and put my shampoo and conditioner into 2-4 emptied hotel size bottles!
  15. I just bought a set of Gonex off-brand compression packing cubes on Amazon and they come tomorrow so I will report back on quality.. 5 sizes + a laundry bag for $36. Couldn't be as good as the Eagle Creek brand but we'll see! I am trying to go to San Juan this summer for Freedom with only a 22" carry-on and a travel tote from Lo & Sons and am planning on packing (aside from clothing) a quick-dry beach towel, float, beach sheet, popup beach tent, cooler bag, reusable plastic bottles and beach bags and really think I can get it all to fit with my new cubes in action. Maybe a trial pack job i
  16. As an experienced Disney goer here in California, there is no way in the world the price would be worth it even if you got 9 rides in with this excellent organization and time management! On a good day in CA, I have hit a max of 29 rides in one day, not counting 2nd and 3rds on Radiator Springs or 5th and 6th rides on Space Mountain. Only riding 9 things would be the saddest trip to the Magic Kingdom!
  17. Is there any value to downloading the Royal app if your ship is not yet supported? Maybe for fleet wide menus?
  18. hahaha, what fun a hangover must be on debarkation day! Thanks so much, looks like I'll be hauling myself up a few floors to find a bartender more often.
  19. So for in-room mid-cruise cocktails, can I buy a bottle in the ship liquor store and consume on board? And if I can buy it in port, they won't let me consume until disembarking, is that right? I don't want to bring any booze on the plane home with me, just looking for a way to make cocktails in the cabin. I have the DBP but won't want to find a bar every time I finish off a cocktail. Sorry this is on a super old post, but hopefully someone has the answer!
  20. I bring everything (iPhone, cards, passport) into the ocean with me. I use "aLoksak" Navy-rated underwater bags and put them in the "splashsak" and wear it around my waist or, more often, attach it to whatever lounging float I have brought with me! Then I don't have to keep my eyes on the coastline. aLoksak Bags Splashsak Waterproof Waist Strap
  21. This is my exact plan for St. Thomas and your description of the taxi ride has me so excited now! I have been to Magen's before but I was around 7 so am pleased to get to see it again.
  22. Thanks so much! I may have to pack an extra-tropical dress just in case!
  23. How did you know to pack 20's themed attire pre-cruise? I have this same question for other themed nights in the MDR - I have seen a tropical shirt night and an all white clothing night, do they let you know ahead of time?
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