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  1. It's all personal preference. Judging by your comment you seem to like knowing your cabin #. Some people are fine with GTY cabins, some are not. I don't typically care because I just sleep and shower there!
  2. Probably will not see a significant rise until the ships start sailing with passengers again and strong quarterly profits are realized.
  3. While the passport is not needed for cruising (use Birth Certificate), I think you would need to renew the passport if you wish to use it if it expires within 6 months of your cruise.
  4. I would rather have my dividends cut than to see the company fail.
  5. You should probably contact Royal Caribbean directly. They may not give out that info though.
  6. Possibly this https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/category/category/video
  7. This is the best I have found!! https://www.youtube.com/user/RoyalCaribbeanBlog
  8. Haven't seen mine either, they are probably severely backlogged. I did get an email about my onboard purchases being refunded but not my FCC.
  9. Guarantee stateroom. You are guaranteed a stateroom at the level you chose, but you won't know the actual cabin till closer to sailing.
  10. The safer bet is to wait until the ships start sailing again. But there is definitely deals to be had right now.
  11. JLMoran has a lot of great info here! I think we will know more when the boats start sailing again and the planes are packed! You might not buy at the bottom but you should be looking good 5 years later. Like it was mentioned steadily investing in Growth Stock Mutual funds is a safer investment over the long term. I only bought stock in RCL because I believe in the company, and its future outlook. I believe it will see more of it's profit from onboard sales and all the upcharges at CoCo Cay with the new areas they just opened up.
  12. If you have to fly I would get travel insurance. Otherwise I always love cruising during Hurricane Season
  13. I am thinking if they get back to cruising by April 15th then the stock will rebound, but I am no expert if you read some of my other posts!! LOL
  14. FWIW my June cruise for 3 days and Sept cruise for 4 days on the Mariner have been showing 65-69$ PPPD for the Deluxe Drink Package.
  15. I have 101 shares as of March 6th LOL. I believe RCL can weather this storm and come out on top. It may take years to get back to the price I paid for the stock, but I am in it for the long haul. I think the OBC is a nice benefit as well as this stock historically paying you Dividends. I have read about some people not getting the OBC because their cruise was already deeply discounted. I am sure some of the Senior members of this board can enlighten us further.
  16. I sure hope they get back cruising soon for the Economy's sake. I had to rebook my April cruise to June and already have a September cruise almost paid for. If the economy doesn't respond well then those will be the only 2 vacations I get to take for awhile. I am a commission based worker, at work now with nothing to do!
  17. lol. Personally I found Vanguards website to be the easiest to navigate to open the Brokerage account. I already had an account there for my Roth IRA.
  18. Just a few steps to get started. Open an account with TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Vanguard etc. Fund the account with an electronic transfer from your bank. Once all is confirmed buy the stock. I wish I would have waited to buy. I bought at the beginning of the month at $82, and $63. OUCH!!
  19. Just sent out a text if any student or faculty goes on a cruise they must self isolate for 14 days upon return. Looks like I am canceling my April 24th.
  20. Yeah it looks like I jumped in too soon on March 6th and 9th. First bought 62 shares at $81.74, then bought 39 shares at $63.
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