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  1. Thank you for the kind thoughts! Almost here-so excited!!!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/582558342078755/?ref=share I’m sorry I would’ve done it earlier but it took me this long to figure out how to copy the link! 😂🤪
  3. Just found a FB group for the 5/4 Radiance sailing and requested to join. Thanks for that tip!
  4. Well my mind is definitely blown away by this tip! 🤯 I don’t own a flat iron but may be in the market for one before next weekend!
  5. My husband and I are going on this same cruise May 5-17!! We are so excited! I had already read several of these tips but am seeing some new ones to make note of. We are flying in to Honolulu 5/4 and spending the night in a hotel so we can have an extra day on Oahu. It is literally like next week!
  6. Thank you! We are really looking forward to it!
  7. My name is Mary and my husband Ben and I will be sailing on our first Royal Caribbean cruise 5/4-5/17! We are celebrating our 41st anniversary with this cruise on Radiance of the Seas around the Hawaiian Islands. We have been on 3 other cruises in the Caribbean on other cruise lines. We love to travel-and this trip is one of bucket list vacations. Pulling out all the stops on this one!
  8. Our first Royal Caribbean Cruise! Sailing around Hawaii on Radiance of the Seas 5/4-5/17! So excited!!
  9. We will be staying overnight in Lahaina, Maui on our cruise. It has tender boat access instead of being docked. My question is are we able to leave the ship via tender boat at any time day to go ashore for dinner or is there a schedule of tender boat times? We would like to know so we can make dinner reservations. Thanks!
  10. Sailing on Radiance of the Seas in Hawaii May 5-17. Does anyone know if soap and/or shampoo is provided in the bathroom-we are booked in a “spacious balcony ocean view room.”
  11. First time with Royal Caribbean coming up in May and I am confused about the dining choices. When we booked we chose My Time which I understand is where you can just show up or reserve a My Dining Time ahead of time. Traditional is the same time early or late seating every night. If I keep My Time and make soecific time reservations each night, are we able to have the same table and wait staff? We really enjoy that aspect of the dining experience. And I really don’t see if I’m going to reserve a time I just don’t go with traditional? With Traditional you either have all nights early or all nights late? I guess My Time with reservations would let you do some early and some late maybe? 🤔🤔🤔
  12. What is usually the earliest time you can check in on the ship with the Key membership?
  13. This is our first Royal Caribbean cruise-we are sailing on Radiance of the Seas May 4-17 in Hawaii. I found this blog and discussion yesterday and have learned so much from everyone! We purchased The Key as we think it is a really great deal. As I understand it, with this membership we have lunch at Chops Grille upon embarkation. However, we have a Pearl Harbor tour scheduled for the morning of embarkation and may not be able to check in until after 2:00. Am I correct that the lunch is only available until 1:30?
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