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  1. #stillgoing 11 days (3/22/2020) Freedom out of San Juan
  2. Thanks for the photos. We're on the March 22 freedom cruise. Following as well. Really wondering about number of people on the ship and how many cancelled
  3. Same here. I went to the photos before reading what the photos were. Very interesting and its a pretty tight fit for anyone in one of those things
  4. We're going on Freedom on Mar 22 out of San Juan and we always kennel our dogs. Since its Spring Break, the kennels are usually completely full with a waiting list in Mar / April and they probably don't want to hold our dogs for 2 more weeks. The cost would be pretty ugly. If your a normal healthy adult you should be good to go. That's our plan at least.
  5. No reservations necessary in the main dining room for breakfast and lunch you just show up and they will seat you
  6. The punch card is usually only offered in the middle / end of the cruise and some sailings its not offered at all. It depends on the sailing
  7. You can sign the waiver for each individual either at the activity check in desk or on your tv. for each individual We did the tv waiver last year on Oasis, not sure it its fleet wide
  8. Top deck sitting in a chair close to the band and decompressing. Just enjoying the sun and the people watching
  9. Agree, they are also on opposite ends of the island
  10. Did you talk to the manger in the Windjammer. My experience is they are pretty helpful, if one asks
  11. Yep, my is March 22nd and is now available on the app
  12. This is the way to go Clorox wipes
  13. Or you may share the liquor with others , and they give free liquor to others
  14. Chilly temperatures, must be a cold front going through Florida. Hope it doesn't last
  15. Thanks for sharing your pre-cruise trip of Miami. Looks like a great time and the food, YUM
  16. Yes, you pay similar to a restaurant
  17. Do you need reservations for CK for lunch?
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