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  1. The kids registration email arrived 1-2 weeks prior to sailing. It comes from Royal Caribbean. The subject says, "Unvaccinated Guests, register your boarding day PCR" The test doesn't affect your boarding time. Arrive as scheduled and and as long as you register the kids beforehand it won't take too long until you're on the ship. Our test took about 45 mins for results. We had a 12pm check in time and we were on board at 12:50pm.
  2. I'm not sure when your sailing is so protocols might change by then. Here is my experience with AO from my cruise this week 10/31-11/5. Each child is allowed 3 sessions for the entire cruise on a reservation system. This particular cruise, there were alot of kids so its best you register and pick your time slots on the first day. Only one day this week they offered a lunch session. The kids would order from a menu at AO. The food was brought to The Workshop and they would eat at The Workshop and watch a movie. They did not offer the kids going to WJ on this sailing. They also did not offer a dinner session. Unless I overlooked it, they did not have AO cruise compasses either where they had scheduled different activities each day. I agree with the others, it is very limited. Including my kids, there were less than 7 kids in the room and socially distanced. Here's the schedule from this week on Freedom 5 night; Morning 9am-12pm (Day 2-4) Afternoon 2p-5p (Day 2-5) Evening 7p-10p (Day 2-5) Late night 10p-1am (Day 2-5) Lunch session 12-2pm (Day 2 only)
  3. I'm on Freedom right now. I checked in at my scheduled time at 12pm at Miamj. There were already a long line of people that arrived early and had to wait outside. They did not allow them to go in early.
  4. Freedom 10/31-11/6 guest count according to Guest Services: 1,160 Windjammer is open for dinner!
  5. My online check opened exactly 90 days. I'm on the West Coast so at 9pm my check in time opened up, which would be 12am East coast.
  6. @AshleyDillo Thank you so much! I appreciate the picture!
  7. @AshleyDillo do you know if the land cabana includes its own hammock? Recently saw a video of one with a hammock. Also are there restrooms inside the beach club or do we need to venture out? Thanks in advance!
  8. Orlando Transfer LLC My family had great experiences using them for our cruise pre-pandemic and they have great reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. Check them out!
  9. Currently, are there any areas in Cococay that are closed due to the limited capacity? I heard South Beach was closed but cannot confirm or deny. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. @roiemike Thank you so much!! We cant wait to sail her. Counting down!!
  11. We're booked in a land cabana at Coco Beach Club. First time at Coco Beach Club!! We're also traveling with our children ages 1 yr--6 and plan on dining most of the time at our cabana. Can I request from our steward a high chair? What non-alcoholic complimentary drinks do they offer? Can I make special requests like the funnel cake or the famous chicken sandwich from the Snack Shacks? Can we order multiple times from the restaurant menu or is it only once? Also any other advice for the best experience is very much welcome!! This is our first vacation post-pandemic and I'm in serious revenge travel cruising mode!!
  12. Hello, I'm sailing on Freedom on Oct 31 and my stateroom is on deck 10 right below Splashaway Bay on deck 11. If you have stayed in rooms on deck 10 or similar ship that's below the pool deck, how bad is the noise? I'm debating on calling my TA to see if I can switch rooms. Thanks for your help
  13. For adults who purchase The Key and have children under age 6. what is included for the children? Are they included in the Key dining/separate menu, can they participate in other Key benefits?
  14. Hi BB1, I've heard of Dayuse.com - I planned but never had the opportunity to use them because of my cruise being canceled so I can't tell you much about it. I know they have some hotels that you can reserve for half day use or hourly. Wouldn't hurt to check it out!
  15. Yes absolutely!! I'm supposed to be on Indy right now!! Definitely having the cruise blues ?
  16. Hello, Does anyone know when Anthem of the Seas will debut the H2O Zone water park with all the bells and whistles? I know right now it's the H20 Wave Pool. I'm just wondering because I have a 3 and 5 year old and I know they would love that so much better! I thought maybe it would be added when Anthem went to Drydock but I'm not sure if its Drydock has been rescheduled due to closure/COVID-19 ?? Thanks!
  17. Funnel Cakes at the Snack Shack then top it off with soft serve ice cream!
  18. On Harmony our waiter asked where our family is from. When we told him we were Filipino, he brought us delicious chicken Adobo from the crew cafe. Also by request, every evening he brought us a large spread of amazing Indian dishes. By the second night, on the table waiting for us were larger made up plates of shrimp cocktails, sliced fruits and cheese plates. That was a nice touch! We didn't have to order those like we did the night before. He also brought us entree's to sample that we didn't personally order. It was awesome!
  19. In Cozumel, we went to Playa Mia and bought a Beach Day Pass + Buffet. We traveled with young children and they had a really cool aqua park for kids. For the Beach pass it included chairs, use of the beach, pools, aqua park, lazy river, jacuzzi, kayaks, paddle boats, and food. It was a short taxi ride to the beach. https://www.playamia.com/tours-excursions/tours-for-cozumel-guests
  20. We traveled the week of Sept 22, 2019 Eastern Itinerary going to Cococay, St Thomas and St Maarten. As Tropical Storm Karen was making its way to that part, we were still able to go to Cococay (thankfully! It was the highlight of our cruise. LOVE COCOCAY!) and then we were re-routed to a Western Itinerary - Costa Maya and Cozumel. We knew traveling during hurricane season has it's risks and as others have mentioned, if you have an open mind and just go with the flow, you'll have a great time. We had alot of fun going to the unexpected ports and we loved being in Cozumel. We also invested in travel insurance for peace of mind.
  21. Hello, A few questions to ask... Cruising on HOS in Sept and we have traditional late seating. I was wondering, is it possible to order entrees from the dinner menu at MDR and take the food to go? Just in case for some reason we couldn't devote the entire time at a sit down meal or if worst comes to worst we weren't feeling well but didn't want to miss out on dinner, would that option be available? Does Solarium Bistro allow you to take the entrees "to go" as well? I understand Solarium Bistro is rsvp only and appetizers are buffet style, entrees are on a menu... is that correct? My next question is will they allow us to take bottled waters off the ship and on the ship when coming and going at Port? Btw our stops are Cococay, St Thomas and St Maarten. Thank you in advance!
  22. I've been watching those YouTube videos with my kids and they are just as excited as I am!!
  23. Thank you everyone for the menu and great suggestions!! 100 days away and it can't come soon enough!!
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