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  1. Thanks. It appears kids are no longer allowed to eat in the Solarium Bistro, at least for now. Bummer.
  2. Hello, It's my understanding that kids CAN dine at the Solarium Bistro for dinner. Is this correct? Follow up though -- in the era of Covid, I've seen the vaxed vs unvaxed charts for dining, bars, activities, etc. The Solarium Bistro is not listed in that RC chart. Does anyone know nowadays if unvaxed children can still dine in the Solarium Bistro? Thanks, MIke
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Matt. It's a bummer the small wonders are limited to those two ships. I did look at some past cruise compases, particularly on Harmony of the Seas and noticed they had some scavenger hunts that mostly started in the Schooner Bar or English Pub: Search for the Nations Scavenger Hunt, Color Scavenger Hunt, Harmony of the Seas Scavenger Hunt. If the purpose of "Small Wonders" for us was a fun way to explore and walk around the entire ship and have fun finding things, do these other scavenger hunts more-less accomplish that goal and are they family friendly for young children? I also saw in the past they had an Adventure Ocean "family crew scavenger hunt". Not sure if that one is limited to just adventure ocean or explores the entire ship? If you know anything about these any details is greatly appreciated? Thanks, Mike
  4. Does anyone know much about the "Small Wonders" that are on some ships? I know they are on Allure and I think also Oasis. The small wonders are are small pieces of art located all throughout the ship or viewfinders and in the case of those two ships i think there were about ~40 each on those two ships. I was just wondering if anyone knew if these are also on other ships? It's something that is fun for my kids to do, sort of a scavenger hunt of sorts to try & find them all. Thanks.
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