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  1. screen baseball would be fun too. 🙂 go to youtube and search "screen baseball korea"
  2. I'd take AMPing over lengthening every time. I wish Royal does all AMPing like they did it with Navigator.
  3. is it really? I have been comparing prices for Carnival, NCL and Royal past 2 years for comparable sailings and yes Carnival is almost always the cheapest but I was surprised that Royal price sometimes is approaching Carnival territory (especially with Kids Sail Free promotion) I was super surprised that NCL price is ridiculously high... maybe I am not doing the search correctly? 😂 This is why I have been alternating Carnival and Royal.
  4. We will probably say good bye to Vision class sooner or later.
  5. lol I was thinking the same thing. MOAR SHIPS in US please.
  6. Empress, Majesty and Grandeur won't be a problem. Harmony, Symphony and Oasis however.... 😂
  7. I am posting this since I couldn't get info/answers by researching online. My family will be there in a few month but the thing is my wife doesn't do water slide at all. my son and I will be purchasing full day water park ticket for sure but I am not sure if my wife should purchase a ticket to enjoy with us. Do they give a wristband as a water park ticket?? I didn't see any part that was roped off so how do they know we purchased a waterpark ticket or not? how do they block non-waterpark guests from entering wave pool? can my wife still walk around waterpark area? also, how do they differentiate between full day ticket and half day ticket? many thanks in advance! Quote
  8. Perfect Day opens this weekend so there will be reviews. I would choose any route that includes Perfect Day.
  9. we went to Carambola Beach club and had a blast!
  10. Karaoke, mini-bowling alley, wave pool, roller coaster, sports book
  11. hello! I will be on Harmony of the Seas in a few month and still don't know which VOOM to purchase. VOOM SURF vs. VOOM Surf & Stream? is there a noticeable speed difference between two? I don't stream anything but I fear basic VOOM SURF will be very slow... please help!! thanks,
  12. Is outdoor basketball court that popular? It takes up huge space I think that can be used for something fun.
  13. nothing wrong with DCL...but can't justify the price.. I will take two Royal cruise over one Disney cruise everytime.
  14. thanks! hope our captain changes time as we approach Roatan!
  15. included - lounger, access to pool and beach, they did have palapas but not many. yes we were able to buy food/drinks for cash. restaurant was right next to beach/pool area. overall we had a good time. resort was clean and well maintained.
  16. I am sailing on Sept. 29th as well! but on Harmony 🙂
  17. oh ok. I paid $25 or $30 per person to use their facility only. no food was included.. I liked Melia.. not too crowded..nice pool and beach area.
  18. ohh this is so great news. thanks all!!! 🙂
  19. hello! while I was reviewing my itinerary on my invoice I saw we will be in Roatan from 7 AM - 4 PM which isn't too bad. but then I remembered they are in different time zone and indeed they are -2 hours from ship time - I guess Eastern time zone since we are leaving from Port. Canaveral?? Does that mean we will be in Roatan from 5 AM - 2PM ????????? now I am very confused.. 😞
  20. we went to Melia in 2016 with their day pass. it was NOT all inclusive.. did they change to all inclusive?
  21. I believe it is on schedule. should be open next month..
  22. which part of Chill Island is for suite guests only?
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