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  1. Joy and Sam, from Grand Cayman. We love to cruise, and play video poker. We are fortunate to be able to do it 6 - 8 times a year since we own our own business, doing weddings and vow renewals. We are on Adventure in November, and Oasis in December 2019. We are thinking of booking Independence of the Seas, our favourite ship, for NYE 2019. We have only been sailing RCL for 2 years, and we are Emerald. We sail on other lines as well, our next cruise is August 2019 for our 47th wedding anniversary.
  2. Is it only me? I find this blog extremely hard to navigate. It's very off-putting. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

  3. Thanks to info from you all, we combined our two Cruise Certificates to get a free Ocean View on our 3 November 2019 sailing on the Adventure of the Seas. I was very impressed with the Customer Service at Club Royale, and I am looking forward to this cruise. One of our ports is Grand Cayman, our home, so as I have done in the past If there is interest, I can organise a "behind the scenes" Insider's tour of the island.
  4. Sailed her in July 2018. As long as you arent a gambler you'll be fine. So very disappointed in the casino, which is only an excuse for a casino. No atmosphere, no action, no smoking, no patrons...anyway Cuba is fantastic. We did an excellent tour through RCL a city tour with an excellent guide, no beach.
  5. I just wanted to say I am impressed by the email I received from Casino Royale. I now have everything I need. Their answe was comprehensive and timely.
  6. Thanks to all who replied. I now have the list so we can decide which ones to go for. Plus we got a lot of good information as well.
  7. If you are Prime try another number 866-213-3116. My experience with them has been varied. Some are excellent and some are awful. I try and call at certain times when I know my favourites are working
  8. Thank you so much for the very useful information, especially the phone number. I will lookforward to meeting you, and Joyce on the Oasis in December. I did not receive the list of sailings yet. Did you send it to my email?
  9. Actually I mis-spoke, I dont think Elite is the right term. But anyway I tried to book it but I can't book that without the list of eligible cruises either.
  10. My husband and I love to cruise, and play video poker. We live in Grand Cayman where we own and operate a business on the waterfront called Simply Weddings. We were formerly retired, but we got bored and started this great business. I love meeting people from all over the world, therefore cruising is a good fit for me. We have played all over, including many trips to Las Vegas, but as we get older we dont want to do too many long haul trips. I just want to learn all I can about cruising on RCL so I hope you will be patient with me while I am still green.
  11. I was really excited to find this blog, quite by accident, and look forward tolearning a lot about cruising on RCL.
  12. It is probably too early to see it listed on the Club Royale site, we only left the ship today. I did find out I have another free interior as my Elite cruise, which I have to book by 03/31/19!!!
  13. Thanks for the tip, no I didn't know to try that. I am fairly new to this, only ever called the Club Royale number listed on the cruise certificate.
  14. As I have said elsewhere, we used Royal-Up for our NYE cruise on Indy this week. We received notice of our changed room the day before we were due to sail. Unfortunately I did not know I needed to tell the Casino Host about the room change. Consequently, we did not receive the Casino Certificates we had earned, I am sure they went to our original room. Now I deal with Casino Royale and can book through them, and I am equally sure they will have a record of the Certificates #'s BUT I badly need the list of available sailings for 2019 which is usually on the reverse of the Cruise Certificate. C
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