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  1. And if you have AT&T they have a service-side data switch in their device settings on their app. Good to use in addition to airplane mode just to make sure there's no gaps anywhere.
  2. My friend and I are also not doing Voom, we're planning on a small whiteboard or even just a notepad and going old school. ("@ Solarium if you need me", "Wandering around, be back 4:30 to get ready for dinner") Also packing two different color highlighters for the Compass to highlight what we each think we're interested in going, as that will also probably provide a tentative help to track each other down at any point in the day.
  3. I happened to miss my call a couple weeks ago when I was in a show at Busch Gardens. When I saw the number I reverse-searched on Google and saw a few results showing Royal Caribbean. It was with that I determined the number was them, called back, said I was hoping it was an upgrade call I missed and am returning. They had to do some research since they are so big but ultimately was transferred and assisted with my upgrade! With that being said, I can't guarantee you'll have the same results, but if you do miss the call/ignore unknown numbers and get back pretty quickly, it is not impos
  4. I did get “the call” and upgraded from interior to CP Balcony on Oasis for $50. Seemed like a steal!
  5. With Royal, I’ve only sailed on Enchantment and Majesty. Enchantment for being a smaller ship had some spaces I really enjoyed, especially the Solarium. Majesty definitely would not be for you then. I did miss the Solarium when going on that and felt everything was definitely on a smaller scale. Regardless, it’s what you make of it. I was pleasantly surprised by Enchantment overall, though.
  6. Hello, thank you for maintaining this thread over here now! Any ideas on CD for Oasis September 23? Only two RCI cruises under my belt, with Michele Scarpato and Ricky Matthews and both were great! Thank you!!
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