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  1. Unfortunately, the build your own options probably won't work in a kitchen that has to feed that many people in that short of a time.
  2. Nothing, burn it down For real tho, it would be cool to see what they came up with, with no limitations on what they could get rid of. They'd have a lot more ingredients to work with.
  3. With them finally updating the menu, what additions would you like on the menu?
  4. The country isn't falling apart because I'm not booking an airbnb in some random part of the country...
  5. Germanys president is a scientist, ours praises witch doctors, they will be sailing for months before we even see the water, RCL affiliation or not
  6. Because you would literally need to test every single person in the world daily for weeks on end? It's an illness with a long incubation period.
  7. Makes sense. There was no possible way to present the findings and new procedures to the CDC on Aug 31, have the CDC review and give instructions in how to proceed, restaff, clean the entire ship, stock said ship full of supplies, and get the ship into port by Sept 15th.
  8. People who bring their bluetooth speakers to the pool or just play it over their phone speaker
  9. I'm hoping my wife would've grabbed me as well, or that I would do something less violent, like grab the wheel chair and run off with his wife and drop her off on the other side of the ship
  10. Maybe it's because I tip with each drink, but after day 1, they've made me rounds back to back with 0 issue, and that doesn't even involve walking away with the first one. I have bars I prefer, so I like to get multiple if I'm headed to a certain area for an extended period of time.
  11. Sounds to me like you did exactly what you should've, and exactly what I would've done as well. My biggest booking fear (no pandemic) is for it to be a chartered sailing that they didn't disclose. At least they dropped you off in Jamaica and not somewhere like Costa Maya
  12. I think forgiving is normal under regular circumstances like at the grocery store, but during a pandemic, "kids will be kids" doesn’t really fly when health is at risk. At the end of the day, nobody on board asked that person to have children, and bringing them was a choice.
  13. No wait, and they'll give you a bottle of water or 3 with no questions asked
  14. I actually think they will enforce it. They have far too much to lose, and their lack of enforcement would likely negate any sort of health waiver signed by passengers.
  15. They can remove passengers from ships for a variety of reasons. If an ignorant passenger puts literal thousands of peoples safety at risk, they are well within their rights to boot said passenger . If parents can't get their kids to follow protocol due to behavioral problems or mental diffencies, maybe this isn't the right time for them to travel.
  16. I'm all for it, and anyone who gets caught ignoring new health standards should get a warning, and then if there is another violation should be confined to their room or dropped off at the next port.
  17. Uh, they should be tossing said dish after 2 hours at most
  18. Hey, just an update from your neighbors to the south, you dont want to be here, you're not missing anything other than a big a** tire fire
  19. I'd rather die from covid, than be hit with the hospital bills we see in America...
  20. I saw that they added some hammock swings to Oasis during it's revamp, do you think they will still be available to swing in, since you can't really wipe them down between uses?
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