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  1. Hi Everyone I Thought I Share A Video I Made Of The Freedom Of The Seas. Hope You Enjoy
  2. So You Can Not Bring A Gopro Or Any Camera On The Flowrider. But If You Some Time Ask One Of The Sport Staff To Video You From Inside The Flowrider It May Just Happen. It Really Come Down To What Ship You Sail On And What Type Of Sport Staff You Have.. If You Need Any More Question About The Sport Deck Just Let Me Know.
  3. Hi Every One Just For Fun Show Us You Best Cruise Photo You Took. Here Mine
  4. Wow They Got A Long Way To Go On That Water Slide Tower. Looks Like They Have Ten Stories To Go Till They Get To The Top Plus They Have To Add The Slides.
  5. Nope Here A Video. Took From Indy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lox-4hYeFZg
  6. Just Maybe. Before I Get There I Need To Get A Better Camera. A Gopro Is Not The Best Camera For Photos. Thanks For Reading.
  7. Wow @twangster Thank For Putting That Together.
  8. Hey Everyone Here Are Some Photo From After Dinner On The Last Day . Hope You Enjoy These.
  9. Heard Super Mario Is Now On Indy.
  10. I Did Freedom Last April Out Of Florida For 8 Days It Was A Great Cruise And Would Go On Freedom In A Heartbeat. The Staff Was Great And Freedom Had The Best Sport Staff Fleet Wide.
  11. @Lovetocruise2002 I Am Following. I Have Less Than Six Months To My Cruise On Harmony. Hope You Have A Great Time.
  12. Check This Out. http://www.tampabay.com/business/holland-america-drops-tampa-as-cruise-ship-port-but-maybe-not-forever-20190122/ What Do You Think About This.
  13. Hi Every One. Does Any One Know If The Mariner Ship Model Sold In The Gift Shop Will Get Sky Pad And The Water Sides Added To The Model Or They Will Keep The Ship Model With Out The New Up Grades. Thanks In Advance
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