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  1. A. It’s a vacation.... me do the cleaning?! Heck, I don’t do major versions of “housekeeping”in my own home, def not going to do it on a break.😲😵 B. If I made to eat any meal at WJ then I will find a new way to vacation; to me most of the food is exactly like the food found in the chain buffet restaurants 🤢 (refer to the postings from @Fuzzywuzzy @Pima1988 and @WAAAYTOOO for additional details on this). Once when cruising with my husband and my sister, they both decided that they needed a nap late in the afternoon 😏 The short version of the end of the story is that we were so late getting to dinner that our only option for a meal was the WJ; I promise you that they will NEVER forget just how bad an idea that it is to force me to eat at the WJ 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣😂 Re Cruise Lines - we have found NCL to be a great line, but that is also sailing in the Haven (although even in the Haven we hated Epic). So our experiences on RCCL and NCL have been very comparable in like cabins. Carnival I sailed on once during grad school - we were in the top suite on the ship and it was the size of an RCCL grand suite with almost zero perks; we didn’t return. The last time I was on most of the others (like Princess and Holland America it was so long ago it’s hard to use those cruises as comparisons). @tiny260 What did you find unpleasant about the non-Haven NCL crusies?
  2. @wstephensi and @mworkman OMG. And here it was just the time issue that worried me! So if the side eye, eye rolling, or the “mother look” can also be an issue well I am sunk because if there is anything a Belle can do it’s to let you know exactly what we think of you and everything else on the planet with just our eyes in half a second 🙄😭😭😭😭 if someone is going to put me in a penalty box for “a look” then I definitely need to avoid CA (as should Mrs. @wstephensi 🤣). Or maybe I should take my CA brother-in-law with me. My only question is something I think I may already know the answer to... was she talking to herself and maybe at him while in time out (aka the penalty box?!) 😉
  3. Oh, great, I will go back and check that one! I don’t know much about the Ovation, I will look it up. We had already decided to use MEI this time around as we didn’t get to the last time mostly due to an email glitch on my side. I like Vancouver fine, although not the entry from the exhaust filled basement level parking deck, but that in and out with the passport in the airport and disembarking is just a giant pain no matter how you look at it (even with the passport app).
  4. Oh no 🤦🏼‍♀️ It was such an amazing place in 1976. I was there at an academic camp at perhaps the oddest college in the world (Evergreen State in Olympia, WA). I loved everything about it - the people, the air, the flora and fauna, and the boys (I cannot lie). The tag end of the yippies (for those born recently that is not a spelling error) came through while I was there; they were unlike any of the people I had encountered to that point in my young life and I was mesmerized by the entire experience. Like so many other things from the past, maybe it is best just to leave that memory a memory. Thanks for letting me know, as disappointing as it was to hear!
  5. Thanks for the information everyone! The one thing that I didn’t think about was the moving hotel to hotel that Ashley mentioned, I can see how that would be kind of chaotic. Part of what we loved about our last cruise there is that I found this great hotel that had basically a nice 2 br 2 ba condo and we stayed 5 nights using that as a base and making some day trips. As much as we enjoyed Vancouver, and it was a blast, it was not a great deal of fun flying in and flying out bc of passport issues – and the access to the port was not the easiest. But all or most of the RCCL AK cruises have Vancouver as one anchor point. I would love to sail from Seattle (I spent my 16th summer there and it remains one of my favorite memories) or even San Francisco (I was so young the last time I was there I actually don’t remember much of it). If someone could call RCCL and get that done?! 😗😂 I liked the look of the Radiance, but so glad to get that verified. Thanks again! 😊
  6. So as we are a couple of weeks from the next cruise, I am getting the itch to get something nailed down for 2020 (even though we are also booked for Thanksgiving 2019, it is an illness 😂). The last time to AK was beyond amazing and maybe the best vacation of our lives, but then we were in the Haven on an NCL ship and had the most wonderful perks (like watching glacier chunks float by as I showered or the top deck viewing for the glacier in the inlet with warmed blankets while being served hot chocolate or coffee). We spent a week post cruise in Vancouver and it was also amazing. So it will be hard to beat, but I will try to match it at least. soo.... I looked last night at the late May/early June options for AK (just about right weather wise). It seemed that the Radiance was the main ship from RCL to AK at that time of year. While I didn’t find any options for decent aft jr suites, but then it would be hard to pass but that crazy cool balcony of the grand suites! I would love some opinions of this ship for AK 😊 My main question is about the post tours - we have always done our own in the past and I am not quite sure of the value of these via RCCL. There are several that look interesting, including the 10 day with wildlife express cruisetour 1A (post). They definitely are not giving this away, it will be quite a lot more per person than even the Haven was... so if anyone has done any cruises like this, I would love to know what you thought about it!
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    Say what?!

    @Lovetocruise2002 I posted to say there were feeling involved sometimes and to please take care rather than just shooting first and asking questions later. It makes sense for anyone chosen as s moderator to try to take some care with the responsibility even if they don’t recognize the name. I thought my request was a fair one 😊 I realize that it can very a very difficult place to get support when you aren’t someone who has been here for a very long time and that people want to provide a defense. Maybe it was in the end ridiculous for me to ask for some support, but I took my chances. Truthfully, I almost didn’t post it believing that I would be scolded for even saying anything. But I had only 2 days set up monthly payments in support of the blog and this came right on the heels of that by the individuals that I offered support to... I think it’s fairly easy to see why I would feel irritation. And no, I have no personal profile on FB, given what I do for a living it is actually recommended that we not by our professional guidelines to avoid the blurring of personal and professional lines (beyond the fact I have long hours at work and little time for browsing most social media). Because it was mentioned that it was possibly some auto block, I went to check - apparently the notes for an auto block are different from an individual block and this was by an individual. I took a screen shot but won’t post it here in case someone might feel my purpose was to out or shame someone when that is not my purpose. Anyway Kat, I do appreciate that you took the time to care about the issue, I truly do 😊 happy sailing.
  8. 2Beeze

    Say what?!

    Thank you Ashley, I appreciate your comment very much! And I wish that your hypothesis had been the case, but I don’t believe it was since: 1. I wasn’t able to return as you were and 2. It said quite clearly that a chat moderator had done the blocking and it was not done immediately as with automatic blocks as I had time to add a second comment with at least one other between my two. Truthfully, It was a bit hard to stomach that my innocent comment about the song was considered obscene when I was tuned into feed of a bar on a ship full of seriously drunk adults stacking their shot glasses. It seemed ironic that my small and unremarkable comment was what was found to be unseemingly. I have tried to be supportive here, and recently made that support more official, so it did not seem to be unreasonable to hope that someone that was part of the feed, or the one moderating it, would address what happened (or at least not ignore it). Again, just my thoughts 😊 Thanks again 🙂
  9. I don’t have a great deal of time to spend online with a heavy work load and family obligations, but I’ve been recently trying to sign onto Periscope to see feeds from other RCL blog users and management as it seemed to be something others here enjoyed 😊 But tonight I took the time to sign on to several #rcperiscopers with the last feed showing a woman singing the song “Fancy” (Karaoke?). I had signed on to several others tonight and there was clearly a jovial and party mood across all of them. So in that same spirit, when I heard the song Fancy being sung, I said “I guess there is a hooker theme tonight 😂” (actually the song was about a child hooker specifically, but I didn’t say that), and then immediately typed on another line “the song not the singer” (just in case there was a human out there who had no idea what the song’s theme was despite it having been a 90’s mega hit). But, almost immediately I was blocked by a chat moderator (the text said for my comment about hookers. Say what?! This person didn’t know the song, didn’t listen to what she was singing, assumed I was callling someone on the feed a hooker, or what exactly?? Whatever mistake they made, I paid for it. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal to the readers of this post, it it seemed an unfair slap. The thing is I know whose feed it was, I just wish someone would clue me in about who the moderator was that found me someone obscene (although quite sober). In my work I deal with all kinds of people and so I don’t get truly mad often, but I am pretty ticked off right now. Principle kind of thing. And I have to say, if it matters, that if people are taking the time to check out your feed or one you are moderating (especially if the person’s screen name seems pretty familiar, as it is virtually the same as you have seen on these message boards for a while now), it is just fair to ask that you take a second or two to consider the situation before taking the step to block a user to give at least a tiny concern for whether it is appropriate. After all, I can’t imagine there are hoards of roaming teen boys on cruise-resulted scopes poised to make obscene comments. What do you lose by considering it for s second more? I think that is especially important because after someone is blocked they have no way to even defend themselves. People can joke aorund with one another, say or do practically anything on live feed, and my comment was someone so poisonous that I had to be cut off at the risk of offending again? I am just not quite sure exactly why I got the pointed end of someone’s delicate sensitivity meter tonight, but it definitely makes it far less likely that I will bother checking out a periscope from anyone else (although I am not delusional enough to think that someone will care about that). I was fairly new to periscope and it has been clear there was a group of people who know each other very well and perhaps the issue is that it’s s private club whose membership doesn’t want me around. But whether I bother to sign on again or not, it would be great if maybe people took a breath or two before blocking someone without real cause. For what it’s worth.
  10. I never did before this year, but got one for the cruise we did with my sister in Jan, I have one for the Grandeur sailing at the end at the end of this month (it’s a ship’s wheel with our surname), and then I have one ready for the ‘19 Thanksgiving cruise with all our names and a happy birthday one for hubby. I had all of them made it at Etsy. But note that the first one that I got did not attach to the NCL Haven cabin door 😿 I am now prepared with command strips!
  11. A person can dream... for about 10 minutes 😝
  12. To be sure of the details here ..... do you mean that you get points for the days you do the land portion (in addition to the cruise days) or that there is an extra point tacked into the entire trip (e.g., 3 pts per day in a suite). I would guess the former, but it wasn’t clear so I thought I would check to be sure! Always looking to maximize 👊🏼 - NCL gives an extra point for some sailings, we got 3 pts per night in the Haven when we sailed to AK in June, but I have never seen one from RCCL where that was offered. @deep1 the topics here are all pretty hot, there are a lot of interested and knowledgeable cruises who hang around and try to help no matter the question 🙂
  13. As @twangster explained so well, the ability of spouses to link accounts can be very valuable! I learned about the importance of this perk through a couple we met on a cruise. We sailed on the Allure and they invited us to share their Cabana (we had “met” the wife through a roll call and then in person during a cabin crawl). She is Diamond Plus snd is cruising at least monthly, but he hardly cruises. She retired, but he is still working and so she had started cruising alone and often (occasionally with a friend) in inside cabins. So she had really racked up points while he was home working to pay for her cruising 😂 But because they have linked accounts, he is also Diamond plus and so can take advantage of everything that she can on s ship (with or without her). He quite enjoyed his free tour of the bridge during that sailing 😊
  14. I’ve already said this in a recent tips thread I know, but we take a couple of plastic food prep containers with clear lids (the kind that can be thrown away before you leave). Room service is fine, but the items tend to be greasy and that isn’t what I want later in the evening. It’s not that I care about taking the dishes for the venue, but the food that I am taking is for a small snack for later and so the lid really matters because (1) the lid keeps the food from the kind of sliding / spIlling you would get if using a plate {important unless your cabin is somehow next to the buffet!) snd (2) the lid helps to keep the food fresher (my little Kaiser roll late-night snack will be far less yummy if it’s hard as a rock from sitting out.
  15. You would be beyond the date for final payment when you book and so would very (very) likely owe the full fare on making the reservation. Once full payment is made, they will not re-price. On occasion they’ll offer some onboard credit beyond final payment if there is a significant price drop, but even then in my experience it’s shortly beyond the time final payment was due. P.S. I may be wrong, but it seems very unlikely there would be a major drop between now and a June cruise. Might as well go for it! Happy sailing.
  16. True - and they don’t necessarily send you emails either ☹️ I emailed about that, got silence in return. I haven’t spent a ton of time with their charts, but the two time that it seemed to go down by their numbers RCL (via an independent agent) said otherwise (in one case no change and in the other actually an increase). If anyone has more experience with their data, how do you “translate” it when comparing it to numbers at RCL?
  17. @Andrew72681 and @TheHobbys so, I need you both to be my new best friends or low cost advisers 😂🤣. I cannot lie, I have been hoping that @Lovetocruise2002 would take me up on that offer for some time now (after all, there are no 2 friends more compatible than a Scorpio and a Cancer 🤗🙃🙂 Come on, I can make you laugh (just don’t require circus tricks, I am just past the age those are workable!) Lynn 🧜🏼‍♀️
  18. Kate Spade? ✨🌈☀️ Where? Let’s go, whatcha waiting on?!?! 🚴🏼‍♀️
  19. Since you enjoy this so much my twin, I want to help you and send you my list so you can add to your fun! You see how nice I am wanting to add joy to your life?! I will also forward my cell number so you can text me in the case of a sale emergency 😛
  20. Right?! It would be great if I could find some method of auto checking pricing as every other day they claim they are having a “sale” 😂🤣 and it is beyond tiresome to click through all that I must to check pricing yet another time (and finding it the same or higher). I can wish! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
  21. Grandeur - May 30 - June 8, 2019 Adventure - November 23-December 1, 2019
  22. Thanks! And I know what you mean by the pools! I grew up in area with a lot of pools (and near beaches too but I liked sea water much less because it made me feel sticky and it tasted awful every time that it got into your mouth). When my parents took us with them on a cruise the first time when I was about 9, my brother and I were so happy at first that the ship had a pool... that is, until we got in. 😟 What the %@*&$!*?!? It wasn’t a pool at all, but instead it was a big, square, deep, and dark hole full of salt water 🙀😡 I may never recover! 😷 Funny Fact - my first Disney Cruise they ship had a casino and allowed smoking.
  23. That’s just what I was gonna look up this weekend. We usually update about every 2 years ( I definitely want to think about the money that’s been over the last decade 😅) and just went to the iPhone XR. The camera supposed to be amazing. But then I have been in way too many nerve racking situations with my phones - like last summer in Alaska when I did my best to have a death grip on my phone while trying to get a photo of a large whale breaching as 60 people moved to my side of the boat! I knew I had to figure out something before the end of May! Great idea @twangster !! Now I just have to get the nerve and find the steadiness to take a drill to my new phone case 😉
  24. I’ve seen those ships when several singles are sharing a cabin. It always reminds me of college back back in the olden days before cell phones when there was a pay phone in the hall and people used the one on your door to let you know who had called 😂🤣😹
  25. Oh gosh, there are so many “musts” I have now (so many that I keep a permanent list of them and it definitely includes some of those shown above {like the wrinkle spray and a mesh bag for dirty clothes to hang inside the closet}).. But here are the ones that I have added to the list in the last year:: 1. small sissors (small, blunt ones such as the type for nails or the small ones used for needlework and tip cover that comes with them). I am always shocked at the number of things that I need to cut when I’m on a cruise! 2. Moisturizing eye drops (I have spent my life near water, including the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, but the water in the Caribbean seems 50x saltier and my eyes really hurt after a dip!). So, I now always carry this if I am headed to the beach or snorkeling and it really makes my day much nicer. 3. 1-2 disposable food prep containers - sometimes I want a small snack at night, but the room service menu is almost solidly very greasy foods and that is the polar opposite of what I want in the evening. So when I get a chance I sometimes squirrel away a roll and a small slice of cheese or a less sugary pastry into my lidded, thin food prep container that I can toss at the end of the cruise). Happy Sailing! 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏽‍♂️
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