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  1. I didn’t buy any food package. Just go and try Izumi 3rd night. It was great so back again last day of the cruise.
  2. Harmony’s MDR does. Server got w/espresso and Latte for me.!
  3. I had same experience terminals had issues all the time at pool bar. My son lost his on days 3. Found out over $40 charged at Arcade.( not used by my son)! I phoned guest service and they took off those charges.
  4. Our Service with MADE last week of the Harmony. He is also great !! Enjoy your cruise and thank you for your live blog!!
  5. Missing straws ? We just back from Harmony. Straws are everywhere.....and agree that hard to drink frozen drink without it.!!
  6. Thank you tonyfsu21. I would like to make sure that “ Solarium” is only for adults but Solarium bistro.
  7. Is Solarium Bistro for only Adult ? ? I would like to try but my teens should not allow to dine there ??
  8. We always traveling with only carry on. ( Such a tiny suit case).. We can’t bring a big spray of sunscreen/ shampoo/conditioner for all of us. I have to shop before embarkation. Is there any Super market near port ?? We will stay Holiday Inn Express Airport & Cruise port 1150 West State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale. or I could buy at store in the ship.
  9. I read your blog. What a beautiful pictures !! Thank you for your post , twangster !! Also thank you let me know Lovetocruise2002 !! So you skip that tour half way of that ? Go back to the ship port is that easy ??
  10. Do you mind to explain for “ Lyft” ?? What is this ???
  11. I’ll be in San Juan for a day in Aug. Never been there before. I booked “ Old & New San Juan” tour through Cruise Planner . Only $25.00 for 2 1/2 hr. Any one tried this tour before ?? Big point will be a Air Condition bus !!
  12. We are going on Harmony. I’ll let my teens to do first thing after embarkation... I don’t want to buy flow rider lessons. Looks cool, but so expensive. I’ll buy arcade credit on cruise planner then. One thing, this is out of “ teens activity” topic, We are staying hotel near airport Ft.Lauderdale. I will use taxi to get cruise port, should I give driver the address or just name of the ship? Sorry for newbie question? Thank you for your post!!
  13. Hi, our family first RCCL cruise is a month away, I would like to know our teens activity on board. Zip line/ Flow rider have to sign the waiver ?? Can we do on line ? reserve the spot ? Any recommendation would be appreciated. How about arcade card ? There are always discounted.( $20 for $25 value}. some one bought this ? Thank you for your help.
  14. Check this tour, Courtney- Taylor Tour to Blue Hole. Yes. it took 2 hours but really interesting to see loco village and I shopped Coffee Beans which sold double price at port!! On the way back, we saw “ tube river” and asked him to stop. Kids having a great time. I’ll sure to use this company next time.
  15. I booked cabana at Nellies Beach. Over the water ones are sold out. I heard cabana served “first come bases...." Which one or # you would recommend? Any suggestions I’ll take! Thank you
  16. Hope not see the “ Welcome home all Canadian” banner in Quebec.
  17. Just for your information. In CANADA, all airports put JUST “ WELCOME” banner on ALL languages even in the city. Nice !!
  18. To reach “ The Pinnacle” 700 nights in a regular room !!!!? OH MY God. These people is royal for Royal!
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