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  1. Oh dear!!! Even better than the night before and that lighting shot was amazing also. Such a treat for us, thanks @twangster
  2. Thanks for the pictures. No doubt !! Look better than my Greek salad (my dinner for today). 74 days to go we will be on Symphony. Can't wait.
  3. Lucky you to catch this event. It is definitely a stunning Milky way. Hope I see it up on the sky one day. I guess that another bucket list. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. I think Fox Canceled it but Netflix pick up the show and make season 4 and season 5. I love the show but not want to pay Netflix to see the new season though.
  5. Just log in. Dawn!!! They was not make mistake on mine status. I am still Diamond. Common Intern make me D+ or Pinnacle.
  6. @Lovetocruise2002 Thank you so much for the pictures. Love to see Symphony offer smoke salmon, Yogurt parfait, fruit cup and pastries. Hubby and I love smoke salmon so that good enough for me. one thing was missing for smoke salmon is capers, I wish they have that. However, not sure I can pass omelette at JR though. Really tough choices. LOL
  7. Can wait to try El Loco Fresh and Thanks for the diamond lounge pictures.
  8. I went on MSC Bellissima in April for my Europe (Mediterranean Cruise). We flew to Milan and took train to Genoa. I love the ports of call (Genoa, Naples, Messina, Malta, Marseille and Barcelona. From my experience it was great cruise and we love it. I did not have any bad services except shore excursion desk. The reason we went with MSC because the price for the cruise was less than half we will have to pay for Royal and the ports was my destination not the ship so why not. I went with open mind and it was better than I was expected. Interior room was bigger than Royal interior room. Any services we got was the same we got with royal. The ship was clean (brand new). The shows that come with the cruise price was good but not great like Royal. However, it doesn't bother me at all. I did went to one show of Cirque Du Soleil (Syma). I was a superior show and we love but you have to pay for it ($18 each if I was not wrong). IMO, It well worth the money spent. We also try their specialty restaurants (Butcher's cut and Sushi) and it was really great. One seas day, we went to the slides and rope course. We loved them and really enjoyed them. I also like that they allow my son who was not 48" went with my husband on the slide. Sum it up, We will not hesitate to book cruise to Mediterranean with MSC again. I think, it depends on what you need for your cruise and expectation. My expectation was really low and the ports was right. I still loyal to Royal as you can see I already book 2 cruises with Royal (Symphony and Oasis). @princevaliantus I was promised to give you a review with MSC Bellissima and here it is.
  9. @Lovetocruise2002 I know you will go to the Suite lounge for breakfast but if it is possible could you go to the Diamond lounge in the morning just for the pictures. I want to know what they have for breakfast. No suite for us, We only booked the Balcony cabin. Hope it is OK and do not interrupt your cruise.
  10. we had our own snorkel Gear. I forgot about the taxi cost but it was really decent. We love that beach and the place.
  11. NICE ? I will cross fingers for you and hope RCCL don't change the rules as well.
  12. LOL 12 nights.... really long!!!! I wish I can do world cruise for a month and more long.
  13. Will follow along before I can be on her in October. Sorry @kittysoul I kind of high jack you thread. It kind of carry away with excitement with Oasis class ships.
  14. Thanks I guess more Meds I need to take. I will not miss Central park because that is one of the reasons I book Oasis class.
  15. Do you start your new Symphony blog yet? Any packing done? I can't wait to be on Symphony in October.
  16. @ellcee I also not want to spend $$ on extra stuff but right now or at least last week when I booked Oasis. Oasis OTS balcony rooms were on sale so I took advantage and YOLO the Boardwalk room and + I don't need to fly. I don't drink soda though so not sure what to do with that perk. Do the soda machine has just sparkling water?
  17. I booked Boardwalk Balcony on Oasis for next summer. I originally want the central park view but it is not available for 3 people when I book it. After I heard about allergy in central park that make me feel better that I do not get the central park room. I allergic to pollen so really hope central park not make me sick. Anyone that allergic to pollen can give any info? Please . I had never been on Oasis class ship but I already booked 2 cruises on Oasis class ship so now I worry.
  18. It will be 5 of us 4 adults and 7 years old. 4 adults purchased the thrill water park & zip line and Thrill water Park for my son who is 7 years old. He is not 48" tall yet. Really close to 48" tall but not quite. Do you think it is a waste of money? What he can do in the water park? Anyone know?
  19. If you are Diamond and above C&A member, Your set sail pass card (Cruise Card) loads with 3 free drinks (whatever alcohols list for Diamond). You can get the drink from most bar on the ship and most of them can make Lemon Drop Martini.
  20. I just want to add a little about the Oasis class ship and Europe. I just took a Med Cruise and it was lovely. However, I went with other cruise line which significant lower cost for Med cruise and I happy with my decision. For US cruiser, Med Cruise is a port intensive and we really want to go everywhere and do as much we can because we have to pay so much to be there. For me if I visit Europe (med cruise) the ports is my destination so I was careless about the ship. It was my floating hotel. So I will not book Oasis class ship which I have to pay more. In another hand, I will book Oasis class ship for Caribbean cruise where I always cruise every year. Most ports in Caribbean I already visited so I will enjoy the ship more. So Caribbean cruise, the ship is my destination. I have 2 Oasis class cruise book and will be on Symphony in October 2019 and Oasis in August 2020.
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