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  1. 1 hour ago, CruisingOz said:

    The Voyager is an awesome ship, we loved sailing on her. The amplification was nice, and us big kids love the slides. We sailed on her, on her first Sydney cruise after coming out of dry dock and Singapore. She had a new cruise ship smell, with new carpet and paint. We sail on her a few times in the 2019/2020 season, and was on her second last cruise before the shutdown, where we got to Noumea and were denied visiting the South Pacific islands and redirected to the North Island of New Zealand. Lie many others we had numerous cancellations.   

    We maybe neighbours, as we are also in a Jr Suite on the middle hump, port side. We booked it the late, on a Saturday evening late March when I started to read about Radiance, as a just in case the rumours were true, and so price is what it is, but about $2k less than the current price and on a better deck.   

    Everything I am reading about the islands opening up is all positive and today read that Vanuatu will be open. True that there is nothing specific about cruise ships but tourism is their main source of income, so all should be good. 

    I'm envious lol, I really wanted to try the slides. Also I booked one of those SPA staterooms....but it never happened.


    That must of been so crap, getting there and the announcement of being told th news and the stress of the unknown of COVID.

    Yeah you never know on being neighbours.

    How good are the jr. Suite's on the hump, especially the ones behind the lifts......not many walk past your stateroom.

  2. 7 hours ago, Chili said:

    Noumea is looking very positive,no more masks,QR codes or quarantine.

    No cruise ships at the moment but it shouldn’t be far off.

    Vanuatu is looking a bit more difficult but is progressing.



    Yep, Noumea is looking back to normal.

    I agree on Vanuatu, what's yours/others thoughts on Vanuatu being good by 2023.

    Disclosure.....I have a vested interest via a 9 night South Pacific departing 4 Jan 2023 lol.

  3. On 4/28/2022 at 10:34 AM, CruisingOz said:

    G'day. we are booked. Fingers crosses the South Pacific islands will be open. All indications are that they will, so looking forward to finally getting back there. We would have preferred our original cruise on the Radiance but such is life. 


    G'day also!

    Yes, let's pray to whoever that they will be open!

    Yeah I think I read on here that you and your friends got a raw deal with radiance, that sucks bigtime!

    I was meant to be on VOTS in 2020 but COVID stuffed that up. I really liked voyager the first time round and was really looking forward to going on her again and visiting isle of pines again also.

    Ovation is great but I really wanted to be on Voyager one more time lol.


    What deal/stateroom did you get on Ovation?

    The wife and i ended up getting a Jr. Suite on the hump for a really good price, in fact its the same stateroom we have stayed twice before.


    Yes you can bring snacks.

    Typically the wife and i don't bring any snacks on board as there is so many awesome offerings available on board.

    However for the exception, we do bring a few small packs of Kettle Salt & Vinegar chips/crisps.....the wife has a craving for them!

    Why you might ask? Well in 2017 we paid $11.00USD on board for a pack that would of costed.....$1.80AUD 

    So yes think of the snacks you can't go without lol.

  5. 7 hours ago, EmersonNZ said:

    I am really hoping it is a mistake or filler as they get things back on to the site etc. The price I am seeing at the moment for our January sailing out of Sydney is nearly 115% more than I paid in Feb 2020. 

    Yes, I agree. It is around that 100% increase mark compared with two sailings that I had in 2020 and in 2021.

    I think that if was around $90AUD per day I would buy it, but at $140ish.....tell'em ya dreaming!

  6. Well that sucks hahaha, time to pick a new cruise, rebook flights and rooms.


    All I can say is I guess good things come to those who wait.


    Question tho, I had a cruise canceled in Nov 2020 and I received 125% FCC.

    I had that FCC applied to a cruise in Jan 2022.

    Now Jan 2022 is cancelled, do I get a further 125% FCC on top?

  7. 26 minutes ago, twangster said:

    How are vaccination efforts coming along?  That seems to be critical.  Even the CDC up here can't argue those results away. 

    Hahahahaha, can't even get astra cause of blood clots under 50 and pfizer is scarce for under 50. Most of the pfizer is going to Frontline and folks who need it health wise.

  8. 1 hour ago, mattymay said:

    I've got Quantum Nov 21, Ovation Jan 22 and Quantum Feb 22. I reckon the Nov 21 is gone. Slim chance of the other 2. 

    Also depends on the itinerary. Anything with overseas ports is done. P&O have cancelled all theirs until next year.


    Oasis Jan 23 is my backup! ?

    I re booked my voyager march 2021 to ovation jan 2022 and it seems that wont happen now. I'm thinking either ovation Dec 2022 or ovation Jan 2023.


    Bloody sick off rebooking flights and rooms, but in saying this tho it could be absolutely much worse regarding how many people are suffering and dying in the world.

  9. Upon reading a topic about sea sickness I thought about after my first cruise and how I got land sickness.

    God it was horrible especially in the shower, it felt like I was in rough seas in the damm shower hahahaha.

    Even a week after the cruise!


    What was yours like and do super seasoned cruisers still get it?

  10. 2 hours ago, chaotah said:


    How about suggesting to RC to add a pizza section in windjammer?

    While it is a duplicate, most of the guess will be more than happy to have pizza for lunch / dinner.

    Good point!


    Imagine getting a pizza base and walking around putting whatever on it within windjammers and then getting them to cook it.


    Granted some odd concoctions may occur lol

  11. 12 hours ago, DanielB said:

    I would like a few breakfast pizzas and items for morning.  Many times I went to Starbucks on the Oasis class shipped and wished I could grab something there.

    Also I do enjoy the rotating special daily pizzas.

    Bacon, cheese, red onion, tomato, sausage, mushroom and egg pizza with maybe a swirl of maple syrup?

    On a side note I need to visit sorrento's more often because it seems from what iam reading there is rotating options.



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