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  1. We sort of do the same think we have a fund we call extra and put money away every week so we have enough for vacation and any spending money needed that way when we get back from vacation everything has been paid then just start the whole process over again plus I still referee so all that money goes for vacations also.
  2. Thanks for info if I remember few years ago there was a page that had every ones next cruise listed. Ed
  3. Was just on RCL web site looking around trying to plan and get information for a upcoming cruise and when clicking on certain things get a error message and then have to log back in please fix your web page.
  4. Have not been on this site for a while don't hate me :) but where is the list for you next cruise. Ed
  5. Adventure of the Seas August 2018. New England Canada Ed
  6. I have cruised to Bermuda on the Grandeur a few years ago and enjoyed it we did not have any children. Its a smaller ship so it won't have all the activities of the larger class ships but I would think there is plenty to do. Try googling Grandeur and activities for children you will get a lot of information hope this helps. We had a Grand Suite and it was a great room with a large balcony she is older but I would sail on her again. Ed
  7. Love Bermuda too was there last Sept weather was great . We have been there five times total. They were practicing for the cup races when we were there.
  8. The only way to tell is to book a cruise for each ship :)
  9. Found this on another site for the Pride the times should be about the same for the Grandeur they both leave around 4PM: Murrayb is just a little off on the time you will be at the Bay Bridge. I live off of Exit 28 & 29 of Route 50 (the highway the Chesapeake Bay Bridge serves. The ship departs from Baltimore at approximately 4:30pm, with the maneuver the Captain has to do to get the ship turned around to sail down the bay takes a while to do. There is no way that you can make it to the bridge in 30 minutes. You will most likely just be going under the Francis Scott Key bridge by then. Expect to be at the bay bridge around 7pm. There should be enough daylight so you can see the spans as you approach them and go under them. The Sky Deck (Deck 12) is the best spot. That deck is at the funnel and skylight for David's Steak House. You can only access the Sky Deck from outside from Deck 11. Murray is correct about the ship being at the Bay Bridge and Tunnel around midnight. You will be able to see the lights but nothing else.
  10. We went under it on the Pride last year but don't remember what time it was. The first bridge is not to long after you sail. My wife and I will be on the Grandeur also in a few weeks so maybe I will remember to look at my watch this time. :) ERS
  11. I sort of did this I just booked two more cruises :)
  12. Next cruise October 24 2015 Grandeur of the Seas.
  13. Was thinking of taking a cruise on the Grandeur that goes to Florida, Cococay, Nassau, and the Florida Keys and was wondering what the weather would be like when we get as far south as Florida. It leaves from Baltimore so I know it will be chilly for a while. Ed
  14. I think we are going to book one also think I will wait till we are on the ship to book in September maybe get some extras that way. Looking at booking a October 2015 cruise one stops in the Florida Keys and I always wanted to see the Keys. This cruise by staying in a JR Suite would put us in Platinum which would be nice.
  15. Going oh the Grandeur in a few weeks will be glad to let you know what I think when I get back.We heard a lot of bad reviews about another ship we were booked on last year and found that we were not sure what they were talking about because we had a great time. Search the boards for Grandeur of the Seas and see what you can find. Be aware some will find fault with most anything.
  16. Just make sure you check your account from time to time to make sure its correct.
  17. Have not locked our luggage have travel insurance plus like others carry important stuff in my backpack. ERS
  18. We sailed out of NJ and were on the ship less than 45 minutes after we arrived to the dock. RCI is going to spend some big bucks on that port is what I read sometime ago.
  19. You will like the Explorer she is a great ship a little old but in great shape lots to do on her.
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