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  1. Just use Google to check for a cruise packing list there are many of them.
  2. Never mind just checked email and was contacted :).
  3. Do they still contact you before your cruise sailing on the Adventure of the Seas net Friday and have not been contacted I have been contacted in the past.
  4. The question I ask you during the live facebook show did not come out correctly what I was trying to say was in the Suites Lounge during the day time not during the evening hours from 5-830PM what drinks are available. Ed
  5. Finally got it to work. Sail passes printed.
  6. I am using an Imac wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  7. Its correct when I take it but when I upload it to the sail pass it turns sideways I have tried about everything I know to fix it.
  8. When I select a photo to upload for the sail pass it shows up sideways. What am I doing wrong.
  9. Question they want you to upload a photo now should you take your glasses off or leave them on for the photo. I forget if you have to take them off at the pier what they take your photo.
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