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  1. Car rental cost was reimbursed but not fully and no gas reimbursement. I am taking the good with the bad . RCCL has a lot of good we all can be grateful for.
  2. Yes .We were in 1714.!! Since CL are u shaped lay out the ones on both sides of the U have better views in my opinion!!
  3. RCCL promise to get you home if tested covid positive not entirely been the case sailing on Oasis in January. We opted to return by car .They did not cover the normal one way charge for auto rental or gas.Tell me if that comprises we will get you home promise!! Without gas really its not possible!! Policy not matching promise. Already exhausted all options including executives.Although thrilled to get a very nice reply .Quoted policy for no gas to be fair to all customers Beware if you choose return by car!
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