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  1. This was a letter for Diamond from this summer on Adventure
  2. We had a 4 on Song of America in the early 90’s in the western Caribbean. People were getting slammed into this metal divider in the pool. We were in lounge chairs facing aft. As the bow went up, all we could see was ocean. When the bow went down and the stern came up, all we saw was the sky. This was way before stabilizers were a thing. Had a 4 almost 5 on the Emerald Seas in the Bahamas one college spring break. Barf bags were out, glasses sliding off tables. It was fun! Lol
  3. Here’s his Facebook page. I found him through the Izumi guru who tagged him. Apparently he was on the oasis simulation cruise. One of my friends was HD on Oasis right before Peter. I don’t envy that job at all! My friend is now a HD for Viking.
  4. Call Royal and have them do the price adjustment. Pretty sure you can do that. Worth a shot.
  5. I’ve heard that a few days before sailing, the cabanas can be found for 1/2 price. We sail a week from Saturday so I’m checking a few times a day right now and probably every 15 minutes next week lol
  6. Yep. Nothing to see here lol. Unless you have a cruise that has just opened up. Snagged 5 night dining on our Holy Land on Odyssey a year from now. Our May Alaska has yet to be included in a sale. Anyone ever see sales on their Alaska cruises?
  7. I’m trying to get $100 shareholder OBC re-instated that went missing with some re-pricing/moving reservation. I tried Facebook messenger route first but got an ornery social rep. Guess I’ll be calling tomorrow
  8. February was the last time 45% off was offered. Got CocoCay Beach Club for $106. After that sale it’s not been lower than $166. DBP has stayed at $58 which isn’t bad.
  9. Last sale before my Symphony! Momma needs a cabana baby!
  10. Our cruise on Symphony week after next will be our first time doing UDP. We don’t plan on using it for lunch. We’re always on the pool deck and don’t want to shower and dress for lunch. We got it for all the dinners. I hate that they took away the 5 night plan. It’s either 3 night or UDP. When we’ve done the 3 night (and now the UDP), I use the cruise compass to find out when the shows are and book our dinners around the shows we want to see. I asked someone currently on Symphony to post the show schedule since Flight just came back this week. Yesterday I picked when we wanted the shows and then chose dinner times. As soon as we’re onboard, I’ll head to a specialty restaurant (I choose the restaurants over tables in promenade because sometimes the tables don’t have computers and they’re doing it by phone) and make our reservations. Husband will jump on the App and book our shows. Then we head for the bar! I like having a plan. I’m type A and don’t like “winging it.”
  11. I’d map every Walgreens between St Cloud and PC. I’m in St Johns (between Jax and St Augustine) and Walgreens books only 48 hours out
  12. I think we’re going to shoot for a 7:45 dinner at Hooked. Hopefully the hairstyle holds up during sail away Seeing the Miami skyline lit up might be fun!
  13. Now I’m scared to call you to find out if our FCC’s have been re-issued! I don’t want to trigger more nightmares We have until December to figure it out. Go take some melatonin and get some rest!
  14. Well I would assume from a financial standpoint it’s cheaper for you to lug it home then Royal having to ship them. We will get one in May while in Alaska. Our suitcases will be heavy enough! Lol If it ends up in our cabin, I may go to the LA and ask if they can ship it instead.
  15. Even the first 3 dates in December are impossible. Craziness for sure. Maybe the ship has teleporting capability
  16. Ohhh I need to find that hotel! Lol We’re on Wonder in March too
  17. Isn’t Jewel in Europe though? I don’t think masks are required anywhere outside on deck on sailings from US.
  18. Hmmmm according to “Gwen” on RC’s Twitter page, Wonder will be sailing from Hong Kong November of 2022. (These are the same social media people that always told everyone they were sailing on X date during the shutdown. And then the cancellations came and came again and again well you know where I’m going lol)
  19. lol I pay $11.99 a bottle at BJ’s for Ruffino Prosecco
  20. I just booked the Hampton Inn South. Same deal as North offers I assume. We’re sailing out of Miami in 2 weeks so port stuff didn’t matter. Just didn’t want to stay in Miami. Will be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale though come March and prices are double of what we’re paying for late October. Book now for best price
  21. Besides coastal kitchen, which specialty restaurant on symphony has the best view of the ocean? I’m thinking Hooked? Our sail away is at 7:00pm so it may even be close to dusk by then. We also may be eating then so wanted a restaurant with a view. Just looked and sunset is 6:46 on October 23. May be a moot point!
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