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  1. It is showing for my April Anthem cruise too. I already have free tickets.
  2. I have to admit that I now see your food pictures in my dreams.
  3. Is this common all year round? I am learning so much from your trip reports! Is this a winter issue or should I expect this could happen in April too?
  4. Thanks, you are helping me manage my expectations!
  5. Does that mean if you have the 8:15 seating for dinner there would be no way to see it?
  6. I have been reading conflicting information. If I have a bungalow will I need to get in line and get a tender ticket? Does everyone in your party have to be there? You have taught me so much with thes posts- thanks!
  7. Thanks for the welcome and I have followed @twangster 's blog! I think it may be the main reason I am now counting down the days until my cruise.
  8. @twangster, I am a newbie planning my first cruise on the Anthem. Your blog has taught me so much and your photos are beautiful! Thank you!
  9. Hello! I have been reading so many posts here but I have never introduced myself. I am Mary and I will be taking my first cruise in April on the Anthem. I live in Massachusetts, so I am looking forward to being able to drive to the port. I have learned so much reading your post but there is so much I still do not know! This forum is my first non-Disney post!
  10. I just booked the deluxe package for $41 for my April Anthem sailing.
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