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  1. We lift & shifted to this cruise. Really looking forward to this.
  2. You can feel it, though I think it's less noticeable compared to smaller ships. Feeling the pitching was nothing compared to seeing the real extent, especially on the jogging track looking back to the Aqua Theatre.
  3. I only had this once - after a week-long Med cruise where we didn't get off the ship in any port. Land sickness lasted for several weeks, I felt horrible. In hindsight, I'm pretty sure it was due to the ship (AIDAperla) as I had no problems after the Symphony TA - that had way more movement and we were onboard for 8 or 9 days straight.
  4. If you do Lift & Shift, you won't get any FCC (neither for the cruise price paid nor for your cruise planner purchases). You'll keep your original cruise price and get 100$ OBC for the cruise you shift to. The October Holy Land cruises are quite expensive at the moment, so if you booked for a favorable price, Lift & Shift should be the best option. If you're looking at the October cruises, you couldn't use your FCC for them anyway as the rules state that the FCC is only good until September 30th, 2022 sail dates.
  5. Apparently we're the only ones affected who are happy with the decision Our September 19th (Holy Land) cruise has been cancelled, but that gave us the opportunity for a lift & shift to October 7th 2022 with a waaay better itinerary. Keeping our old price is amazing as we've just saved about 1900 euros (2300 $) - that's UBP, UDP and a few shore excursions
  6. My Odyssey September 19th 2021 has just been cancelled. According to the e-mail, Odyssey will NOT be homeported in Civitavecchia, but in Haifa instead and will only allow Israeli residents. At least we were eligible for lift & shift and have just switched to Odyssey October 7th 2022.
  7. This is what you get when combining two words in one - although 3 consonants is due to the spelling reform of 1996. Before that, it was impossible to have 3 consonants in a row and you just dropped one when combining words - pronounciation is the same anyway. Oh the 'joys' of the spelling reform. I was in 7th grade when this started so I had to learn both. I still can't be bothered to write Delphin (dolphin) with f instead of ph.
  8. The two bridges are usually the most iconic spots. Friesenbrücke Weener will be first, followed by Jann-Berghaus-Brücke Leer at noon. The dam (Emssperrwerk) is too late (0.30 am) and the shipyards lock is just too early (4 am).
  9. It's a pity this won't be the event it normally is. We had planned to have a short vacation and watch the conveyance on the spot. Sadly, overnight stays are still forbidden, even in our own RV - and it's too far for a one day trip. German public-service broadcasting offered a live stream for the Spectrum conveyance, but I guess that's out of the question for the Odyssey conveyance as everybody is trying to keep the date quiet.
  10. I'd take a Baltic Sea cruise over a Med cruise any day. Bonus point: even Royal has longer itineraries there (up to 10 days). You could even do a Baltic Sea cruise and a Med cruise - or a Norwegian fjords cruise. Flights from Stockholm to Barcelona or Rome take about 3 hours and flights in Europe are quite cheap if you don't need any bells and whistles.
  11. It's Schiffstester Matthias Morr. He has also posted a VLOG of this cruise, that might be interesting to watch even if you don't understand German.. And you're correct, most drinks are included with TUI - here's an example of a bar menu to give you an idea. Btw, gratuity is also included and I'd rate TUI's MDR higher than Royal's. Can't comment on speciality dining as I've never seen the need to try it on TUI
  12. Passengers were mostly compliant with the rules - way more compliant than you'd see on land. A few outliers here and there, but the only real problem was the meeting of the 3 "sisters" - the upper decks were quite packed. 1.5m distance wasn't always obeyed at that time and not everybody was wearing a mask as they were outside. Haven't seen any passengers with face shields, most likely because you had to have a medical exemption to use them instead of masks. Don't see many advantages for a face shield because you only had to use a mask where you couldn't keep a distance. Seating at bars
  13. Finally, as promised, a recap of Schiffstester Matthias Morr's conclusion video: - Boarding times were enforced (usually TUI Cruises doesn't assign boarding times). Masks had to be worn in the terminal and in the queue in front of the terminal. Health questionnaires & temperature check for check in. B2Bs are currently not allowed. - Muster drill: when on board you went from your cabin to your muster station. Explanations were given in small groups. - Ship sailed at around 40% capacity (= 1200 guests), max would've been 60% (=1400 guests), 800 crew. Possible difficulties in s
  14. Just to clarify again - crew tested positive was for AIDA ships, not TUI. These cruises to nowhere are now starting for 3 German cruise lines: TUI Cruises (50% Royal Caribbean, 50% TUI), AIDA Cruises (belongs to Carnival) and Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten (German luxury cruise line, owned 100% by TUI). Safety measures should be quite similar on all 3 lines as they were negotiated by the German branch of CLIA. Looking forward to a conclusion video by one of my favourite Youtubers - he's on Mein Schiff 2's first cruise. The video is scheduled for tomorrow, 8.30 pm (CEST). I'll report back anyt
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