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Royal Caribbean gives its top cruisers a crystal block gift. Here's how to get one (and other freebies for cruising a lot)

05 Oct 2023
Deanna Termyna

The more you cruise with Royal Caribbean the more enticing benefits you receive.

Crystal Block

Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society has a lot of perks as a way of rewarding their most loyal guests. Just like a hotel or airline loyalty program, the more you travel, the higher you move up in the ranks and more lucrative benefits that await you.

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Each night spent on a Royal Caribbean cruise will earn you one point towards your loyalty status. If you stay in a suite or cruise solo, you can earn an additional point towards your status. 


Guests are automatically enrolled into the Crown and Anchor Society after you complete your first sailing and off the bat you'll get a few discounts to use. Arguably, the best benefits wait for you once you reach Diamond status.

One highly sought after benefit are crystal blocks, because they are a sort of "mile marker" you can get as you move through the higher tiers of the program.

Not only are they a great keepsake, but they are collectable as well and many cruisers want to diversify their collection with various ships (especially their favorites).

Wonder of the Seas in Labadee

Here's a look at how to get these blocks, as well as some of the other top tier gifts you could receive.

How do you get crystal blocks?

Crystal block box

To be eligible to receive a crystal block, you have to reach 140 cruise points.

Once you reach 140 cruise points, you will receive your first crystal block delivery during your sailing. One crystal block is awarded per relationship. It will be delivered to your cabin, often on the exact night you reach the 140 points. 

How often do you get a crystal block?

Oasis of the Seas block

You will receive another free crystal block every time you earn another 70 points on top of the initial 140 points needed. To save you the trouble of doing the math, that means you will get a block at 210, 280, 350, 420, and so on points.

There is no limit as to how many blocks you are able to collect. The more you cruise, the more blocks you will have!

Crystal block with letter

If for some reason you do not receive your crystal block award and you already have 140 cruise points then you can contact Crown & Anchor’s customer service line at 800-526-9723​​. Royal Caribbean states in their terms and conditions they will only honor requests for Crystal blocks that have been verified as missing for a maximum of 12 months from the date of claim submission.

Any requests for missing blocks after the 12-month period cannot be accommodated.

Upgraded bathroom amenities

Upgraded toiletries

Higher tier cruisers will get better in-cabin toiletries waiting for them.

While other guests in a non-suite cabin receive the standard bar of soap and 2-in-1 shampoo dispenser in the shower, guests with more than 340 points will receive upgraded bathroom amenities in their stateroom upon arrival.

This can include bottled lotion, shampoo, and conditioner and it should be delivered to your cabin on embarkation day and waiting for you to use when you get into the room.

Personalized gift

Toiletry bag

Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members are able to choose from a list of complimentary gifts to receive while you are sailing.

You can update or choose your gift preference by calling the Crown & Anchor line prior to your cruise. Alternatively, you can speak to the Loyalty Ambassador onboard who can change your selection for the next sailing.

Anthem of the Seas in Spain

The list has options of wines, cheeses, chocolates, fruits, bags, and other drinks.  For three to six night sailings you will be able to choose one per household.

If you have 340-524 cruise points on 7+ night sailings you will be able to select 2 gifts and if you have 525+ cruise points you will be able to select 3 gifts on 7+ night sailings.

The toiletry bag and the tote bag are currently the only gifts you can choose that are not edible. 

Welcome water

Bottles of water

Emerald and Diamond members will receive two water bottles per person delivered on the first day of their cruise.

Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members receive three water bottles per person delivered to their cabin on the first day of their cruise. This is a nice perk to have water bottles right in your cabin when you are parched.

Free photo

Professional photos

For this freebie, you do have to go to the Photo Gallery onboard but it is worth getting a free printed photo.

Make sure to stop and have a photo taken because Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle members receive one free any size photo.

I have seen photos at $20 or more, so this perk is a great value.

Lapel pin

Pinnacle Pin

Love it or hate it Royal Caribbean gives out lapel pins to their Emerald, Diamond, and Diamond Plus members.

These pins are delivered on the following cruise after reaching new status. Pinnacle Club members get a personalized lapel pin with their name on it, these personalized pins seem to be appreciated a bit more. 

Free laundry service

Laundry bags

Whether you run out of clothes on your trip or you simply would like to return home with clean clothing, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members receive one free $34.99 bag of laundry on the day of the ship's Wash and Fold laundry promotion.

This offer only applies on sailings 5+ nights.

Add-on spa treatment


Spa treatments onboard are something nice to splurge on from time to time. Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members can receive a complimentary add-on spa treatment.  

You must book a signature spa service and then you will be able to receive a free add-on. Treatment options are a hand, foot, or scalp massage. 

Free internet access

Starlink receivers coming to Royal Caribbean

Diamond members receive 1 free day of onboard internet for one device and Diamond Plus members receive 2 free days of onboard internet for one device.

If you reach the highest status as a Pinnacle Club member, you will then get free unlimited internet access for 1 device for the length of each sailing.

Free cruise

Mariner of the Seas aft

Last but definitely not least, Pinnacle Club members receive a milestone cruise certificate valued at the rate of a 7-night balcony stateroom for 700 and 1050 cruise points.

Once you reach 1400 cruise points, you receive a milestone cruise certificate valued at the rate of a Junior Suite stateroom and also every 350 cruise points after. '

In simple words, you get a free cruise for two people. The first two free cruises are in a balcony cabin then after that, you will be able to receive a free junior suite moving forward.

Final words

Side of Navigator of the Seas

These rewards for staying loyal are enticing, and a nice bonus for enjoying a cruise vacation over and over again.

I think most people like to feel valued for their business and Royal Caribbean does a spectacular job at rewarding their loyal guests. Beyond the material benefits we covered, the crew always goes the extra mile to make it known you are a valued member of Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program. 

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