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Royal Caribbean Cruises Chairman offers outlook on the cruise industry during the current Coronavirus crisis

01 Apr 2020
Matt Hochberg

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Chairman and CEO Richard Fain shared a brand new video on how he sees the current COVID-19 climate, and what his outlook on the situation.

Mr. Fain begins his video paralleling the current crisis with the timeline of a typical hurricane, and how things look bad before they get better.

"There's a reason for the old sailor's expression that it's always darkest before the dawn; It is darkest before the dawn, but we're not yet in the darkest part of the night. But, we're beginning to approach that period and we will have to prepare ourselves for two things."

"Firstly, we need to prepare ourselves for getting ready for that dark period, and secondly, we need to prepare ourselves for emerging into the dawn that follows."

Mr. Fain also talked about Royal Caribbean's dedication to the travel agent community, and the launch of RCL Cares. The support program helps small businesses navigate the government's CARES Act in a time when businesses are hurting all over.

"We hope these benefits can help your business not only recover, but prepared to charge ahead when we return to service."

"In these times, you can never have too much support and together we will get through this and back on the track to success."

Mr. Fain has been producing videos on a near-weekly basis, and you can check out each of his powerful and insightful takes on the situation:

"As Americans, we have a history of grit and resilience, and both will be needed as we deal with the rising devastation this diseases is bringing."