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Royal Caribbean expands gifts website and adds ability to ship to homes

19 Jul 2018

Royal Caribbean has rolled out an update to its Royal Gifts site, where guests can purchase items to be delivered to their stateroom.  The new update offers not only a greater array of merchandise, but also introduces the ability to ship directly to guests' homes.

The new update was rolled out on July 17th.  In the past, guests were limited to purchasing items for onboard delivery.  Now, guests have the option of having these items delivered to their homes.

Gift items include, but are not limited to T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Visors, Flip Flops, Totes, Tumbler Cups, Glass Mugs, Sunglasses, and Gift Certificates. A wide selection of gift items are fully customizable and ready for purchase.

Royal Caribbean CEO apologizes for website upgrade issues

16 Mar 2018

Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley issued an apology letter to its guests for the issues related to a recent website upgrade that has resulted in many guests unable to access their account at all.

Bayley posted the letter on the Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Facebook page.

"I know that many of you are wasting valuable time and energy migrating to our new Guest Account system. Please know that we hear you, we read everything and we have mobilized the necessary resources to fix the problems."

Bayley went on to note the root cause of the problem is a combination, "many guests having created multiple accounts over the years, the elimination of being able to select amenities and preferences online for our loyal Crown & Anchor members, and mistakes we made in developing and implementing the first release of this new capability."

To remedy the issues, Royal Caribbean has assembled a team to fix the issues.

Bayley also noted if you are continuing to have issues, we’ve also created an email account at [email protected] to reach the dedicated team.

Royal Caribbean creating single login for use between Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises

07 Mar 2018

Royal Caribbean announced today it is rolling out the first part of its enhanced Guest Digital Experience with a new Universal Guest Account.

Beginning in March 2018, Royal Caribbean will begin offering an enhanced guest account that will, "deliver many capabilities of our digital cruise experience, to simplify the guest experience online and to allow guests to quickly access features and information."

The one login can be used for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises apps and websites. It promises to bring them everything guests need from loyalty (Crown & Anchor) information, personalized itineraries and details – all with just one account login.

In addition, Royal Caribbean has simplified and strengthened the account security and password reset processes to ensure guest information is safe and accessible.

Guests may experience new functionality while it is being trialed beginning as early as March 7, 2018 who have upcoming reservations.

Royal Caribbean has also hinted that additional digital enhancements are coming in the months to follow. Other enhancements include the ability to book anything imaginable from a smart phone and more.

Royal Caribbean hosting an open website usability test

21 Feb 2018

Royal Caribbean is inviting the public to help test their website at their corporate offices in March.

If you are interested in helping Royal Caribbean test their site's usability, and you will be in South Florida between March 12-16, you can apply to join.

Those accepted to the test will conduct the testing at Royal Caribbean's corporate offices, followed by lunch onboard a cruise ship.

Royal Caribbean updates booking site with feature to find staterooms easily

21 Jul 2016

Royal Caribbean has updated its website this week to make it simpler for guests to find where their staterooms are on the ship prior to reserving it.

The new feature allows guests to see staterooms in the aft, middle or forward of a ship and better understand the room's position, relative to the rest of the ship.

Guests first choose between AFT, MID or FWD and then select a deck.

Finally, they can choose a room on the selected deck.

Through each step, guests can easily see which area of the ship their room is located and also understand the difference in pricing based on their stateroom location choice.

The new feature does not appear in all web browsers yet.  We had to use Internet Explorer to see this feature.

Do you think the new booking feature makes it simpler understand where your stateroom is? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Royal Caribbean launches "Come Seek" brand campaign on website and social media

19 Oct 2015

Today marks the official launch of Royal Caribbean's new marketing campaign, "Come Seek" and already its website is showing off the new branding.

A new mini-site launched today that reinforces the three main messages of the campaign: "You are not a tourist", "This is not a cruise" and "This is not the Caribbean".

The site also shows off still and moving imagery that focuses on the one-of-a-kind experiences a Royal Caribbean cruise can offer.

The "Come Seek" campaign is aimed at people that have never taken a cruise before and may have never even considered one.  Royal Caribbean is specifically going after Millenials and those that have misconceptions about what a cruise vacation is.

In addition, Royal Caribbean re-branded its Twitter and Facebook designs to match the "Come Seek" motif.

With the official launch of the "Come Seek" campaign today, Royal Caribbean will be also running ads on popular TV shows, such as the "Late Show" with Stephen Colbert, the "Tonight Show" starring Jimmy Fallon and also the reality show, "The Voice."

The first salvo of advertising will be quick five-second ads that are meant to pique the interest of a viewer, which will be followed up by more traditional 30-second spots with similar music and theme.

Ads will be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Bravo and TBS.

Later in the campaign, Royal Caribbean will launch “Come Seek Live” - a first of its kind crowd-sourced Periscope activation originating from a Royal Caribbean ship and streamed onto a series of animated billboards in major metro areas.

Is the new "Come Seek" campaign your favorite Royal Caribbean marketing campaign? Tell us in the comments!

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