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Royal Caribbean adds Genoa as new Italian port

22 Jun 2011

Royal Caribbean aims to expand in the Italian cruise market and announced Genoa, Italy as the second port of call for Mediterranean cruises.

Starting on July 23, 2011 and running to September 3, 2011, Mariner of the Seas will sail from Genoa and offer Western Mediterannean seven-night cruises to the guests that will visit Cannes, Ajaccio, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

Mariner of the Seas arrived in late March for the first time ever in the Mediterranean where she sails from Italy in the port of Civitavecchia.  In October 2011, two alternating 12-night itineraries in the Eastern Mediterranean (at the beginning and end of season) and itineraries of seven nights in the central western Mediterranean in the season. 

Royal Caribbean happy with investment in Ravenna port

20 Jun 2011

There is a big party today at the port of Ravenna, Italy to celebrate the inauguration of the new cruise terminal , which partner Royal Caribbean has a hand in .    After the ceremony to open the new cruise terminal, authorities and journalists boarded Voyager of the Seas, the first of the  Voyager Class ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet , which this year will be calling 20 times in the port of Romagna, for a total of nearly 77,000 passenger movements.

On the other side of the dock is Brilliance of the Seas, one of four elegant Radiance class from Royal Caribbean.

Voyager of the Seas is the big news this year in the Adriatic where she is positioned for the first time in Italy, from Venice. Voyager of the Seas offers weekly cruises with stops in Koper, Ravenna, Bari and Dubrovnik and overnight at Venice.  In the Adriatic, Voyager of the Seas joins Splendour of the Seas , which sails between Greek Islands and Turkey with more than 10 and 11 nights departing from Venice, and confirms the growing interest in Royal Caribbean towards the Italian market.

Voyager of the Seas is therefore not the only ship of the group to touch Ravenna: Brilliance of the Seas will sail through the Mare Nostrum for the whole" summer.

Royal Caribbean invests in Ravenna, Italy

31 May 2011

Yesterday was the first stop of Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas in Ravenna, Italy which made it's first stop at the brand new cruise terminal that Royal Caribbean has a share in.

The stop in Ravenna was the first ever for Voyager of the Seas and she will be returning again as she is scheduled to make 20 calls in the port of Romagna, which will bring almost 77,000 passengers.

To mark the occasion, on June 20 there will be an official presentation to celebrate the inaugural season at the cruise terminal.  From May to October in Ravenna will be operating three ships of the fleet for a total of 25 airports and nearly 90 thousand passengers handled.

Brilliance of the Seas begins 2011 Mediterranean season in Italy

17 May 2011

Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas will make its first port of call today at Salerno, Italy to begin its 2011 Mediterranean season in Campania.

Brilliance of the Seas will call at Salerno 12 times for a total of 30,000 passengers handled. Between May and September Brilliance of the Seas will offer itineraries in Europe, with alternate cruises in Greece and Croatia, sailing from Barcelona. Then the ship will move during the winter months in the Persian Gulf for seven-night itineraries in the UAE.

Seven Royal Caribbean ships to visit Venice in 2011

22 Apr 2011

A positive start to the season for Splendour of the Seas, her first year season cruising from Venice and she is ready to go. Splendour of the Seas is the first ship of Royal Caribbean's fleet to dock at the port of Venice in 2011 and opened a major new cruise season for the brand.

At Movimenterà alone, nearly 60,000 passengers embarked from the port of Venice 29 times for 10 and 11-night cruises to Greece and Croatia until November 2011. Voyager of the Seas arrives on May 21, Brilliance of the Seas May 25. From April to November, there will be seven ships of Royal Caribbean that pass through the capital of Veneto, for a total of 113 airports and handling over 320,000 passengers.

"Year after year, Venice increasingly consolidates its leading role in planning for Royal Caribbean - says Lina Mazucco, CEO Cruises Ltd RCL Italy -. 2011 in particular will be a golden year for the former Maritime Republic, which will nearly double the flow of Royal Caribbean cruise: from about 170,000 last year, we expect to reach over 320,000 this year. "

Royal Caribbean adding ports of call in Sicily

15 Apr 2011

At the Sicily Travel Expo, Royal Caribbean announced that it will be in Sicily for the first time. In 2011, five vessels will be transitioning to Messina, Sicily which can bring nearly 160,000 passengers.

Palermo will be the first port of call for Grandeur of the Seas May 20, 2011. Mariner of the Seas, in her debut year in the Mediterranean Sea, will touch only once a Palermo October 1. On October 8, it will be Brilliance of the Seas' turn. The cruise season will close the Navigator of the Seas, for the first time in Palermo on October 24.

Mariner of the Seas debuts in Italy

28 Mar 2011

Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Sea arrived for her new Mediterranean itineraries for the first time in Italy.  The ship arrived in the early hours of the morning to Civitavecchia, where she will be home for the entire 2011 season, until the end of October.

During the "Italian baptism," the ribbon-cutting ceremony has been entrusted to champion Fiona May. Mariner of the Seas was also the scene of a unique event, "Run for Royal", the first 3km never sailed on a cruise ship, which involved five runners.

Yesterday in Civitavecchia, in the presence of a large group of journalists, travel agents, port authorities and sports stars and entertainers, there was an Italian baptism of Mariner of the Seas, the new queen of the Royal Caribbean's Mediterranean Fleet, for the first time in the Mare Nostrum.

The ship's godmother of the event was Fiona May, an Italian athlete, twice world champion of long jump, welcomed on his arrival the ship was established in 2003.

Lina Mazzucco, general manager Royal Caribbean Italy, explains the choice: " In a lively and passionate character and style of Fiona, we recognized the spirit of Mariner of the Seas, a ship full of character, dedicated to the Italians, lovers of sport and a holiday at the same time dynamic and healthy, which makes the wishes of the family. Its elegance, femininity and perseverance in life as in sport, we did see in her the perfect spokesperson for this amazing ship . "

For the first time ever in the history of the company, the ship will depart from Genoa Royal - apart from Civitavecchia - and will offer seven-night cruises to the guests that will touch Cannes, Ajaccio, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca.

Royal Caribbean confirms its commitment to Livorno, Italy

03 Feb 2011

Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas, the sister ship of the third and final Freedom class ship, is calling the port of Livorno, Italy home for the second time during the 2011 cruise season.  Independence will alternate eastern and western Mediterranean cruises, sailing from Southampton in the UK.

In the 2011 season, there are 12 ships calling at Livorno. After Independence of the Seas, will support in the Tuscan port the other ships of the fleet, the first stop will be to Liberty of the Seas April 27, will then be the turn of Brilliance of the Seas May 9, Voyager of the Seas 17 May, Adventure of the Seas May 18, Grandeur of the Seas July 27, and Navigator of the Seas November 7 and Navigator of the Seas November 7. 

"Always the port of Livorno, the company has for a role of primary importance - says Lina Mazzucco, general manager of Royal Caribbean Italy. "We were able to significantly increase the scale of the fleet which become 91 against 79 last year. Similarly, increases the flow of passengers, who went from 227,000 in 2010 to over 323,000 in 2011. "

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