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Dining with a picky eater on a Royal Caribbean cruise


Personally, I love to eat on a Royal Caribbean cruise and indulge in the amazing variety of food offered onboard.  Royal Caribbean offers a lot to choose from and for someone that enjoys trying new foods, this is terrific.

What happens if you, or someone you are cruising with (such as a young child) is a picky eater and hates trying new foods?  

You might think this could ruin your trip, but it does not have to!

Here are some good tips for how to deal with the pickiest eaters on a Royal Caribbean cruise that I have found over the years.

Best place for kids: Windjammer buffet

Children are notoriously picky eaters, because they tend to judge food purely on its aesthetics instead of what it tastes like.  

You can try explaining to your kids how tasty broccoli really is, or just head to the "great equalizer at sea", the Windjammer.

The beauty of the Windjammer is the sheer variety of food offered.  

You will find the widest selection of food in the Windjammer, including some really basic foods, such as grilled meats, cheeses, fruit, pasta and more.

In fact, much of the food served in the Windjammer is based on the idea of creating it yourself, so the pasta has no sauce on it and the grilled chicken comes out bare.  There are plenty of sauces and toppings you can add right next to it, but for picky eaters, it is always best to keep foods simple and go from there.

In short, when it comes to appeasing a picky eater, you want as much choice as possible on your side.

Places offering picky eater-friendly choices

On any Royal Caribbean ship, you will find a lot of restaurants onboard that serve up food to guests. Each has their own menu and different options to choose from.

For picky eaters, we have found these Royal Caribbean restaurants offer a higher likelihood of making picky eaters happy.

Sorrento's Pizza

Any Royal Caribbean ship with a Royal Promenade or Royal Esplanade will offer a food that almost any picky eater can enjoy, Sorrento's Pizza.

While Sorrento's may not win any culinary awards for the pizza it offers, the pizza available here is always a hit with kids and picky eaters a like.

At any given time, guests can enjoy a few different varieties of pizza, but plain cheese and pepperoni pizza is almost always available.  And it's complimentary!

Wipeout Cafe

Royal Caribbean figured if kids are going to be spending a lot of time near the amazing onboard activities, such as the FlowRider, Rock Climbing Wall or Teen Club, then they should put somewhere to eat that appeals to them nearby.

Wipeout Cafe has hot dogs, burgers, fries and ice cream and not much else.  But for picky eaters, this must be heaven.

In terms of easy to please food that is nearby the pool decks, Wipeout Cafe is a great choice and usually features very short lines.

Main Dining Room

Royal Caribbean designed its main dining room to be able to accommodate thousands of guests and almost as many tastes.

Whether you are a super picky eater, have dietary restrictions or just do not like wet and dry foods touching, the staff at the main dining room is there to make your dining experience perfect.

Ask to speak to the head waiter and explain what you would like, even if it is not on the menu. With advanced notice, the chef can create something perfect that should satisfy the pickiest of eaters.

Johnny Rockets

For a small charge, picky eaters can do quite well at Johnny Rockets, where you will find classic American food prepared to your liking.

Burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches and more are available at Johnny Rockets and you really cannot beat the quality of food served here when it comes to this classic fare.

While the burgers, dogs and sandwiches served elsewhere onboard are complimentary, the quality of the food at Johnny Rockets is top-notch and always seems to hit the spot.

Get your picky eater involved in planning

When you have picky eaters in your group, one important step you can take to ensure a smoother dining process is involve them in the decision making.

Empowering them to help with planning not only helps alleviate anxiety about what they are about to eat, but it also helps get them onboard with the plans.

When planning where to eat, encourage your picky eaters to help with the planning and take a look at Royal Caribbean menus in advance.

After all, eating on a Royal Caribbean cruise is more than just about getting sustinance to fuel your body.  Dining is a big part of the cruise fun!

The secret menu: side dishes

Just because you have a picky eater does not mean you cannot eat at restaurants without burgers or hot dogs on the menu.

On this blog, we love to dine at Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants such as Giovanni's Table, Sabor, Chops Grille and more, but picky eaters may not be thrilled about the menu choices there.

An overlooked aspect of all these restaurants are the side dishes, which are often basic options that can easily be turned into entrees (especially for kids).

In most specialty restaurants, the side dishes can be ordered in as much quantity as you like, so picky eaters can use those options as a basic part of their meal without having to venture out to the main dishes on the menu.

We want to hear from you! What are your best tips for dining with picky eaters on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Leave a comment and share below!

The top decadent Royal Caribbean snacks


When you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise, that means you are on vacation and splurging here and there is what makes being on vacation so much fun.

In addition to the terrific entertainment onboard and the ports you will visit, there are a lot of tasty snacks you can enjoy that just are not worth worrying about how many calories they have.  This is about enjoying your vacation!

Let us look at some of the most decadent snacks available to binge on during your Royal Caribbean cruise.

Sorrentos Pizza

There is no doubt that the pizza at Sorrentos will not win any awards, but sometimes you just need a slice of pizza and Sorrentos fits that requirement.

Sorrentos pizza comes in a few different varieties, depending on what they are cooking, and it is included in your cruise fare.

For most guests, grabbing a slice of pizza is the perfect pit stop as you move from one end of the ship to the other.  And after a night of partying, pizza really hits the spot!

Kummelweck Sandwich

A Royal Caribbean classic offering is the Kummelweck sandwich, which offers slices of seasoned slow-roasted beef, sliced to perfection that is available to guests at Park Cafe.

The Kummelweck sandwich was first offered on Oasis class ships, but Park Cafe has spread to other ships in the fleet since then.  It's also available on Quantum class ships at [email protected]

Guests are served a rare, thin cut of beef dipped in au jus accompanied by a secret sauce.

If it sounds mighty tasty, that is because it really is and something that is a must-try (at least a half dozen times) for any guest.

Dog House hot dog

When Royal Caribbean designed its Dog House hot dog offerings, they did not just settle on one style of dog.

The Seaplex Dog House and Boardwalk Dog House offers four kind of hot dogs:

  • Big apple: Chicken and apple
  • German: Thuringer (Pork - genuine old world style)
  • Smoke House: Smoked Bratwurst (pork - traditional spices)
  • Coney Island: Classic American all-beef Kosher hot dog

No matter which dog you pick and what sides you toss on them, it is a tasty quick snack that really "hits the spot."

Chips and salsa

There are two spots on Royal Caribbean that regularly serve up some great chips and salsa: Sabor and Rita's Cantina.

Regardless of which one you visit, be sure to enjoy the perfect finger food that is great for groups.  Bonus points if accompanied by a margarita!

There is an additional fee to dine at either restaurant, but when you are in the mood for a great Mexican snack, this is your best bet.

Johnny Rockets milkshake

Johnny Rockets has locations around the world, including Royal Caribbean cruise ships, and the chain has a reputation for amazing classic American food, including its milkshakes.

The milkshakes at Johnny Rockets are made with hand-dipped premium ice cream and are as good as they sound.

Milkshakes come in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.

There is an additional cost to the milkshakes, but it might be one of the best, inexpensive splurges available on your Royal Caribbean cruise.

Sandwiches from Cafe Promenade

It never ceases to amaze me how I will not feel hungry, but as soon as I walk by Cafe Promenade and see the amazing sandwiches waiting to be picked up, I instantly become famished.

Each day, Royal Caribbean offers a different variety of sandwiches, from wraps to shrimp rolls, to Greek salad rolls and more.

A visit to Cafe Promenade often begins with the words, "let me just see what they have..." and before you know it, you have a plate full of mini-sandwiches to enjoy.

What is your favorite snack that is worth every single calorie? Leave a comment and share with us!

Royal Caribbean offering new dining packages on Allure of the Seas


Royal Caribbean has started offering dining packages on select Allure of the Seas sailings, that allow guests to enjoy multiple specialty restaurants for a fixed price.

There appear to be three dining packages to choose from

  • 3-night package: $80 per adult
  • 4-night package: $95 per adult
  • 5-night package: $110 per adult

Guests that reserve a dining package will be asked to select their dining party and preferred dining time.  Royal Caribbean will then make a courtesy dinner reservation will be made the guest's behalf in a pre-selected restaurant on day 1 or day 2.

On Day 1, guests will receive reservation confirmation in their stateroom. Guests are able to amend or to complete additional dinner reservations by visiting a Hospitality Desk or any specialty restaurant.

For restaurants with a la carte pricing, package includes a $30 credit towards the food portion of your bill.

Kids ages 6-12 dine at specialty restaurants for only $10. Ages 5 and under eat free!  Royal Caribbean staff can add kids to existing reservations at kid's prices once onboard.

Earlier this year, we have spotted similar dining packages offered on Explorer of the Seas and some Freedom class ships.

It is not clear yet if these dining packages are available for all sailings yet.  Royal Caribbean Blog reader Calvin Harris spotted the deal offered on his December 12, 2015 Allure of the Seas sailing.

UPDATE: Royal Caribbean Blog readers have spotted similar dining packages on Oasis of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas & Serenade of the Seas.  

Will you book one of these dining packages for your next Royal Caribbean cruise? Tell us in the comments below!

Three ways to save money on Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants


Royal Caribbean offers a variety of impressive specialty restaurants that serve up some of the best food available at sea and there are some ways to save money on the total cost to eat at these hot spots.

Whether you want to indulge in steak, sushi or Mexican, Royal Caribbean has added a number of specialty restaurants to its ships with cover charges per person that start at $25 and go up from there.

With these tips, you can cut down that cost and have more money to spend elsewhere on your cruise vacation!

First day discount

On most Royal Caribbean ships, the day you board you will find specials if you eat at many of the specialty restaurants that evening.

Most guests do not consider a specialty restaurant for the first night.  It is not clear why exactly, but specialty restaurants seem to enter guests' radar as the cruise progresses.

Look at your Cruise Compass or go to any of these restaurants and look for discounts available if you dine that day. Usually, there is a 20% discount if you dine at one of the restaurants that evening.


Pre-pay online

Royal Caribbean wants to encourage its guests to eat at more than just one specialty restaurant so they will reward you if you happen to go to at least three.

Using Cruise Planner on Royal Caribbean's website, you can save up to 30% onboard credit when you make three or more reservations at any specialty restaurants.

You will get the onboard credit on day one of your cruise and that's more money to spend onboard!

If you know you will dine at three (or more) specialty restaurants, pre-book them online to take advantage of the savings.

Dining Package

If you really love eating at the specialty restaurants and you just cannot get enough, consider the dining package.

We have seen the dining package offered on a few Royal Caribbean ships (Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Jewel of the Seas to name a few) where for $20 per day, guests can dine at any of the specialty restaurants every day of the cruise.

The dining package is not available on every Royal Caribbean ship, but if it is available on your sailing, it can be a great way to save money provided you want to dine at a specialty restaurant each night.

Which specialty restaurant discount have you used before? Tell us in the comments!

What you need to know about Royal Caribbean's My Time Dining


For guests that want to experience the Main Dining Room without the formality of having a set time, Royal Caribbean offers My Time Dining.  It's a simple program where you get to eat in the main dining room on your own schedule.  Here's what you need to know about My Time Dining.

What is My Time Dining?

Essentially, My Time Dining is a program where for dinner in the main dining room, you can select times to eat between the hours of 6:00 and 9:30 p.m.

You can choose a different time each day, so you can fit dinner around the rest of your onshore and onboard plans.

There is a maximum of 10 guests per reservation.

How to opt-in for My Time Dining

Booking My Time Dining is simple, you can select it as your dining option when making your cruise reservation or at any time prior to your cruise by contacting Royal Caribbean or your travel agent.

To use this option, you must pre-pay all gratuities in advance.

Booking dining reservations

It is recommended that you make reservations in advance of your sailing if you prefer to dine at the most popular times, between 6:30pm and 8pm.

You can make reservations onboard your ship, although there will be less reservations available by that time and typically the crew members will try to steer you to keeping the same time each night.

In general, the larger the group, the less flexibility you have to modify your dining time.

If you don’t get the time you prefer initially, keep checking back to see if you can change your dining time.  Even during the cruise, time slots open up.

Onboard your cruise

On your Royal Caribbean ship, there is one deck of the main dining room dedicated to My Time Dining.  

You arrive at the main dining room at your reserved time to be seated.  You can optionally arrive without reservations, but you should be prepared to wait for a table. Often, this wait can be up to an hour.

If you are more than 5 minutes late, your table may be given away to a stand by group

Who is My Time Dining good for?

Generally speaking, My Time Dining is great for those that think dinner before 6pm is too early and 8pm as too late. Additionally, My Time Dining is good for those that may want to change their time for dinner depending on their plans for the day.

The evening shows aboard the ship are more structured for those in early and late traditional seating.

The challenge is to try and book way ahead to get the limited number of slots available between 6:30pm and say 7:45pm.

Does My Time Dining "favor" small groups or large groups?

Smaller groups provide the greatest flexibility. There is usually just a few tables for 6 or more when you’re asking for a table for just your group.

As an example, on a cruise on Independence of the Seas last year, there was only one table for 10 guests, so there was not much wiggle room for changing times.

How important are reservations? 

Without reservations, how important reservations are depend on your table size.

If you are up to two guests, you may not have much of a wait to get a table.  Groups of 4 or more and you have to wait 30-60 minutes until a table is ready.

The crew members will give you a pager to let you know when your table is ready but going to dinner without My Time Reservations is a gamble in terms of how long you will be seated, especially if you are trying to eat during the prime hours of 6pm to 8pm.

Is it possible to get the same waiters every night with My Time Dining?

If you make reservations for the same time every night, it is more likely you will have the same wait staff.

You may request a certain waiter each night, although it may increase your wait time, even if you have a reserved time.

Altering your dinner time will increase the change substantially of getting a different pair of waiters in our experience.

A big thank you to Ken Slusser for assisting in writing this blog post!

Royal Caribbean Burger Showdown


Burgers are a staple of cruise food and Royal Caribbean offers a few different burgers across its fleet, but the question is which is the best?

Today we're going to compare the burgers Royal Caribbean serves up across its fleet to determine which one comes out on top!

1. Windjammer

Part of the appeal of the Windjammer is it serves up really good food, all day long.  For lunch and dinner, their burger bar offers burgers that you can customize to your hearts content.  

You can opt for the traditional lettuce, tomato and onion or you could bring your burger to a different station and enhance it beyond what the burger bar offers.  

Photo by daschu27

The key to the burgers in the Windjammer is how fresh they are. Ideally you want to grab one that is fresh from the grill rather than one that's been sitting under the heat lamps for a while.  

2. Johnny Rockets

The heavy favorite for a good Royal Caribbean burger has to be Johnny Rockets.  The land-based restaurant is known for its burgers so their sea-based operations are very similar.

Johnny Rockets relies on the basic premise that its burgers should remind you of classic Americana.  Its menu features fresh, never frozen, made-to-order hamburgers, sides, shakes and desserts.

In addition, there's a number of different burgers to choose from, The Original, #12, Smoke House and Streamliner.  Different kinds of burgers is always a big advantage.

The only thing going against Johnny Rockets is their inconsistencies on some ships.  I've had excellent meals on one ship and not-so-great on another.  

3. Seafood Shack

Photo by Franz Neumeier

On Oasis of the Seas, the Seafood Shack serves up, well, seafood but it offers two different kinds of burgers as well that are worth noting.

If you're in the mood for a quality burger, the Seafood Shack has the Bermuda Onion Hamburger and the Key West Fisherman Burger.  The char-broiled Bermuda Onion offers fried onion rings which are a great addition.  The Fisherman burger is a breaded catch of the day burger for those looking for a healthier alternative.

The Seafood Shack may be a good choice for when others want seafood but you want to grab a burger instead.

4. Jamie's Italian

A few restaurants on Quantum-class will offer burgers and Jamie's Italian is one of them.  The restaurant is the product of celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver, a famous chef from England.

Jamie Oliver has added The Jamie's Italian Burger to the menu, which is described as, "Prime British chuck & flank steak with smoked mozzarella, mortadella, balsamic onions, tomato, pickles & chillis, served on a charred bun".

The burger here promises to be of a higher quality beef combined with better garnishments.  

Like Seafood Shack, a burger from Jamie's Italian could be the "dark hourse" choice for best Royal Caribbean burger given Jamie Oliver's reputation for good food.

5. Devinly Decadence at Solarium Bistro

Chef Devin Alexander is the star of NBC's The Biggest Loser and she's created a special menu for the Solarium Bistro. 

Given her reputation she created a "healthy burger". Seriously. It's actually based on the Big Mac but with far less calories.

I sampled this burger at the recent Quantum of the Seas dining reveal event in New York and it tasted just like the fast food variety but was told it was healthier so I was sold.

So when you find yourself on Quantum of the Seas or Anthem of the Seas maybe this is the burger to try so you can avoid the post-burger regret.

6. Chops Grille

Royal Caribbean is rolling out a brand new menu to its signature specialty restaurant, Chops Grille, and there is a burger available on their menu.

Chops Grille is offering a dry-aged steak burger on a broche bun with melted Gruyere cheese along with Pancetta.  That does sound pretty darn good.

The thing to remember about Chops Grille is it's one of the most consistantly good restaurants in Royal Caribbean's fleet.  I've lost count how many times I've eaten here and yet it is always a good choice.

7. Wipeout Cafe

Photo by blmiers2

On the aft of Oasis-class ships, you will find the Wipeout Cafe for quick bites to eat.  The idea is to grab something in between spending time on the Sports Deck being active.

Wipeout Cafe offers burgers much like the Windjammer but with less of a crowd.  In fact, I'm not sure I've even set foot here other than passing through but when you want a burger and don't want to hoof it somewhere else, this is the place for you.

8. Seaview Cafe

If you happen to be sailing on Jewel of the Seas before it gets its refurbishment then run (don't walk) to the Seaview Cafe.

The Seaview Cafe is known for its quality, fresh made food for free.  What makes the food at Seaview Cafe different is it's not mass produced in advance.  When you order a burger, then the cook grabs a patty and starts to cook it.

Anyone that knows what makes good food will tell you freshly made food is always the best choice so it's not surprising to find the burgers (and all the food) here to be really good.

Once Jewel of the Seas gets her refurbishment, the Seaview Cafe will be replaced with a specialty restaurant but until then, check this one out!

And the winner is?

Which Royal Caribbean burger has your vote for the crown? It's a tough choice so share your vote in the comments for this post and choose wisely!

Royal Caribbean Italian food showdown


Royal Caribbean has been offering Italian food for years on its cruise ships and in recent years, has been changing its Italian food offerings up in recent years.  

So today we're going to compare the various Italian restauants Royal Caribbean serves up and see which one comes out on top!

1. Portofino

Royal Caribbean's reigning Italian food champ, Portofino, has been available on many ships across Royal Caribbean's fleet for many years. 

The food at Portofino is based on Northern Italian cuisine and offers traditional Italian pasta, fish and meats. What Portofino does well is mixing traditional Italian favorites with modern style.  You can get a plate of pasta in a tomato sauce or go with the Saltimbocca alla Romana.  

Sadly, Royal Caribbean is in the process of phasing out Portofino in favor of some of the other Italian restaurants we will be discussing in this post but it remains the stalwart of Italian food on many Royal Caribbean ships.

We think of Portofino as the veteran champ that has been around for a while but still has what it takes to comepete.

2. Giovanni's Table

Giovanni's Table is the up-start "new kid on the block" that offers traditional Italian fare, family style.  Royal Caribbean describes Giovanni's Table as, "an Italian Trattoria influenced by the Tuscan countryside".

Whereas Portofino offers a mix of new and old, Giovanni's Table mostly sticks with tried and true Italian dishes.  Eggplant parmigiana, lasagna, meat balls and more are available.  

Having first debuted on Oasis of the Seas, Giovanni's Table has been spreading to other Royal Caribbean ships with each new ship revitalization and stands to be the new standard by which Royal Caribbean serves up Italian food.

Giovanni's Table is the up-start that is making a name for itself but hasn't "won it all" quite yet.

3. Jamie's Italian

The "new kid on the block" is the newly announced Jamie's Italian, which is coming to Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.  The restaurant is the product of celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver, a famous cook from England.

Royal Caribbean promises you’ll enjoy rustic dishes, handmade using seasonal ingredients, and authentic recipes that are tried and tested crowd-pleasers.

The menu is comprised of Jamie’s Italian Famous Plank piled high with cured meats, pickles and tempting cheeses. From there, try delicious pastas made in-house everyday—like indulgent pumpkin panzerotti and zingy prawn linguine to name a few.

We had a chance to sample a number of the dishes that will be available at Jamie's Italian at the recent Quantum of the Seas dining reveal event in New York and it's clear this Italian restaurant will focus on completely rewriting the book (or menu) on what you think of when it comes to Italian food.

For Italian food on Royal Caribbean ships, Jamie's Italian is like the "dark horse" that could tip the balance in what guests look for on at dinner.

4. Windjammer

Sometimes you just want to enjoy simple Italian food with as much red or white sauce as your plate can handle.  Or maybe you prefer very little sauce.  Whatever your preference, the Windjammer serves up an assortment of Italian food throughout the day at our leisure.

There's something to be said about a plate of pasta with sauce combined with unlimited refills.  And of course you can always grab a burger, salad and sushi to put on your plate too.

The Italian choices in the Windjammer vary daily but there's almost always a pasta dish or two and other traditional Italian dishes here and there.

The Windjammer is a crowd favorite for its simplicity and mass-appeal.

And the winner is?

Which Royal Caribbean Italian restaurant has your vote for the crown? It's a tough choice so share your vote in the comments for this post and choose wisely!

Full Anthem of the Seas restaurant information


Royal Caribbean is holding a big event on Wednesday to announce dining options on its brand new Quantum of the Seas cruise ship but we've got an advanced look at what we can expect to be announced.

A leaked document listing all the floor plans for Anthem of the Seas was accidently posted and lists the public areas, including all the restaurants onboard. The big news is there is no more main dining room and instead quite a number of restaurants for guests choose from.

Below is a list of all the restaurants onboard Anthem of the Seas, complimentary and specialty.  We do not know how much of a difference there will be with Quantum of the Seas, if any.

The Grande - Deck 3

From beef Wellington to chicken a l’orange, the world’s classic dishes come together for formal night, every night.

Chic - Deck 3

Where the freshest ingredients of the wild are evolved to the height of contemporary cuisine.

Michael’s Genuine Pub - Deck 4

James Beard Award-winner Michael Schwartz brings you delicious yet uncomplicated pub fare, plus his namesake craft beer.

Sorrento’s - Deck 4

For an authentic New York pizzeria experience, head to Sorrento’s for fully-loaded pies right out of the oven. Sample rotating creations from chorizo to Hawaiian to Pizza Florentine – with classic cheese and pepperoni always on call. For an authentic New York pizzeria experience, head to Sorrento’s for fully-loaded pies right out of the oven. Sample rotating creations from chorizo to Hawaiian to Pizza Florentine – with classic cheese and pepperoni always on call.

American Icon Grill - Deck 4

America’s favorite comfort foods, homespun in our kitchen with a few creative twists.

Silk - Deck 4

Weave your way through a vibrant tapestry of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian cooking. 

Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine - Deck 5

Our chefs twist the kaleidoscope to invent fantasy gourmet dishes, magical elixirs, and more never-before-seen fare. 

Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver - Deck 5

Chef Jamie Oliver presents a menu of rustic Italian favorites, handmade with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Coastal Kitchen - Deck 14

Exclusively for suite guests, a fresh new fusion of California cool and Med-inspired taste.

SeaPlex Dog House - Deck 15

The first food truck at sea, serving up traditional hot dogs, brats, and sausages, plus a variety of toppings to split a long bun.

Windjammer Marketplace - Deck 14

A global culinary pavilion that invites you to explore the world, dish by dish. Enticing food islands weave throughout, showcasing international fare while mapping your way between new, interactive stations with pressed paninis, fresh juices, and desserts at the on-site bakery. Plus a new 24-hour station, The Grill, with all-day breakfast and more on a menu that changes daily.

Chops Grille - Deck 5

Our hallmark restaurant now features a revamped menu that brings contemporary flair to traditional steakhouse offerings.

Chef’s Table - Deck 5

A once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience. In this exclusive space, 14 guests will enjoy a five-course menu of gourmet selections specially prepared and personally presented by the Chef de Cuisine. Every course is accompanied by wine pairings chosen to enhance your enjoyment of each dish.

Izumi Japanese Cuisine - Deck 5

The traditional Japanese dishes at Izumi will impress you with their pure, delicate flavors, freshness of ingredients and impeccable presentation. Diners can choose from popular sushi rolls, sashimi, our Hot Rock (Ishiyaki) Plates, sukiyaki and more.

Johnny Rockets - Deck 14

All the style of a classic ‘50s diner, now serving poolside — burgers, fries and the best old-fashioned malted milk shakes.

Solarium Bistro - Deck 14

During the day enjoy a classic bistro plate with a loved one or bring the family to this delicious dining experience that has something for everyone.

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