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The coffee cards are shareable and I'm sure you can buy more than one.  However, there is an ongoing issue where some ships punch the card once per drink (any size) and others punch the card once per shot of espresso (1,2,3 punches for small, medium, large).  The first method makes the coffee card a great deal (and this is the language the website uses).  The second method means the coffee card can end up costing more than buying the individual drinks.

If you buy ahead of time, print a copy of the website language so you can complain to guest services and get a refund if necessary!

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16 hours ago, williebos said:

Hi KathyC

Thanks for the reply.

Excuse my ignorance. My cruise planner states 15 spes coffee for sale at 31us.

My interpretation thus is 15 coffees and not shots . I agree this might be open for interpretation.

Anybody used this card lately on Allure?

On Adventure, they punched one spot for a tall or grande, and two punches for a venti.  They punched whether or not you had an espresso drink or not, as they were using the higher quality coffee in every cup.  

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