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  1. Hi KathyC Thanks for the reply. Excuse my ignorance. My cruise planner states 15 spes coffee for sale at 31us. My interpretation thus is 15 coffees and not shots . I agree this might be open for interpretation. Anybody used this card lately on Allure?
  2. Are you allowed to only purchase one card and if so, is your eg. spouse allowed to use it as well?
  3. We want to celebrate a birthday on embarkation day. We will embark on the Allure of the Seas. We want to do a special lunch. The party of 8 will include 2x kids. Any tips / suggestions would be appreciated re booking and perhaps pref boarding to get to venue.
  4. This is not good. If I want a chance of MDR I cannot even if I am prepared to wait for a table.
  5. We will sail on the Allure with the American Icon reserved for MTD. Some of our friends will be dining in say Silk. Will we be able to join them for dinner or vice versa?
  6. Are you allowed to dine in any of the Mdr's even if you are on My time dining?
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