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Paid in full, can I avail of the new offer?

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Hi all,


I've paid in full for 13 nights on the Explorer at the end of June. I've just got room credit on that.


Going onto their site now, I could get my room, drinks and room credit for the same.


If I ring them will they transfer me to this offer, ie. Include the drinks package?


So much for Royal Caribbean doing away with last minute offers to get the bookings in earlier, and not annoy customers.


I've never had to go back to them about something like this before and would like to know what to expect?



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End of June would indicate you have passed the final payment date.


For a US Booking they would not allow you to rebook to take advantage of the change in price, they would possibly grant you a free upgrade if the price of the next class up drops below what you paid though.


It looks like you are out of Ireland though, which means a different set of rules apply that I am not personally familiar with so it might be in your favor although I don't believe so.

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The answer is very likely you cannot rebook and get the deals available now.


Has anyone an email for the illusive customer service team? So much for them not doing last minute deals on cruises anymore, this is rubbish and i'd like to express that to them...

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A list of numbers depending on location. Being American I don't know if youre intended to call an Italian number since only a fax number is listed for the UK.


One thing to note though is to my knowledge it has always been after final payment no modifications (other than the mentioned exception above) can be done as I believe mentioned in the contract acknowledged on payment. The last minute deals have been cheap fares for those who have yet to book or make final payment. Royal has however said they are ending last minute deals in the very near future so as to prevent any more of the same frustration I believe you are experiencing. While promotions will still arise, no more super cheap "last minute" fares should happen anymore soon.

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Personally, I have never even SEEN any "super cheap last minute fares". All of the last minute offers I have seen have always been at least what I paid for the cruise and in most cases, significantly more. I guess there must be some way to find these [soon-to-be-extinct, apparently] super low fares that I am not aware of.


I would never begrudge anyone from taking a reduced last minute fare if there was such a thing. I book early so that I get the room type and location that I want and also b/c this is NORMALLY going to be the lowest fare (occasionally there will be a fare reduction along the way that I can take advantage of). If someone is willing to wait until the last minute and take whatever is available, and be happy with it, more power to 'em.


I would never be able to take advantage of a low, last minute fare anyway (except perhaps out of Baltimore or NYC) b/c the last minute airfare to get to Florida would WAY overtake any cruise fare reduction I might have realized.


As for Booly100's situation, if it turns out that RCI reduced this fare JUST after the final payment date, that would be unfortunate and very underhanded. There is no way [for me] to know when the reduction actually occurred. I check my cruise fares at LEAST daily to make sure that no reductions have materialized....which is generally the case....but sometimes I get a nice surprise and find that the fare has been reduced and I call and get the reduction applied.


It does seem, from the threads that I am reading on this site, that those in Europe have a more difficult time making changes to their reservations than those of us in the States. Not sure why that would be...but that does seem to be the case.

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Yep agree with others- you can't rebook normally after final - but they do offer sometimes good upgrades for little to no cost up to the amount you are paying on your current reservation - And also agree last minute bookers do not care where on the ship they are, they just want a good deal but

I think all lines are starting to move away from deep discounts - I know NCL is not going below certain thresholds now either.

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