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  1. I would have thought this was pretty major, i've only gone on 3 -14ish nighters, adding the 9 points to my existing would have me very close to bursting into Emerald... It almost looks too good to be through. Making it easier for the Loyals get to Diamond, making it more accessible, can only mean their going to change the tiers to our detriment.....
  2. Yes, its the main holiday for us- having to fly to Southampton, 14nights or nothing.... When they start to use Dublin as a base for an Oasis or Quantum class, i'll do less.... :D
  3. ...or Royal Caribbean could just pay their staff properly, from the cruise fare we all pay- or the billions in profit they make.... I agree with Celebration on all the points. I don't think mandatory gratuities are right- If I get started on this, I won't stop....
  4. Great idea using the showers in the gym, the room is going to be very small for the closest family... The 18 & 22 year olds are going to be sharing a small double sofa bed, your all going to end up murdering each other.... but good luck!
  5. Seeing Royal Caribbean rowing back on the whole Dynamic Dining rubbish would say to me that they are trying to keep the dining simple. Didn't they also change one of the specialties back from a la carte last week to a pay at the door- was it Jamies Italian?- I could be completely off the wall here? Cruising in itself, I would have thought, was supposed to be a full board experience- one of the fundamentals, If that was to change I would envisage a mass exodus from the concept.
  6. Where have those luggage tags been all my life!!! What a great idea, I think Doc's suggestion- RCL Blog branded luggage tags is the bestest idea in the whole wide world... shipping to Ireland is cheap enough.... :rolleyes:
  7. That's interesting- I didn't know that and will have to go looking for them....
  8. In fairness we just got Platinum too, and the room attendant had our badge nicely placed on our bed at turn-down, a couple of nights in. Same for my now Emerald mother and father-in-law. It was a nice touch. I also liked getting the booklets with discount vouchers. I spent a sea day every holiday with my wife and my booklet in my pocket going around the boat using all we could- especially the food and drink ones. It was a lot less transparent this time round, i'm not sure the bar staff were bothered- or on further thinking- if the staff reduce a bill, they reduce the gratuity.... mmmmnnn- foo
  9. ...about 6 years looking at the same section your checking and their has never been a cruise in it! Another Royal Caribbean let down.
  10. Its all down to the parents, theirs no way I don't know where my 4 year old is playing- even in the kids pool, with 3 inches of water she's within grabbing distance. Their your kids- look after them yourself! If your kids arn't within eye sight, they are getting up to mischief, and chances are, annoying other holiday makers- but hey, their not annoying you so its ok- right? Rant over :)
  11. Just fill the forms in as honestly as possible, don't worry about putting in something different to what the travel agent has- except for name/DOB. They are very helpful at check in and will correct any problems there.
  12. Yip- 29th June, 2 weeks of heaven- get me out of here!!!! Can't wait now! Just check your cruise compass booklet every night for things you want to do the following day and you can't go wrong. Enjoy!
  13. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, we're on Explorer the end of June and can't wait. Their can be a few "glass is half empty" sorts of people on cruises- I know, your on your holidays right?! Just avoid them, or mock and have a giggle at how grumpy they are, don't let them bring you down. The boat is going to meet and beat all your expectations- You will have an amazing time- look forward to it! :D
  14. If they were watching films at 1am, i'd have been watching the same film at 6am, 8am and 10am.... :P Yeah- we've never had a problem with noisy people next door, I wouldn't consider it an issue... If I was out of luck and got some, i'd probably complain to customer service and demand to be moved immediately. Enjoy your cruise!
  15. Has anyone an email for the illusive customer service team? So much for them not doing last minute deals on cruises anymore, this is rubbish and i'd like to express that to them...
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