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  1. I tried to check in online a moment ago but I got quite confused about what to do. It was asking for passengers address and email then phone number. If the info given is different to when we booked they can apparently refuse boarding onto the ship. Do I have to enter the address etc for both myself and my husband? Can they refuse boarding if the details are different? Can our travel agent do the check in over the phone? Any advice or suggestions regarding online check in greatly welcomed. Thanks
  2. @Booly100 we are on the same cruise I assume on 29th June? Have a great holiday too. Thank you everyone you have all helped put my mind at ease I am now looking forward to my holiday again and not dreading it.
  3. Hi everyone, So I have been Googling Explorer of the Seas since its refit and now it has come to Southampton I wanted to read some reviews and look for updated photos. However all I found were terrible reviews for the ship, staff and overall experience. I am now very worried as this is our first ever cruise and it just so happens to be on this ship! Also we have not been on holiday for five years so this holiday is very important to us! What do I do.....do I contact my travel agent with my concerns? Or do I carry on as normal and pray our cruise will be ok? Cancelling the cruise or changi
  4. Having never been on a cruise before maybe you guys can help me. Is it buffet style dining at the Windjammer even in the evenings? Also do the formal nights apply to Windjammer? Thanks
  5. Thank you everyone, I have looked on you tube but there is no mention of our room number on there. I think we are on deck six and we are next to one of the stairways at the front of the ship, which I was thinking would be good in case of emergency but now I am thinking this is going to be quite busy and noisy?!
  6. I have been looking at stateroom options via our travel agents online site and some rooms say guaranteed whereas others don't. This is our first ever cruise, we booked a superior balcony stateroom on Explorer of the Seas for when it comes to the UK in June. We have a room number on our booking but it does not say anything on the website about it being guaranteed so does this mean that our room may be changed? Surely we can't be downgraded in room?!
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