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Catching up to a cruise at a later port


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Is there a process for catching up to a cruise at a later port? We (me, wife, 13 year old, and 10 year old) are booked next April on the Symphony with other families, but this week something came up so that only me and the 13 year old can leave on embarkation day (Saturday). Wife and 10 year old could get to the first port (Monday), but would they be allowed on the ship? Has anyone done something like this intentionally?

Yes, I realize this is a horrible idea. I'm trying to figure out if it's possible, before rebooking on a different cruise leaving on Sunday.

Thank you!

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I asked about this for a company sponsored cruise that we are doing next month. We had an employee that could not make the embarkation day/time but would be able to get to the 1st port of call in time to get picked up there ... according to Royal they used to support that kind of activity but no longer do. I did not call multiple times since I wasn't really worried about it but perhaps there is an employee that would eventually say they do still do it.

If you do happen to get that employee to tell you they do allow it, make sure you get it in writing and signed in blood.

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